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I have a son who is has been dating a person for over a year. He is aware that she has been diagnosed with...More
Posted by An_250608
...I need some help...
Um, let me start it off simple and I will progress with information if it is needed. I am "diagnosed" but...More
Posted by An_250514
How to stop the voices in my brothers head
My brother has a voice in his head that he calls a telepath, he's called John, he is loud and annoying, we...More
Posted by An_250245
Please help me!
I've done trial and error to find the right medication for me, I don't feel like it's working at all. And the...More
Posted by Samatha
My gf said I'm paranoid schizophrenia
I don't think I'm ,but i have been thinking people has been in my house ,people watching me.I even bought a...More
Posted by An_248914
My gf said I'm paranoid schizophrenia
I don't think I'm ,but i have been thinking people has been in my house ,people watching me.I even bought a...More
Posted by An_248914
I dont know what to do about my mother
My mother is in her 50s and I am struggling what to do with her. Our whole family is. When I was younger I...More
Posted by An_248272
Late Night Turbulence
Woke up at 1 a.m. confused. Not sure who I was talking to. Just wantede to go outside and scream HELP at the...More
Posted by Fowden
Parent concerned about 19 yr old daughter symptoms...
To try and keep it short. I think the writing is on the wall that our daughter should see someone and should...More
Posted by An_247509
Saturday Night
Surely others are home alone on Saturday night. I can certainly understand that there are those that are out,...More
Posted by Fowden
Having problems not sure what it is.
Really not sure if I have a illness or not. But I been having hallucinations and hearing things. I have...More
Posted by HeatherNlevine
Stopping Saphris
Does anyone know how to stop taking saphris. I am taking 10mg twice ddaily. My plan is to just stop taking...More
Posted by Anon_32599
Paranoid schizophrenia
was first diagnosed at eighteen, of having paranoid schizophrenia, but i believe the diagnosis was wrong...More
Posted by UnwashedFlyer
Is there anything I can do to reduce my risk of de...
Some background: My late brother developed schizophrenia when he was 17. His case was very severe, and though...More
Posted by jshein01
Do I have it? and how can i tell if i do?
I need some help. Im not sure if i have schizophrenia. The things that i have been seeing and hearing are...More
Posted by Schizophren
George, or schizophrenia
George, oh he's got schizophrenia. the term that plaguesw the earth of humanity that know me. Or do they know...More
Posted by geostorm2
i just cant believe this is all in my head
they all talk to me. its all of thier real voices. ive heard them since i was eighteen. im thirty three...More
Posted by ItCantBeTrue
I have questions
My son is 38 and was diagnosed 10 yrs ago with schizophrenia, he's has handled his life fairly well, although...More
Posted by daya1220
POLL: Year I Started to See and Hear Strange Thing...
I'm doing this because a few years ago I went through something that seems like sci-fi now that I look...More
Posted by Anon_124828

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Does anyone out there see strange images on the TV that are not obviously there like strange commercials or people and voices coming from the TV seem to answer one's own internal self-talk? (if you've gone through this you can relate) Which exact year did this start to happen?
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diagnosed with Schizophenia
About 6 or 7 years ago i kinda lost it. I tried to kill myself and had a 10 old daughter at the time to...More
Posted by goawayillness
A voice in my head. Is it something worth mentioni...
For the past 2-3 months, I have had a voice in my head (occasionally another as well, this one being...More
Posted by Ambivalence1001
How to get help
I am very concerned about my son. He thinks he is being followed and people that are driving by his house are...More
Posted by 22GGzane
Son with Paranoid Schizophrenia
My son experienced psychosis three years ago while traveling with his band and another band on a nationwide...More
Posted by lanaturner
Schizophrenic brother
My brother and I are only a yr apart. He has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia approximatley 3 yrs ago. He is...More
Posted by An_244745
Please, give me some insight.
I'm very worried about my friend. I haven't physically seen this friend in about 2 years but we've...More
Posted by sugarmagnolia777
Adderall and Psychosis
I was diagnosed schizoaffective after having a psychotic episode 3 years ago. I was taking adderall at the...More
Posted by thefloyd1977
helo im 18yrs old ..... i have schizophrenia from 11th grade..... now im doin my architecture 2nd...More
Posted by blue266
Question about Schizophrenia. Please answer
Hello, I am a 25 yr old female with a history of extreme anxiety and hypochondria. I have a concern about my...More
Posted by kadybug24
schizoaffective or faking? now what do I do?
I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder over 10 years ago. I am beginning think, or be willing to...More
Posted by oncecrazy

Spotlight: Member Stories

I was originally diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic at age 14 but it has subsequently been amended to bi polar schizoaffective disorder which is much...More

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How to Detect Early Schizophrenia Symptoms ?
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder mostly connected with the thought process and emotional responsiveness. The medical condition is ... More
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