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Reply: Newly diagnosed with RA....scared, upset, depresse...
my father in law has RA and wanted me to write this to help others as he is not good with computers. He has...More
Posted by infotohelp
RA and Carotid Artery Stenosis
I am a 39 woman diagnosed with RA for 8 years, even though I have probably had RA for 11 years. My...More
Posted by kendyane
Reply: This is how I cured my RA
my father in law has RA and wanted me to write this to help others as he is not good with computers. He has...More
Posted by infotohelp
Reply: losing my hair
try organic sulphur. my best friends husband started using it and the results were amazing. so many other...More
Posted by infotohelp
trying something new
my father in law has RA and wanted me to write this to help others as he is not good with computers. He has...More
Posted by infotohelp
Folitrax 15mg
I have been again prescribed by the Doctor to continue with folitrax15 mg weekly once after a gap of 2 years....More
Posted by dipudtt
Reply: New to RA with mixed emotions...
There is a good deal of wisdom in the replies you have received. I hope you have a little more confidence. My...More
Posted by mike201
need help cleaning my house. More
Posted by brendalee53
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Dental pain
Was diagnosed with RA in 2007. Medications include, Prednisone, Methotrexate, weekly injections of Humira,...More
Posted by An_261621
People don't get it
I realize the frustration and pain that anyone with this disease goes through on a daily basis. I have had RA...More
Posted by eaw6135
Reply: Digestive enzymes
Do you see a rheumatologist? Also what medicine are you taking? I ordered the enzymes but also just started...More
Posted by debkimly
Should I test for RA while I'm in a flare?
Hi, I was sent to a rheumatologist a few weeks ago and am scheduled for an x-ray of spine and hips along...More
Posted by marie13180
Barrett's disease
Does anyone know if there could be a relation to RA and Barrett's disease. Both are auto immune diseases? I...More
Posted by An_261555
Safe med for RA and Hep C
I cannot be on anti inflammatory drugs and recent diagnosed with RA. Do you know of any safe pain med I can...More
Posted by patsydell
Reply: Can rheumatoid arthritis affect the tailbone
Thanks for reply. To me, a joint is a joint and can get hit with RA, or any type of arthritis. I'll...More
Posted by healthyplate2014
Reply: rece RA diagnosis
Some people have severe RA. Some people only have mild RA. Some people go in and out of remission. Some...More
Posted by autoimmune14
LASIK and Enbrel?
Has anyone has LASIK or PRK eye surgery? I can't get a hold of my Rheumy...should I stop the Enbrel before...More
Posted by An_261421
Well wow! After 5 joint replacements combined with your complaints this doctor did not attempt to find any...More
Posted by sammy65
Foot Locking because of Ra
I have Rheumatoid arthritis for over 3 years now. My left foot is always painful; however, I had an injection...More
Posted by An_261352
Reply: Why does my rheumatologist make me stop predisone?
Prednisone has many side effects so be glad that your dr. is taking you off the medicine.
Posted by kitten20
Reply: questions with RA
Have you checked the cost of methotrexate without insurance? I'm not sure but I think this is one of the least...More
Posted by ramickey
Reply: online support
Yes you are right. Try It is very new and just starting for RA, Lupus and JIA.
Posted by mike201
Reply: Foot surgery complications
Hi mike201- Oh I'm definitely on a biologic as part of my "cocktail"! I had been on Humira for a few yrs, but...More
Posted by lizjs66
Reply: Methotrexate Sjogrens
Is you doctor starting you off slowly 1-2 pills and working your way up to 6-8 pills? My doctor started me...More
Posted by ramickey
Reply: Just diagnosed
Thank you so much for your information and support. I have taken Tramadol when I broke my foot a year and...More
Posted by pansypearl1
MRI with contrast
I'm 62 yr. old female. Diagnosed with RA roughly 10 years ago. At that time RA factor was Positive. I was...More
Posted by tapermyhem
Reply: Fighting RA
Hi Flattracker You are right to have concerns about Prednisone. I have had concerns for some time and have put...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: Feeling hopeless and alone.
Tiff, I have been exactly where you are. My RA factor is over 1,000!!! and I am now on a biologic. The way...More
Posted by mike201
Rheumatoid Arthritis - no visible swelling?
I'm 33. Since July I've had severe fatigue and joint pain. This is to the point that at times I just cannot...More
Posted by kwalle
Reply: Rheumatoid Lung
Hello, I've had RA since 1999 im 52 male and while being treated for my RA with the IV Infusion of Remacaide I...More
Posted by turk1962

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Dry eyes and dry mouthExpert
Patients with RA may develop dryness of the eyes and mouth due to a condition called secondary Sjogrens Syndrome. The dryness is due to ... More
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