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If meds are ruining your skin...
Let me help you. I took methotrexate for years With terrible side effects, major ones being Hair loss...More
Posted by erikarandf1
rhuematoid arthritis
I was just diagnosed with r/a. I am having a lot of trouble with my feet,hands,elbows. seems like it is...More
Posted by cherokeescout
Methotrexate side effects
I have psoriatic arthritis and had been taking methotrexate tablets for about 6 years with no obvious side...More
Posted by trudy_b
Short Survey of At-Home Injection Experiences, You...
My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, studying Human Factors and...More
Posted by iaa_research
No medication for RA?
Hi there all, I am a 36 y.o. female. Diagnosed with RA 6 months ago. Firstly the rheumatologist put me on...More
Posted by liagora
Methotrexate side effects
Hello. I am hoping I can get some opinions from people who have taken Methotrexate for RA. I am scheduled to...More
Posted by An_258008
So my foot swelled huge today
Every medicine I have ever tried I have been allergic to. I have sjogrens. I did test rf positive for a few...More
Posted by milly45
Am I the only one who dislikes MTX injections ?
In the beginning, I didn't mind those painless, simple injections, but now, I dread the entire process. The...More
Posted by juliew007
Psoratic R A
It is frustrating having RA, whichever type you have. I have noticed not many people are on the combination...More
Posted by bowhunkus
Newly Diagnosed and new to this forum
Hi. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthitis on April 1st and have been researching this awful disease at...More
Posted by osusanna44
Finally Realized I Am Angry
I was diagnosed with Systemic Rheumatoid Arthritis over 16 years ago. I am in my early 30's and for years I...More
Posted by An_257811
biologics and hair loss
How does everyone deal with hair loss on our medication for our RA?
Posted by sagil1959
Actemra injections
I have been doing the Actemra injections since Jan. and EOW? Has anyone else here been using this medication...More
Posted by sagil1959
RA diagnosis: wait and see
I have had joint swelling and discomfort everyday with morning stiffness for 18 months. My feet and hand...More
Posted by An_257718
New here and need advice
Hello everyone, After a few months of odd pains here and there (hips and feet mostly) and extreme tiredness I...More
Posted by mumof4uk
rheumatoid symptoms
I wonder if anyone else is having numbness and tingling in their feet and hands? I was just diagnosed...More
Posted by cherokeescout
When will I feel better
I was diagnosed with RA March 31,2014. I'm taking prednisone, methotrexate and frolic acid. I still have...More
Posted by unclebeeder
Dry Cough
I have had a dry cough now for a couple of months, just found out from doctor that it maybe caused from...More
Posted by Anon_236723
Getting RA diagnosis
I have been having a lot of joint pain and swelling in my hands and pain in my knees. I had all the usual...More
Posted by Anon_139684
Getting RA diagnosis
I have been having a lot of joint pain and swelling in my hands and pain in my knees. I had all the usual...More
Posted by Anon_139684
Simponi vs Embrel
It was a huge step for me to take Simponi, and when I finally did, I was overwhelmed by the immediate...More
Posted by beccawoz
Daughter Newly Diagnosed
My daughter is 27 and was diagnosed with RA in April. Hands started swelling and hurting initially with carpel...More
Posted by jen60
RA ....Respiratory Issues
Does anyone else have issues with recurring asthma type coughs, bronchitis, pleurisy? I hav had chest...More
Posted by rheumynama
Low Pressure/Bad weather = Bad aches and pains
I have RA, Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have a very bad time with low pressure systems/storms. I hurt...More
Posted by rheumynama
Ankylosing spondyliti
Has anyone been diagnosed with this and if so, how are you being treated
Posted by tab40
If any of you would like to exchange ideas, recipes, health cures, please feel free to share with me. I'm...More
Let's Rock RA Family!
Posted by sexyragirl
Think Positive!
There is nothing wrong in trying to find ways to help you live with RA. We all know there is no medical cure...More
Posted by An_257478

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Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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