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Hello, Just want advice regarding this.I started using Haldol (following Doctors prescription)sometime in...More
Posted by konilyrical
Telepathy - STOP telepathic terror
My name is Vinko Rajic , Swedish citizen . I am maybe the only really telepathic person in the world....More
Posted by VinkoTelepat
what should i do?
ok some people say im schizophranic and some say im depressed . i think i might be both but im not...More
Posted by themissykingster
Abilify caused very serious tooth loss....has anyo...
July 23, 2011 Hello, my name is Karen, I am over 60, and I am confined to a wheelchair. I currently live...More
Posted by anneecobb
Abilify caused very serious tooth loss....has anyo...
July 23, 2011 Hello, my name is Karen, I am over 60, and I am confined to a wheelchair. I currently live...More
Posted by anneecobb
Life span
Does anyone know that life span of Schzophrenia? Does this mean that someone would have a shorter life with the...More
Posted by work5
Schizophrenia Meds
are there any meds out there for this condition that don't cause lethargy? i was recently diagnosised and...More
Posted by darinhayseed
Do you think I have schizophrenia?
I took a test and it said I have early signs of it. I also have felt many things and saw many shadows that are...More
Posted by iceveela
is there such a thing as "slight schizophrenia"?
you know, where you can have all the symptoms, but they are not as vivid or disabling as mentioned in...More
Posted by iceveela
paronoid delusions abound
A dear friend of mine has always shown signs of some sort of delusional disorder. I know he has spent time in...More
Posted by helpterry

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I just want to help my friend.
  • stay away knowing he may harm his self or others
  • get an idea of how to help him
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Who monotors this board?
Hello, I have noticed that other discussion boards have something like a moderator or a physician because...More
Posted by An_215662
Help I am scared - I just wasted alot of time today emailing back and for the with my sistetr being...More
Posted by An_215661
Abilify vs. Respidal (costs, side effects, etc.)
I am taking the drug Abilify for a certain mental illness and have heard good things about Respidol. ...More
Posted by An_215660
Finding psych doctors in the Yale/New Haven, CT ar...
I have been diagnosed with Schiz for ~ 2 years, i have had it since about age 10 or so. Have all kinds...More
Posted by SoulReaverCross
change of meds.
I am currently using Saphris and it is becoming a burden by way of cost I was wondering if any doctors on...More
Posted by jomarandolph
Living with Schizophrenia: A Call for Hope and Rec...
Visit for more information. "Living with Schizophrenia: A Call for...More
Posted by ESKCSG
2 medications and a major decrease in coordination...
My uncle was diagnosed with Schizophrenia years ago. In the past 3 years of so he has developed Epilepsy, as...More
Posted by McAn23
Need help with family member mental problem
My stepson has erratic episodes of walking in circles, talking to himself and silly laughter, what could this...More
Posted by lamick123
only serious answers please
I am emotionally drained....I am 27 years old and I have taken financial responsibility for my 29 year old...More
Posted by An_215659
connection with schizophrenia and BATH SALTS
my friend is hearing voices and it has to be from the bath salts. is it schizophrenia? and what are his...More
Posted by An_215658
How can I help my friend?
HI, my friend has schizophrenia and sometimes when she is in a trance like state, cuts appear on her shoulder,...More
Posted by wizsocc

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Is this normal?
I need to help my friend!!!HI, my friend has schiz...
Posted by wizsocc

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Is this normal??
im scared
hi i just recently went in to get help for my dression n really bad episodes n i thougth i wa just goin crazy...More
Posted by An_215657
Can Paranoid Schizophrenia be focused to one locat...
My sister in law was always withdrawn, showing what was though to be shyness. About a year ago she started...More
Posted by An_215655
Invega Sustena
I'm on invega sustena but it caused too much weight gain so I switched to the pill. How long does it take for...More
Posted by An_215654
Happy Anniversary?
I'm certain I've been depressed all of my life, but I wasn't diagnosed until I had a psychotic break....More
Posted by larsstarscanary

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Gummy bears and green ninja squirrels
so i everyone talks about seeing things but guess what. i hear voices in my head and i have a family of gummy...More
Posted by An_215653
Needs help
ok so im posting to get some information. my brother who is now almost 25 years old i believe needs help but...More
Posted by An_215651
Adopting a Cat
Are cats helpful to people with schizophrenia? I would like to adopt a quiet, calm cat next year. I had one...More
Posted by An_215649
I'm tired of all the illnesses I have. I'd like to give them back to wherever they came from. Any...More
Posted by larsstarscanary

Spotlight: Member Stories

I think I started hearing voices in 2007. I'm am certain of a few things. I was working the graveyard shift at a 24hour store at the time for l...More

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