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Been diagnosed with RA but rheumy says all pain is...
It seems that over the last year I have devoloped an increasing amount of joint pain in...More
Posted by singingbear
Pain in the neck!
I have been expiriencing stiffness and pain high in my neck for the past several weeks....More
Posted by singingbear
Reply: Baker's cyst and RA
I just got back from rheummy. They are sending me to an orthopedist now. It turns out...More
Posted by singingbear
Baker's cyst and RA
For the last couple of months I have had significant swelling my my upper calf that has...More
Posted by singingbear
Reply: white blood cell count
I don't know about your doctor. My WBC was in the 3s for nearly a year. They continued...More
Posted by singingbear
Reply: Itchy arms
One of the long term side effects of Prednisone is thinning of the skin. Do you think...More
Posted by singingbear
D-dimer test results and RA
I was given a d-dimer test today for a swollen lower leg. The results came back...More
Posted by singingbear
Knot in calf muscle is this common?
I have had trouble with my calves hurting and swelling off and on for the last 2 years....More
Posted by singingbear
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Reply: Anemia
My iron and ferritin test came back normal. I am now in the process of completing a...More
Posted by singingbear
Reply: Skin issues - blotches and whelps
Thank you for your thoughts. I just realized that my skin reactions did start after I...More
Posted by singingbear