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Reply: Any suggestions?
You are right about talking to anyone who does not have RA. Even loved ones don't know...More
Posted by sfonseca7
Reply: Do I have RA?
Your symptoms sounds like what I feel today. I was dyignosed with RA 3 years ago. See an...More
Posted by sfonseca7
Reply: please help .. still learning
Thank you so much for your reply. With the last flare of RA the pain & swelling made...More
Posted by sfonseca7
please help .. still learning
When your body is ravished with pain all that's on your mind is STOP THE PAIN but after...More
Posted by sfonseca7
Reply: Joint Pain in Hands and Feet
It might be best to have both a primary care doctor and a rheumatologist. I have the same...More
Posted by sfonseca7
Reply: legs & RA
Thank you for the reply. Sorry to hear about your mom....I think that may happen to me.
Posted by sfonseca7
legs & RA
is it possible to lose the use of your legs because of RA?
Posted by sfonseca7
Reply: Baker's cyst and RA
3 years ago swelling of my left calf was so bad I took myself to the hospital, It took...More
Posted by sfonseca7
Reply: RA & OA
Thanks for the reply. This Monday I will start Cimzia, Will give it a chance to work....More
Posted by sfonseca7
Reply: chat room
to talk about the pains of life with RA on Facebook is futile unless the person reading...More
Posted by sfonseca7