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Reply: Humira
Hi Alexandre, It's really hard when you first get diagnosed to ever feel like life will be regular...More
Posted by seasaltcaramel
Reply: Possible Ankel fusion
One guy in his 50's. He didn't have RA though he had a bad break and that was his option vs replacement. ...More
Posted by knorris1987
Reply: Methotrexate Side Effects
FASt-food, It's now 2015, my husband was diagnosed and put on Methotrexate. Experienced horrid side effects. ...More
Posted by dogfarts
Reply: Loneliness and Isolation
Hi An Isolation is a key issue for people with medium to sever RA. I have been through this too. With the new...More
Posted by mike201
Reply: CCP Levels
I was diagnosed with RA in August. My CCP level was 250 & myRF Factor level was 214. My doctor has me...More
Posted by gharris88
Reply: The Road Back Foundation
Pat, my experience was very similar to yours. I was on Methotrexate which wasn't working and I just never...More
Posted by Chrispur
Reply: Newly Diagnosed - Methotrexate
I was experience with MTX for 2 months, once a week, the 1st week it was miracle, pain free right away, but...More
Posted by lupirhumi
Reply: Arthritis Newby with a question.
I agree! No matter how I behave on diet, if RA decides to flare it flares, I am fustrate just dont care and...More
Posted by lupirhumi
The Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015
The Prescription Drug Affordability Act of 2015 authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services to...More
Posted by smporter
no pain relief and on medicaid
Hello,I am posting from the Houston, TX area. I am positive for RA. All arthritis tests are positive and my...More
Posted by An_265042
Reply: Support
Thank you (: that reassures my decisions a lot more.
Posted by jc1109
Reply: New
Hi. I'm also 35 and was diagnosed w/ RA about a yr. ago. Believe me, you are not alone w/ having a difficult...More
Posted by wildturkey
Reply: Methotrexate affecting menstrual cycle?
Thanks! It was stress (: I just ended it.
Posted by jc1109
Reply: Newly diagnosed with RA....scared, upset, depresse...
Thank you for sharing this info, would you please more detail on it: how to use it, how much (dose)... Best...More
Posted by lupirhumi
Reply: Need some advice
I was just forced to make that decision between those two drugs. I chose Rituxan because it is tried and...More
Posted by steppiemum
Reply: RA and pain
Hi. I have also suffered emotionally with my RA diagnosis and the added stress from feeling depressed can...More
Posted by wildturkey
Reply: Irritability
Hi. I've been taking Methotrexate for 9 months. 6 pills once a week ( 2.5mg each pill). I haven't had any...More
Posted by wildturkey
Trigger Fingers
Hi. I have moderate to severe RA and have been having alot of trigger finger issues. Does anyone have any...More
Posted by wildturkey
Does anyone nows any doctor reumatologist in Arizona who is using antibiotic MINOCYCLINE in scleroderma...More
Posted by Lilyofthewalley
RA and Protein M Spike
My Mother has RA and her recent bloodwork came back with a Spike M of 2.79.... Can RA make that Spike in M...More
Posted by LostwithRA
RA and Protein M Spike
My Mother has RA and her recent bloodwork came back with a Spike M of 2.79.... Can RA make that Spike in M...More
Posted by LostwithRA
Reply: Orencia & Lymphoma
If this helps at all, Snagor: ...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: RA - Muscle Soreness
We need to heal the 'source' of the problem, debeau67. Healing the source allows the muscle & joint pain...More
Posted by An_264266
Reply: A decision to go or not go with the Actemra
I was on Actemra for about 3 years. Loved it. Made me feel "normal" again. Highly recommend you try
Posted by Gina524
Reply: Do i need to worry
Thanks for the time you took to give me all this info. I really appreciate it Wishing you the best. Take careMore
Posted by smittypop
Reply: Help with weaning from Prednisone
Hi, mike201. Glad to hear your success reducing Prednisone & your never-give-up-spirit -- 15 attempts....More
Posted by An_264266
RA and Diet
I've had a few doctors and other people with arthritis try to convince me that changing my diet will cure...More
Posted by sparklicious
Swelling and pain from RA
Hi All, Thought I would share this with the group. I have been using the below sheet and pillow set to...More
Posted by An_264662

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Reply: Devices For Pain Relief
Any word from the group?
Posted by karenleepa
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Reply: Chinese Herb Chang Shan / Rheumatoid Arthritis
So sorry I haven't posted for so long.. guess life is busy and I forget to check this blog.. Yes I still take...More
Posted by arlit56

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Rheumatoid Arthritis infographic
Rheumatoid Arthritis is a debilitating condition that can cause inflammation and pain in the joints . In this infographic you will be ... More
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