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Joined: 12/03/2010
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I'm a 26 y/o army vet. I have two divorces under my belt, and I am just trying to live life as "normal" as I can. I'm going to school but I'm still not sure what I want to do. Also I think I have borderline personality disorder, though I have never officially been diagnosed. My diagnosis is depression.

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I don't get on here enough. Sometimes I feel ok, but sometimes I just don't have time....More
Posted by deidhoff
Don't know who to depend on
POSSIBLE TRIGGER It's nice to use caps and not be "yelling". So I met a guy on a...More
Posted by deidhoff
Reply: Bubbles Needed.
That made me smile. Thanks!
Posted by deidhoff
In your opinion...
I have been told by many councilors and doctors that I should attend some sort of church...More
Posted by deidhoff
Reply: In your opinion...
You have a couple of really good points. Thank you.
Posted by deidhoff
So good (trigger, I think)
I was so good for so long. Every time I wanted to cut I thought about my 3 year old niece...More
Posted by deidhoff