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Reply: online support
I have noticed the same thing about FB forums. In addition to RA, I have Sjorgens disease, fibromyalgia,...More
Posted by mamaw1991
Reply: Probably not a cure, but big help
Zeal Wellness has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! It is changing my life, I wont sit here and sound like...More
Reply: Going gluten free
check out what im doing -its also gluten free and full of natural super whole foods-its doing...More
Reply: Nothing is working back to square 1
please check out my post above , There is help!
There is help!
So there are many forms of arthritis and many symptoms but one we can all relate to is pain. There...More
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Reply: leg cramps and RA
Painful and knotted up. Can feel contracted muscle. Hurts to touch for several days
Posted by ehacarolyn
Lucky Fins
Is there anyone who knows of kids or teens 18 and under with R.A.? my name is Jordan and I got R.A. on my...More
Posted by luckyfins
Devices For Pain Relief
Has anyone tried the WILLOW CURVE or the TENDLITE for RA pain relief? Results?
Posted by An_262114
Reply: Something always wrong!
Thanks,I'll check on that. I do have ra factor and had inflammation (gone way down bc of my...More
Reply: just need someone to talk to
Hi There You are absolutely right about no-one understanding. Look up the 'Five Spoon Theory', as it might...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: meds.
Only Two? If you are like me you may never be able to do what you used to. My monicker reflects what I USED to...More
Posted by r1cochet
Reply: Affecting the ones around us
If he would it might be an idea if he can see a doctor and explain what's going of. He might have to be on...More
Posted by montanamosey
message to millercat
Hi millercat I would like to add you to our Arthritis group on facebook but I can't. I have no idea of...More
Posted by montanamosey
Reply: Methotrexate Side Effects
Hello greenkelly85, I have been on Methotrexate for three years, I take eight pills once a week, and take an...More
Posted by barb1020
Reply: type 1 diabetic with possible ra
This article discusses some of the possible links between RA and diabetes that may be helpful for you to...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Husband about to start methotrexate shots
Hi there Krisguest. Methotrexate is a very standard treatment for RA. These days is a self administered under...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: Still feeling defeated
Just reading your post. I'm so sorry this is going on with your body. I remember when I was that way. I...More
Posted by montanamosey
Reply: People don't get it
Hi Lisabeth I'm not sure if you have already joined our group. I know we did add a girl called Lisa. Is...More
Posted by montanamosey
support group
Hi everyone if you would like to join another support group please look us up. Our group is a facebook...More
Posted by montanamosey
Reply: support group
Hi millercat I can't just add you but you can look us up and press the join button then we can add you....More
Posted by montanamosey
Reply: Newly diagnosed with RA....scared, upset, depresse...
Hi Jerzee, You are not alone. I am sitting here at 5am not able to sleep all night because of the pain in my...More
Posted by hgunders
What Are Biosimilar Drugs?
"Drugs known as biologics have grabbed headlines over the years, both for their potential in fighting...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Getting back to tennis and working out. How much ...
I have been laid up since January and finally started feeling physically better last week. I have begun...More
Posted by debkimly
Reply: What are the effects of Masturbation on RA?
Darling, with RA you should absolutely do anything that feels good! Love your body. Care for it, feed it...More
Posted by Anon_10688
It really does get better
In 2009 RA hit me very hard at the age of 59. (I think the trigger was stress and a flue virus). I was...More
Posted by vernajane
Reply: no diagnosis yet..but scared!
I am turning mid-50s this year. Unluckily, I can't really bear the disturbances when this ailment hits...More
Posted by phyllisjohnson60
Has anyone every been arrested because of RA?
I have had RA for almost 30 years. It has done a real number on my mental capacity, spirituality, energy,...More
Posted by ra4545
RA and low white cell count
Does anyone know why you would have a low WBC count that continually got lower after stopping the RA meds?...More
Posted by dominostreet
Includes Expert Content
Reply: RA and altitude
My brother in law suffers from psoriatic arthritis. I have jar since 14 ish They lived in Fairfield,ca for 25...More
Posted by lam1966
RA and Carotid Artery Stenosis
I am a 39 woman diagnosed with RA for 8 years, even though I have probably had RA for 11 years. My...More
Posted by kendyane

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prednisolone may be more effective than prednisone in some patientsExpert
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