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Joined: 03/28/2012
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(possible triggers...) I am in my late 20s and have been up to no good SHing for over 10 years. No achievement there. This community is a relief to me. I've added therapy to my journey! (many thanks to this group for the courage!) And it has been positive change in my life...with love and fulljoy

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Reply: Trigger
Hi OTW, TRIGGER - you shared and I thought I would too...(thank you for sharing) I did...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: Insomnia
rest easy my friends!
Posted by rugger1369
Made the call!
Phew...just wanted to say I finally made the call to try therapy. That feels good and I...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: (((((((((May Trigger))))))))) Topic is Self Nurtur...
Hi Bonnie, Havent been here in awhile and coming across your thread...I finally made...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: Crap ....trigger
(((HUGS))) I can only imagine the intesity of this time of year...but you have...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: July Gratitude
Gratitude 7.2.13 Grateful for the new Kindle books to keep my mind busy Grateful for...More
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Reply: hello everyone
OTW- the subjects are stunning obvi!!!! and your eye for composition is just as...More
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Reply: off topic more pictures
those were wonderful- thanks! love the starfish suctioned to the glass and the laser...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: lets have some fun to celebrate otw
I have a friend who does photography- she works with a wedding photographer on occasion...More
Posted by rugger1369
Reply: Its All Irie Mon...
You're welcome! I am happy to share...I have 200 photos to sort through- so I'll def be...More
Posted by rugger1369