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Joined: 11/24/2010
My Story:
I think I started hearing voices in 2007. I'm am certain of a few things.

  • I was working the graveyard shift at a 24hour store at the time for less than a year.
  • I started to hear insults from customers and strangers wherever I went. At first I thought people were just being rude to me. As a result I thought I was being followed by strangers so this delusion didn't form out of the blue and it took time.
  • After a major seizure I started taking a lot of supplements, including ginko, a 500mg dose I found and it made my head feel more normal again after the seizure; the seizure left me feeling like I couldn't concentrate afterwards.
  • A couple of hours before the seizure I cried like a baby for at least half an hour nonstop, I don't know exactly why. I felt like I couldn't stop myself, I don't think I've ever cried that hard in my whole life.
  • I really started hearing full blown voices almost exactly a year after the seizure in 2008. I think I remember taking a week break from work from the vacation time I had accumulated because I felt things were getting to me and because I completely stopped taking all the supplements I put myself on for a year.
  • My family took me to the hospital after a breakdown like a couple of weeks later or so. I was even hearing voices in the hospital from the staff and they were saying strange things about me and talking to me with their minds. By the way, all the time I thought strangers were following me around because of the auditory hallucinations; even while driving and I would look at passing cars I would hear voices coming from the hood of my car.
  • I only started getting better after I was on meds, the meds made me sleepy and I started sleeping a lot. This was after a couple of months because the phsyc doctor had a lot of patients and I had to wait.
  • About a couple of months before the full blown auditory hallucinations in 2008 I started taking caffeine tablets, a 250mg dose per tablet which I read it equals to about a cup of coffee to counteract fatigue. I had started to feel really tired and that made me feel more alert. Strange thing is I only remember taking about 1 or 2 tablets per day so I didn't abuse the caffeine right?
That is about as much as I can say I'm certain of.

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