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Reply: New to RA with mixed emotions...
I am 55 years old and just diagnosed with RA two weeks ago. I too have spent the last 2-3 years complaining...More
Posted by kimtree33
Reply: Methotrexate Sjogrens
Is you doctor starting you off slowly 1-2 pills and working your way up to 6-8 pills? My doctor started me...More
Posted by ramickey
Reply: Foot surgery complications
Hi Lizjs I am sorry to read about your troubles. Am curious, why are you not taking one of the biologics....More
Posted by mike201
Reply: Just diagnosed
Thank you so much for your information and support. I have taken Tramadol when I broke my foot a year and...More
Posted by pansypearl1
Reply: RA Manifested in the Lungs
My RA diagnosis is new, and I just started treatment to specifically try to arrest the disease. I too have...More
Posted by kkricci
Relief by juicing and eating mostly egetables and ...
Has anyone tried this approach and has it worked for you?
Posted by tapermyhem
MRI with contrast
I'm 62 yr. old female. Diagnosed with RA roughly 10 years ago. At that time RA factor was Positive. I was...More
Posted by tapermyhem
Reply: Fighting RA
Hi Flattracker You are right to have concerns about Prednisone. I have had concerns for some time and have put...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: Feeling hopeless and alone.
Tiff, I have been exactly where you are. My RA factor is over 1,000!!! and I am now on a biologic. The way...More
Posted by mike201
Rheumatoid Arthritis - no visible swelling?
I'm 33. Since July I've had severe fatigue and joint pain. This is to the point that at times I just cannot...More
Posted by kwalle
Reply: Rheumatoid Lung
Hello, I've had RA since 1999 im 52 male and while being treated for my RA with the IV Infusion of Remacaide I...More
Posted by turk1962
Reply: Rheumatoid and lungs
yes I developed a rare lung fungus from the meds they had me on for my RA (Remacaide infusions) Now I can no...More
Posted by turk1962
Reply: RA ....Respiratory Issues
Hello, I was on the I.V. Remacaid when they thought I had gotten pneumonia they put me in the hospital then...More
Posted by turk1962
Cant be on biologics treatments caused more proble...
Im 52 male I got diagnosed with R.A. in 1999 went through all the treatments-embrel shots-remacaid I.V. then I...More
Posted by turk1962
Reply: Mentally dealing with RA
Hello Alex, It is an everyday battle mentally & physically. I also have back pain & what I like to...More
Posted by donellas
Reply: Just Diagnosed
First try to locate the best rheumatologist in your area. Usually they should start you on methotrexate, folic...More
Posted by donellas
Eliminate Dairy and change your Life!!!
Hi, I"m 51yrs old and 4 years ago, I slowly starting having pain in my hands. Over the course of a year,...More
Posted by starlingsnest
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Reply: wrist pain
You need to go get your wrist checked out. I had something similar happen to me and I thought I had a small...More
Posted by sunray_125
Rheumatiod Arthritis
Hi to all, I have been bk to docs with Really Painful Swollen Joints hes sending me for blood test...More
Posted by diligent500
Reply: Rheumatoid Nodules on ankles ?
I have two of them also. My rheumatologist just shrugged. The thing is - there is no pressure there but a...More
Posted by moonmonster
Reply: Dark spots on face
You need the Remicaid infusions..They have been a miracle for me..I could hardly walk, fell often, and...More
Posted by katie006
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for RA
Looking for feedback on whether this type of therapy has helped with chronic RA and osteoarthritis. Currently...More
Posted by An_260836
RA and intestinal problems
I have RA and have had IBS for years now with bacteria over growth. my problem went from constipation to...More
Posted by An_260764
Neck pain
I am faced with having surgery on my neck at the C2 level for arthritic changes/damage from RA. Anyone with...More
Posted by msonju
Reply: methotrexate do I need to start it?
Many rheumatologists prescribe combinations of biologics and DMARDs. Hopefully you can get an appointment soon...More
Posted by aliokc
Reply: RA Pain Control
It is so demoralizing to be in such pain. My rheumatologist gave a depomedrol shot on the first visit. It is a...More
Posted by aliokc
Reply: This is how I cured my RA
Oops it's 571- 435-6718. Colleen
Posted by sleigh55
Reply: Alternative treatment
Hi Colleen Storey here.If you find out more about this please let me kniw.My email is
Posted by sleigh55
Reply: Share the Pain
Thanks. I agree pain leads to giving up unless you decide not to give in to it. I have to fight for this...More
Posted by kattjhehat
Reply: mouth sores
Thanks I'll run this by my Doc.
Posted by kattjhehat

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help with methotrexate side effectsExpert
I recommend all my patients on methotrexate take at least 1 mg of Folic Acid daily to help decrease the risk of side effects. In those ... More
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