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Skin rash - hives - Enbrel
I had problems last year with a rash/hives that my dermatologist diagnosed as eczema. It happened right after...More
Posted by ramickey
Alternative treatment
There is a treatment called Bio-Oxidation. It was developed by a Dr. Charles Farr. As with most Alternative...More
Posted by An_260087
Thanks for all the great response to my post last month.I am now on Orencia IV Infusion monthly it has...More
Posted by An_259913
How can I stop diarrhea with rheumatoid arthritis ...
Hi[br>I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis & put on methotexate. It gave me bad diarrhea & I...More
Posted by An_259902
Just got diagnosed with Ra
Hello my name is Kornelia.I just got diagnosed with RA. I decided at this point not to take meds because of the...More
Posted by apollo1
Starting MTX
I knew to expect some tiredness with starting methotrexate, but I'm having some pretty extreme fatigue. It...More
Posted by lsk911
Abusive husband due to RA
My husband of 8 years is fed up with a wife on disability and not bringing in decent money.He told me I have...More
Posted by An_259867
RA damage in cervical spine
I was diagnosed with RA when I was 16 years old. I am now 54. Since I couldn"t avail myself of the use of...More
Posted by Anon_63496
Sero negative RA, Humira and latent tb
Anyone been taking Humira and test positive for tb? I have had two negative skin tests and two positive...More
Posted by dmgoct16
I also forgot to mention that I have nodules popping up everywhere and if its doing that to my out side . I...More
Posted by tobadsosad
I've not been on here in a while .but was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with any kind of...More
Posted by tobadsosad
Whats wrong with my hands!?
I've had minor arthritis in my life before, it caused my hands to hurt a little bit but it never lasted long,...More
Posted by tnnyoh
supplement for immune system
Natural, concentrated calve proteins taken as sublingual tablets, reach quasi instantly the immune system,...More
Posted by paats1
Biologics and Shingles
I know some discussions were posted 2-3 years ago, but I wanted to get a more recent opinion. I'm 37 and got...More
Posted by sbaddict
not yet diagnosed with RA
I just had my blood work done a few days ago to either rule out or in RA. So far, I only know about the...More
Posted by An_259592
RAu meds
Recently diagnosed with RA, also have type 1 diabetes,Hashimotos and Lupus. Also gluten sensitivity and diary....More
Posted by rmilks
Pain in hands
The pain in my hands is so bad, it even keeps me awake/from staying soundly asleep, It does not seem to go...More
Posted by lilmopeep
Anti-CCP antibody level question- confused
I am new to this forum- I am in the process of seeing docs to determine if I have RA from symptoms that started...More
Posted by joolz9
Recently Diagnosed - right doctor?
Little background - I'm 40 and active and I've recently received the diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis &...More
Posted by mommybug2
Bisters and RA
Hello, I am having a problem and thought maybe by posting this SOMEONE may have an answer for me. Here it...More
Posted by glenna376
I have done all the biologics none of them work.Tried methotrexate,all the NSAIDs nothing has worked.Now I...More
Posted by laytreath
new at this. so many questions
I found out in march 2014 that I have RA, Fibromyalgia and my rhumetalagest is concerned about Lups. Is it...More
Posted by theirishope
just diagnosed
Hello, Last week i was diagnosed with RA. I'm currently having a lot of swelling in my ankles. I'd love any...More
Posted by An_259306
Undiagnosed RA
RA runs in my family. Father, mother and two sister plus various aunts, uncles and cousins. I just found out...More
Posted by sandy46219
I was diagnosed 18 years ago with R.A. but have been remission for 13 years. I have recently been told my...More
Posted by dillowsharon
RA and Diet soda?
Could someone tell me please if there is medical/scientific proof as to whether or not drinking diet soda...More
Posted by laur58
New to Methotrexate and I am having MORE pain than...
I took my first does on 4 pills last Thursday after one week of relafen which did nothing for me. (I have...More
Posted by irisheyz52
Anyone with Degenerative Arthritis??
Hello, I am wondering if any one with degenerative arthritis and what career do you have? Is this current...More
Posted by Anon_23422
have polyarthritis in all my joints. i have mild swelling in my joints except my elbows. mostly effected are...More
Posted by fnfiacco

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Probably not a cure, but big help
My name is Bill, I'm 55 yrs old, healthy, fit, and working, and was diagnosed with raging RA 3 year ago, (ccp was 265) I will try to be ... More
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