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Which Do You Prefer: Psychosis or Reality?
Posted by larsstarscanary

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Which do you prefer:
  • Psychosis with the hallucinations and delusions...
  • Reality
  • Neither
  • Both
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Paranoia and Depression - What Should I Do?
I feel angry about the things in my mind I'm paranoid about, and I feel unmotivated. I'm tired of listening...More
Posted by An_215636
I think my daughter might have schizophrenia!!
My daughter is 8yrs old and i have been told that she shows signs of Schizophrenia! But she is being treated...More
Posted by cahayes
Posted by An_215635
What is reality?
I have a friend who swears all of his paranoid delusions are real, and that anyone who doesn't see...More
Posted by larsstarscanary
10 days and everything changed
my sister was perfectly okay 10 days back..suddenly some of her friends told her things which were very...More
Posted by An_215634
I need to know
I'm afraid my father is schizophrenic, many other people in my family are worried about this to. However he...More
Posted by An_215633
General Delusions
I was wondering if people's delusions where generally the same or they varied, where completely different....More
Posted by eaavendano
Hallucinations in Elder Woman
Hi I have a question with how to proceed with this patient (my grandma). She is going to see an optomitrist...More
Posted by bob2007
I Need Help
I have a question. This morning I suddenly woke up with difficulty in concentrating, it feels like if my mind...More
Posted by An_215630
My husband was taking abilify for the Schizophrenia it works really good for him after he finished it he did not...More
Posted by jena00
Antipsychotic medication
Hello, I am seeing a psychologist. I'm about to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. I am not currently in a...More
Posted by eastofeden
What were you doing prior to schizophrenia?
Just a general question out of curiosity as to what events transpired in your life prior to having...More
Posted by An_215629

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Before having symptoms of schizophrenia or being diagnosed with schizophrenia I...
  • Worked with the public (e.g. convenience store)
  • Had trouble controlling my thoughts
  • Had a seizure or unexplained event happen to me
  • Had a visit from a religious group (e.g. Jehova's Witnesses)
  • More than one answer
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Territorial Voices
I have been hearing voices since 2007 or at least that's when I became aware of it. It's now 2010. Among the...More
Posted by eaavendano

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Has anyone out there been diagnosed with schizophrenia and hears strange, unknown voices? If so, what do you think is the cause of it? Feel free to answer even if you are not schizophrenic.
  • Chemical Imbalance
  • Implant (such as nano technology)
  • Spirits
  • Alternate Reality (voices from another dimension)
  • All of the Above
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I have Schizophrenia & would like to help in a med...
Both my siblings & atleast one of my parents has Schizophrenia. My uncle was never formally diagnosed,...More
Posted by An_215628
How many hours
How many hours of sleep do you need to feel rested and refreshed?
Posted by larsstarscanary

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How many hours of sleep do you usually get?
  • 9 or more
  • 8
  • 7 or less
  • What is sleep, and who needs it?
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Don't know what is wrong with my son Need help
I had posted originally under depression, but am posting here because I and my son to know what is...More
Posted by survivingsinglemom
delusional behaviors
Posted by jess010101
My Boyfriend Is Schizophrenic
Hi i have a boyfriend who is 22 years old and is currently getting treatment for his schizophrenia and is...More
Posted by An_215625

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What do you think the chances are of a relationship with someone schizophrenic working out for marriage?
  • absolutely possible!
  • Will take a lot of work!
  • Never going to happen!
  • Depends on how hard you work at it!
  • Unsure
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Dealing With A Schizophrenic
I work as an assistant manager in a store. There is this mentally ill customer, we recently found out her mental...More
Posted by cwu007
If you have mental illness, what do you think abou...
If and only if you've been hopspitalized for mental illness, what are your views on hospitalization? ...More
Posted by larsstarscanary

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What are your views on hospitalization, if you have mental illness?
  • 1. I should put myself into the hospital.
  • 2. Someone else should take me to the hospital--I'm unable.
  • 3. I should be hospitalized by force or mandate.
  • 4. I should never be hospitalized.
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I am having trouble tonight and dont know how to ...
I am hearing voices and seeing people. I am frightened any one out there this is smith308
Posted by smith308
Injectable Schizophrenic Drugs
My son is 16 years old. He ahs recently been diagnosed with scizophrenia.He is on Zyprexa right now but he...More
Posted by cyncyn1120

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Does anybody have advice about the monthly shot?
Schizophrenic appearing friend of mine
I have come into contact recently with someone that I knew many years ago and I recall that there was...More
Posted by sunshine2u88
which drug is safe for schizophrenia in pregnancy
did anyone outta here with schizophrenia had a baby? what precautions were taken?
Posted by zigzagzoom
Having questions
I dont have access or anything to a doctor so im just really curious if imjust weird or something is really...More
Posted by HuizarK
Having Questions
I dont have access or anything to a doctor so im just really curious if imjust weird or something is really...More
Posted by An_215624
Hearing voices and seeing bugs
I'm 19. I am diagnosed bi-polar and I have started to hear voices and see bugs that are not there. I have no...More
Posted by An_215623
Ok, my mom I think (kinda know) suffers from schizophrenia. She hears things that aren't said and sees...More
Posted by angelstar13
Ok, I need some help here and I don't really know where else to turn. My mom has recently been diagnosed...More
Posted by alilagrant

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Major Depression-Severe w/ Psychotic Features.

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How to Detect Early Schizophrenia Symptoms ?
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder mostly connected with the thought process and emotional responsiveness. The medical condition is ... More
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