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2 medications and a major decrease in coordination...
My uncle was diagnosed with Schizophrenia years ago. In the past 3 years of so he has developed Epilepsy, as...More
Posted by McAn23
Need help with family member mental problem
My stepson has erratic episodes of walking in circles, talking to himself and silly laughter, what could this...More
Posted by lamick123
only serious answers please
I am emotionally drained....I am 27 years old and I have taken financial responsibility for my 29 year old...More
Posted by An_215659
connection with schizophrenia and BATH SALTS
my friend is hearing voices and it has to be from the bath salts. is it schizophrenia? and what are his...More
Posted by An_215658
How can I help my friend?
HI, my friend has schizophrenia and sometimes when she is in a trance like state, cuts appear on her shoulder,...More
Posted by wizsocc

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Is this normal?
im scared
hi i just recently went in to get help for my dression n really bad episodes n i thougth i wa just goin crazy...More
Posted by An_215657
Can Paranoid Schizophrenia be focused to one locat...
My sister in law was always withdrawn, showing what was though to be shyness. About a year ago she started...More
Posted by An_215655
Invega Sustena
I'm on invega sustena but it caused too much weight gain so I switched to the pill. How long does it take for...More
Posted by An_215654
Happy Anniversary?
I'm certain I've been depressed all of my life, but I wasn't diagnosed until I had a psychotic break....More
Posted by larsstarscanary

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Gummy bears and green ninja squirrels
so i everyone talks about seeing things but guess what. i hear voices in my head and i have a family of gummy...More
Posted by An_215653
Needs help
ok so im posting to get some information. my brother who is now almost 25 years old i believe needs help but...More
Posted by An_215651
Adopting a Cat
Are cats helpful to people with schizophrenia? I would like to adopt a quiet, calm cat next year. I had one...More
Posted by An_215649
I'm tired of all the illnesses I have. I'd like to give them back to wherever they came from. Any...More
Posted by larsstarscanary
what effects are known on fetus when Schizophrenia occurs during pregnancy
Posted by piglet1960
Intense Boredom at PT Job, Dissatisfaction with Co...
I've held my part time job for many years, almost since I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and...More
Posted by An_215646
Posted by An_215644
Effects of Saphris and Prolixin
Hello everyone - i'm new to this but it's my brother I'm concerned about. He's schizophrenic and has been on...More
Posted by Joessister
kind of lost looking for information
am not really sure where to start but um iv recently hit a point in my life where i kind of feel like i need...More
Posted by lost011
Question about schitzo effect and thought disorder
I went through a realitivly tough divorce with my wife over 4 years ago. Don't really want to get into all the...More
Posted by staind60
friend needed for son with Schizophrenia Disorder ...
If there is anybody out there that can help me with my son on help coping with Schiophrenia...he feels he...More
Posted by JohannaBond
Schizophrenia disorder
I have a son he's 24 years old Im in need of help! on how to sooth the pain im going thru with him being...More
Posted by JohannaBond
I dont know what is wrong with me and am tired of ...
I'll try not to make this too in-depth, but my reality is that i am 37,have been treated on and off from the...More
Posted by mimainy
Mindless Self Indulgence... Part 3 (soon over)
Growing more agitated from lack of anything working since college, my frustration for an answer to what is...More
Posted by An_215642
Mindless Self Indulgence... Part 2 (oh the narciss...
I enjoyed theater.. and was pretty good at it. But that's BS too I'm sure. But if I believe what I remember,...More
Posted by An_215641
Mindless Self Indulgence... Because I Think I'm In...
Where to begin? It's been such a long journey, yet I can remember every second. It's all been leading up to...More
Posted by An_215640
Schizophrenia medications
I have a friend who has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. My friend has been receiving treatment for this...More
Posted by An_215639
Need Help
My brother is been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia for almost 3 years and now getting worse,he is no taking...More
Posted by rahwa
In need of some advice
Hi, so i very recently have been experiencing some scary thoughts... I would almost call them delusions and...More
Posted by An_215638
Belly Dancing, Anyone?
Now I HATE EXERCISE! but I love belly dancing. Problem is, I haven't done any lately and I need to lose...More
Posted by larsstarscanary

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Major Depression-Severe w/ Psychotic Features.

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How to Detect Early Schizophrenia Symptoms ?
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder mostly connected with the thought process and emotional responsiveness. The medical condition is ... More
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