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Hi, my name is Kelly. I write a blog about RA from a patient's viewpoint. You can always find me at Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior. I love patients helping patients with RA because this disease is so complicated & there is so much we have to deal with day by day.

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RA fatigue tips
RA fatigue is not being tired after work. It's more like feeling that you've just run a...More
Posted by RAWarrior
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Reply: RA methotrexated and now embrel too
Hi smathersy, Enbrel is a Biologic. It works to specifically target the TNF cells in...More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: About RA
Hi tobadsosad, I hope you don't have RA. But you do need to figure out what's going on...More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: Actemra
I'm on the highest dose of Actemra also. Havent seen any improvement yet. But I was told...More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: living with RA
Hi can you give any more info about which numbers? There are several lab tests they run -...More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: RA newbie
Sorry that you have this adding to your problems. I do hear this a lot. It is so wrong....More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: Any GUYS out there with RA??
Hi Kel, that's my nickname too. haha. I'm not a guy w/ RA. But I know a lot of them....More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: Confused???
Hi Tracy. Let me see if I can help your sister. The Rheumatoid factor test is not...More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: RA /depression
Predisone is notorious for this. Are you having this problem? Can you talk w/ your doctor...More
Posted by RAWarrior
Reply: Not convinced its RA
Hi fairycop. I agree with Byroney you should get a second opinion if you are...More
Posted by RAWarrior