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Positive Effects of High Altitude
Hi Everyone! So interesting to see how altitude and climate affect everyone differently. I have...More
Posted by fibrohealing
Dating, socializing and being "normal"
I've had RA since I was 5 years old. I'm now 37 and I feel the disease will always have a mind of it's...More
Posted by caarthritisgirl
Off RA meds temporarily, seeking help with pain ma...
I had a foot surgery (August 2014 plantar flexion osteotomy) that failed; the plate broke because the...More
Posted by sallyoptimistic55
Lucky Fins
Is there anyone who knows of kids or teens 18 and under with R.A.? my name is Jordan and I got R.A. on my...More
Posted by luckyfins
Devices For Pain Relief
Has anyone tried the WILLOW CURVE or the TENDLITE for RA pain relief? Results?
Posted by An_262114
leg cramps and RA
My leg cramps are in the front and along the side of my shin and only in one leg. Have to use a walker when...More
Posted by ehacarolyn
Nothing is working back to square 1
Now I sit at the doc office waiting. I had to call him saturday, I could not control the pain. He told me to...More
Posted by doggiesday
just need someone to talk to
hi my name is becca ive been living with arthritis all my life i am only 16 years old i was also diagnosed...More
Posted by beccagrace99
message to millercat
Hi millercat I would like to add you to our Arthritis group on facebook but I can't. I have no idea of...More
Posted by montanamosey
extreme fatigue - how to deal
I have been diagnosed with RA for 4 years. Currently on Methotrexate the whole time. In the last two weeks, I...More
Posted by An_261988
Affecting the ones around us
As this condition worsens for me I'm watching my husband get angrier and angrier. I know this isn't "easy"...More
Posted by doggiesday
type 1 diabetic with possible ra
Does RA affect a diabetics sugar?
Posted by brownsue
Husband about to start methotrexate shots
My Husband has been diagnosed with RA and considering Methotrexate sodium shots but we were just wondering if...More
Posted by krisguest
Still feeling defeated
I am in so much pain. Too much all the time. 8 infusions in and still not working. I think I need to quit...More
Posted by doggiesday
Something always wrong!
Hi everyone! I'll keep this as short as possible... Im going to start with why I'm here.. This...More
support group
Hi everyone if you would like to join another support group please look us up. Our group is a facebook...More
Posted by montanamosey
Getting back to tennis and working out. How much ...
I have been laid up since January and finally started feeling physically better last week. I have begun...More
Posted by debkimly
I am on two medications for RA and still not able to do what I use to do. Very discouraging.. anyone else...More
Posted by plantwo
Feeling defeated
I am new to the support system world, although I I have had severe RA for 16 yrs. last march all the meds...More
Posted by doggiesday
It really does get better
In 2009 RA hit me very hard at the age of 59. (I think the trigger was stress and a flue virus). I was...More
Posted by vernajane
support group
Hi everyone I run a FB support group. If you would like to try us our group is called Arthritis Sufferers...More
Posted by montanamosey
Has anyone every been arrested because of RA?
I have had RA for almost 30 years. It has done a real number on my mental capacity, spirituality, energy,...More
Posted by ra4545
RA and low white cell count
Does anyone know why you would have a low WBC count that continually got lower after stopping the RA meds?...More
Posted by dominostreet
no diagnosis yet..but scared!
I have seen a rheumatologist several times but havent received a RA diagnosis...ive been tested for RA and...More
Posted by katm73
RA and Carotid Artery Stenosis
I am a 39 woman diagnosed with RA for 8 years, even though I have probably had RA for 11 years. My...More
Posted by kendyane

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help with methotrexate side effectsExpert
I recommend all my patients on methotrexate take at least 1 mg of Folic Acid daily to help decrease the risk of side effects. In those ... More
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