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Reply: Need Recommendation
Hi There The information you provide is confusing but may I suggest you have a look at
Posted by mike201
Reply: High ccp level
I do have a Rheumatologist and I went for a second opinion last week. The new one actually touched me...More
Posted by constantpain1956
Women with RA
Hi. I recently started seeing a rheumatologist. After a series of lab work, it's been noted that I...More
Posted by An_263923
Reply: losing my hair
I've had rheumatoid arthritis for the past 20 yrs I'm 39yrs old...I've been on a lot of different meds for this...More
Posted by weeries
Reply: reducing inflation with diet.
The autoimmune paleo diet ( or...More
Reply: Shoes for RA and fibromyalgia
I have RA and i've tried Crocs - not a fan. After a long time of walking in them, I get blisters which is very...More
Posted by rtmoves
Reply: Inflammatory Markers
That's a good question for your doctor. Go with feeling good!! I wish I felt that good! Haven't felt that good...More
Posted by boye2009
Reply: Any tips for fatigue
I have heard of things like--drink almost a gallon of water per day. Also, taking Vitamin D3 is important. MSM...More
Posted by boye2009
Reply: Methotrexate Lung
I appreciate your post is 2 yrs old ... but this may help others. I was on methotrexate for several yeas for...More
Posted by kzetmeir
Reply: sore stiif knees and ankles
You might not have ra it might be ankylosing spondylitis that is what happened to me see your dr again have...More
Posted by lilbit1827
Reply: Just diagnosed with RA
Have your doctor give you a scrip for it the pharmacy will give you the right one you need that's what my...More
Posted by lilbit1827
Reply: Heart Attack Risk Quickly Follows RA Diagnosis
My mom is 88 she had her pace maker for 8 yrs now she has been doing wonderful it takes time to mend give...More
Posted by lilbit1827
Auto Immune Disease & Hair loss
I was told about my diseases 6 yrs ago. I went from 132 lbs to 89 lbs in 6 wks. I started out with...More
Posted by lilbit1827
please help
hello everyone.I'm lorenza,I'm from italy,I moved to the US almost a year ago because of my previous...More
Posted by An_263565
ultrasimple diet
Anyone read article on ultra simple diet? If so did you find it helpful?
Posted by smitleydjd
Am I showing signs? should I be assessed?
My father has sever Cervical RA as well its in his fingers, and elbows. I have been getting this terrible...More
Posted by An_263459
Back Pain - RA or otherwise?
I have been having chronic level 4-6 lower back pain since October 2013. I am 32 years old. I have tried...More
Posted by taylorjaymes0
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Reply: Anyone using Actemra
I would talk with your doctor and ask him or her what is the best vitamin with iron to take to help boost...More
Posted by usabrighteyes
Reply: Looking for answers
You need to talk to your Rheumatologist and wait for your labs to come back!
Posted by usabrighteyes
Reply: This is how I cured my RA
and dont eat bagels, biscuits, donuts, cronuts, crasins, and other bread and white breads.
Posted by dalebroussard
RA Foot Surgery
I am preparing to have surgery on my right foot to correct arthritic deformities. Has anyone had experience with...More
Posted by msonju
Reply: weight gain on humira
Thank you. I have seen dr from Cleveland clinic and all over. Yes theybhave actually diagnosed me with...More
Posted by smitleydjd
Reply: In a lot of pain and can't find answers
Hi! and let me first say that 'you are not alone'! I have been battling with RA for 2 1/2 years and been...More
Posted by mommamookie53
Psoriatic Arthritis in 6 months?
My granddaughter is 7 and has been diagnosed with plaque psoriasis from having strep throat in November 2014....More
Posted by An_263275
PG&E Medical Baseline
Hello RAC! Wondering if anyone ever applied for PG&E Medical Baseline and were denied by their doctor?...More
Posted by An_263257
Reply: How do I get a positive attitude??
Yes, as a caregiver, I have seen Prednisone cause more problems than it solved. You may wish to see my...More
Posted by healthseeker23c
Reply: Help
Hi Jessica I am not certain age has much to do with it. The RA Dragon bites whatever age you are. I am on my...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: Depressed
Those that turned away are not your true friends. My friends and some family turned away from me too, but the...More
Posted by pennyp4
Reply: RA blood test
What type of blood test? I know when my sed rate or crp is elevated, then goes disease isn't...More
Posted by caarthritisgirl
Reply: Advice Needed Arthritis
Healthcare is ridiculous sometimes. I totally get it. I feel like a criminal when I get my ID checked...More
Posted by caarthritisgirl

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Sauve Keratin Shampoo and question
I am about to start methotrexate so I read all the posts and decided to look up Sauve Keratin Shampoo on the internet so I could buy it. ... More
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