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New Drug for RA
Has any one tried Xel Janz (Tofacitnib), a new RA drug in tablet form? I was getting...More
Posted by 3collies
Orencia just stopped working
I had allergic reactions to Enbrel, Humira, & MTX but did really well on Orencia for...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Questions for experienced biologic med users (Enbr...
I started taking biologics immediately after being diagnosed with RA because I was...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Skin issues - blotches and whelps
Hi singingbear. I've had many skin issues also and I am just as confused as you are as to...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Summer Plans and Travel Tips
I just got back from a family reunion and it was a disaster. The house was all stairs and...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Plaquenil and pain
Might want to ask the doctor, but the steroids could be the cause as well.
Posted by 3collies
Shingles vaccine while on biologics
I am going to be 59 in a few months and have had RA for 12 years. I'm getting an Orencia...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Biologics
I can't comment on the financial end of RA treatment because I am a veteran and receive...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Fibro DX
Thank you everyone for your input. My sister gave me some "balls" last year put I hadn't...More
Posted by 3collies
Fibro DX
I've had RA for about 10 years and thought that the Orencia I was taking by infusion had...More
Posted by 3collies