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Alternatives skeptic finds some relief
Before I was even diagnosed with RA I self treated with natural and alternative methods to...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Immunosupressant dilemma!
I travel 4 hours north to see my Rheumatologist at a VA hospital in Portland Oregon and...More
Posted by 3collies
Immunosupressant dilemma!
Okay RA folks, here's my dilemma/question: If we're taking immuno-suppressants to calm our...More
Posted by 3collies
What safe meds to take for a cold when you have RA
This morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat and very congested. I am on Orencia,...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Welcome to the RA Board!
My Ra Dr's nurse suggested stretching your toes and foot several times a day by extending...More
Posted by 3collies
Ra causing deafness?
I was rx'ed with Ra about 2 years ago. Almost all of my joints are affected. I started...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: Itchy arms
Investigate photo sensitivity. Many of the drugs for RA have this side effect. I was...More
Posted by 3collies
Reply: When did you first notice symtoms of RA and what w...
I am a 57 year old female vet and was diagnosed with RA about two years ago with much...More
Posted by 3collies