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Reply: Methotrexate Side Effects
Interesting, sounds like the "pill rolling" finger movements associated with Parkinson's,...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) does my child ...
It could be JRA, but it definitely needs to be followed up with your pediatrician. If your...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Wondering if I really have RA?
Rheumatologists are usually pretty careful about diagnosing RA, you'll find many people...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: mouth ulcers with Methotrexate and Actemra
You're on a pretty good amount of folic acid so I'd be less inclined to "blame" the...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Rheumatoid Arthritis and depression
There are a lot of different medications used in RA so it's not really possible to answer...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: RA treatment in patient with positive TB test.
Certainly you will want to talk to your doctor about your options, but your positive TB...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: methotrexate
It will take a few weeks for symptoms to develop. When I started MTX, I also thought I...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Anyone have RA and lung problems
I have occasional bouts of pleuritic pain, mostly when I am having a generalized flare...More
Posted by allie_bf
Reply: Plaquenil and pain
Talk to your doctor about this, but my guess is that the Plaquenil is not doing anything...More
Posted by allie_bf
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Reply: Rheumatoid Arthritis?
It is possible to have RA with negative results on the major blood tests for RA (i.e....More
Posted by allie_bf