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Guess Who's Back (TRIGGER)
I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, I haven't been on in about a year, mainly because...More
Posted by Sammurai711
Wish Me Luck!
Today I'm going to the guidence counceler to talk about all my absences.... (every week...More
Posted by Sammurai711
Big Bad World
Trigger. So I've noticed a pattern lately: Me staying home. No school. No life. Just...More
Posted by Sammurai711
Reply: You'd be Proud of Me!
Proud of you Bonnie!
Posted by Sammurai711
I am here. All is good I suppose.
Posted by Sammurai711
Reply: Blood Isn't Thicker Than Water.
I've always been close to my mom's side of the family so it's hard to just let...More
Posted by Sammurai711
Blood Isn't Thicker Than Water.
TRIGGER So last week my cousin whose my mom's age had writen on my facebook on a photo...More
Posted by Sammurai711
Absent from Life - Possible TRIGGER
SCHOOL: Well this week I didnt go to school AT ALL. My mom wants to find alternatives...More
Posted by Sammurai711
Reply: Magor Trigger........................................
Bonnie, Although I knew here, I see this place as my family already. You are an...More
Posted by Sammurai711
Reply: roll call for all webmd family
I'm safe and sound, although my aunt has to repair her roof, and driving around I saw...More
Posted by Sammurai711