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Rage DNA the very best muscle tissue being created...
I'm able to recognize your own frustration. It appears to be genuinely undesirable that right after shelling...More
Posted by An_260250

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Reply: First RA Flare
Plaquenil has helped me but took about 6 months to get into my system, since then I have Tramadol PRN and...More
Posted by mzbrdly88
Other solutions
This past weekend I painted my bathroom, I woke up at 530 on Sunday morning in the worst pain I have ever...More
Posted by mzbrdly88
Includes Expert Content
Reply: RA and altitude
Is there any formal research on this? I have lupus, and moved to Tahoe in 1997. The disease process increased...More
Posted by tahoetami
Reply: Chaga Tea and Humira
Have you discovered anything? I've been looking for similar information as I am on Remicade for Crohn's and...More
Posted by undefined
Can you have RA without symptoms?
I'm hoping someone has some personal experience to give me because I am kind of freaking out. I had a mass...More
Posted by mooseshoes
Reply: RA 3 Years in, help?
Sorry title should say 2 years in.
Posted by tidenative
Reply: What does this mean? "RA Latex Turbid."
Please look into The New Arthritis Breakthrough by Scammel. In 2010 I had an array of symptoms. My RF was...More
Posted by awondergal
Skin rash - hives - Enbrel
I had problems last year with a rash/hives that my dermatologist diagnosed as eczema. It happened right after...More
Posted by ramickey
Alternative treatment
There is a treatment called Bio-Oxidation. It was developed by a Dr. Charles Farr. As with most Alternative...More
Posted by An_260087
Reply: RA and your feet
mine started in just the middle finger in both hands and progressively got worse very quickly. I was diagnosed...More
Posted by cedor4
Reply: Be Cautious with Microdose Therapy Program
In regards to the so called "improvements" from microdose therapy, this is a fabrication! I had serious...More
Posted by maplewood234
Reply: Methotrexate Side Effects
I was started on Methotrexate from the get-go. I received one injection weekly and I have to say that I could...More
Posted by afgirl54
Reply: Abusive husband due to RA
Sleigh55, I do not know if you were just venting, or if you want help to stop being abused, but I will attempt...More
Posted by smporter
Reply: Just got diagnosed with Ra
Just got done reading the info on R.A , and it truly was helpful.Thank you so much !
Posted by apollo1
Reply: Dard Nashak - Natural Pain Relief oil
Very effective pain relief oil, surprised how fast absorbing it is and also non greasy with fast...More
Posted by motherofthreeca
Reply: Biologics and Shingles
I got the shingles shot and pneumonia shirt at the same time from my primary before starting enbrel. Felt...More
Posted by lex16420
Reply: Methotrexate and missed period
I to recently started methotrexate and have had minimal to no menstral cycle since May. I normally could have...More
Posted by lanoel
Reply: RA damage in cervical spine
Hi Anon: I just found out my headaches and dizziness were caused from upper cervical neck damage done my 25...More
Posted by mush68
Reply: Keyboard for RA Sufferer
Hi all. My name is Scott and I'm in the MBA program at Rollins College in Orlando, FL. My marketing...More
Posted by scott_crummer
Thanks for all the great response to my post last month.I am now on Orencia IV Infusion monthly it has...More
Posted by An_259913
How can I stop diarrhea with rheumatoid arthritis ...
Hi[br>I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis & put on methotexate. It gave me bad diarrhea & I...More
Posted by An_259902
Starting MTX
I knew to expect some tiredness with starting methotrexate, but I'm having some pretty extreme fatigue. It...More
Posted by lsk911
Reply: not yet diagnosed with RA
My problems started 4 years ago with my right knee. Since then, I've had my right knee drained & injected 8...More
Posted by lsk911
Reply: Recently Diagnosed - right doctor?
I was on Mtx 1-2 years ago but could not tolerate the side effects of headache and stomach pain. It took...More
Posted by debincolorado
Reply: Biologics
Opiates have caused mypituitary gland to work only 1 perent.
Posted by An_259867
Sero negative RA, Humira and latent tb
Anyone been taking Humira and test positive for tb? I have had two negative skin tests and two positive...More
Posted by dmgoct16
Reply: RA
I also have RA nodules in my lungs and spleen. All I can say is keep taking what ever biologics are offered....More
Posted by mrschippy
Reply: This is how I cured my RA
Bravo WIP! I thoroughly agree. The human body is an intense mystery and has huge resources and...More
Posted by miraclesarereal
I've not been on here in a while .but was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with any kind of...More
Posted by tobadsosad

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Scott Zashin, MD is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School and maintains a private practice at Presb...More

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Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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