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Joined: 01/24/2013
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I am Canadian, 25. I've struggled with PTSD and SH since my mother had a severe heart attack and became severely brain damaged, then passed away 5 years later. from that there have been many family struggles, which led to a big part of the PTSD. I learned how to cope and positively turned my life around. however, recently I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis, the worst symptom of which is arthritis (for me). b/c of this its been a roller coaster of fluctuating symptoms that have certainly taken a tole on my emotional health. I have returned to these communities seeking peers with guidance and support, which I found on here many years ago.

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Reply: just want to be home TRIGGER
thanks for the great words. when all was said and done that night, i was so...More
Posted by prophetess1987
just want to be home TRIGGER
Posted by prophetess1987
Reply: TGIF!!! distraction action
ooooh i miss karaoke! it's been so long! my go to is bohemian rhapsody or under the...More
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Reply: the little things
ooooh so excited to hear about your application to the job! i hope you get it! that...More
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the little things
just wanted to share what made me happy today and hope it helps encourage you to...More
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Reply: ( o ) ( o ) health update
such great news! so happy for you More
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Reply: just needed to vent
I truly don't think anyone on this board is capable of hate (other than hating...More
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Reply: Another diagnosis TRIGGER
I don't know what I can say to help, except that this does not define you. it is...More
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