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happy bday!
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Guess Who's Back (TRIGGER)
just block their page and cut them out of your life. you will be much happier by not...More
Posted by slik_kitty
snowy says hi!
she's really busy and doesn't have time to get on the boards. she says hi and says she...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: dissociative episodes-possible trigger
responded to you on the bp board. More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: Returning to the board…. (possible triggers)
welcome back! it can give that feeling. that is often why some people do it. so glad...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: hello
sorry things aren't going well. hugs all the communities i go to are dying. it's very...More
Posted by slik_kitty
no one is posting. i hope everyone is doing well.
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: funny story
lol. i'm feeling the i wanna have a grandkid itch myself.
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: God
when i first took my son to daycare he cried when i left him, but he adjusted. then he...More
Posted by slik_kitty
Reply: cutting before school (clothing, hair, etc)
sounds like he has a problem with his body image. talk to him to see if you can find out...More
Posted by slik_kitty