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Getting off the meds
I was diagnosed with RA a few months ago. I have been on a bevy of pills, including methotrexate, for...More
Posted by kgriffin11nc
Next week I will start Cimzia shoots. Will continue with Methotrexate. I know a total hip replacement is...More
Posted by sfonseca7
I hope I don't write this then get bit in the a** but my terrible luck. I really feel like I was...More
Posted by An_252500
Baker's cyst and RA
For the last couple of months I have had significant swelling my my upper calf that has now spread to my...More
Posted by singingbear
Chang Shan for autoimmune / rheumatoid arthritis
I wanna try Chang Shan for autoimmune / rheumatoid arthritis. Do you know where to buy the best brand?...More
Posted by MichaelDavaa
Has any one been treated with the Biologic Cimza? I will start it in a week along with Methotrexate (taking...More
Posted by sfonseca7
New Drug for RA
Has any one tried Xel Janz (Tofacitnib), a new RA drug in tablet form? I was getting Orencia infusions then 2...More
Posted by 3collies
Brain fog
I had a really bad flare last week. Every joint in my body hurt, I was more fatigued than I have ever been...More
Posted by Cambo_0
sharp pain in hand
can RA be the cause of a sharp pain concentrated in 1 finger going up the arm to the shoulder? This pain is...More
Posted by sfonseca7
Methotrexate Side Effects
I started my first self injection dose of Methotrexate Friday for Chronic Uveitis. I am wondering if...More
Posted by ScottieOwner2
symptom flare on biologic meds
I was diagnosed with sero negative R.A based on mri results and symptoms, in 2008.At that time I had...More
Posted by robyne1111
Need a new RA med....
I'm currently on Simponi monthly injections and I take Etodolac when needed. Recently Simponi has stopped...More
Posted by LCover
RA and pulmonary fibrosis
I was told almost 3 years ago I had RA and I've taken many treatments, I fear for my joints twisting and the...More
Posted by karento
newly diagnosed
hello all; I am recently diagnosed (4 mo) and immediately put on methotrexate. after taking the first dose, I...More
Posted by dgpack
newly diagnosed
hello all; I am recently diagnosed (4 mo) and immediately put on methotrexate. after taking the first dose, I...More
Posted by dgpack
Newly diagnosed
Hello. After dealing with severe pain for almost 5 years and milder symptoms before that, I was finally...More
Posted by iamthatbean
RA and Dementia?
My mom is 60 years old and was diganosed with RA a few years ago. Her case is severe, and she has been on...More
Posted by burnandez5
Asymmetric inflammatory arthritis
I believe I have this form of Psoriatic Arthritis, swollen left forefinger and a couple toes on both feet an...More
Posted by fonzhende1
D-dimer test results and RA
I was given a d-dimer test today for a swollen lower leg. The results came back positive but I just read...More
Posted by singingbear
Sulfursalazine due to Hep C
I'm a newly diagnosed Ra woman. After learning that due to having Hep C in my past I don't qualfiy for many...More
Posted by ellelive
Hand eczema and RA Who knew?
I have had bad "hand eczema" since I was 10 and am in my 30's now. Haven't gone to a doc or dermatologist in over...More
Posted by mej81
Includes Expert Content
Overwhelmed with RA today
This is the first for me with this posting. Last evening I experienced a very bad migraine and had to...More
Posted by An_252255
new treatment
My doctor just prescribed xeljanz a pill taken twice a day, but I am afraid of the potential side-effects,...More
Posted by An_252253
Higher Infection Risk
I was just diagnosed with RA and I work in a county Immunization clinic. with a lowered immune system, is my...More
Posted by bowbabe
Knot in calf muscle is this common?
I have had trouble with my calves hurting and swelling off and on for the last 2 years. I was diagnosed...More
Posted by singingbear
white blood cell count
I have rheumatoid disease. Am on meds which lower my immunity. My question is how low does the doctor allow...More
Posted by bleeski
New to RA Community, need emotional support
Hi, I was diagnosed with RA about 5-6 years ago and have been fortunate to have a really good...More
Posted by planetamy
Posted by An_252114

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Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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