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I have already been on risperdal. abilify and now zyrexa. My delustions just won't go...More
Posted by lanrover
Reply: Schizophrenia meds (alt to Abilify)
I used Abilify for a few months but I had too much anxiety from it. I switched to zyprexa...More
Posted by lanrover
To stop taking zyprexa do you go cold turkey or wean yourself by smaller doses?
Posted by lanrover
Reply: Zyprexa
My psych just told me how to wean off zpyrexa - 10mg for 5 days and 5mg for 10 days. He...More
Posted by lanrover
Reply: i have schizoaffective disorder
I have schizoaffective too. There is no cure so its is a life long illness. Taking the...More
Posted by lanrover
Reply: Hartache
It sounds like there is a mood disorder present. Might not be bipolar but it still could...More
Posted by lanrover
Reply: anti-psychotic medications and weight gain
You might want to consider abilify or geodon.
Posted by lanrover