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Joined: 02/05/2010
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Another crazy cold weather loving Canuck who has been hanging around for awhile. I am a medical radiation technologist in radiography and soon Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Took me 10yrs to get my degree due to my struggles with depression, anxiety, self harm and anorexia but finally I have a crap load of letters after my name hehehe. I love my penguins and bunnies and have one of each tattooed on my back. If it had not been for sweet dear Latte I probably would have died 5 years ago. That fuzzy bunny saved my life and now I have Cappy, a rather dopey looking lop eared fuzzball who we jokingly refer to as stoner bunny

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Reply: Slik Kitty
omg i am assuming i have missed something SO hope she is okMore
Posted by penguie
Reply: Hi there, Bod27 here
just wanted to send some hugs your way
Posted by penguie
Reply: What Are Your Plans for Thanksgiving?
errrr when is the us thanksgiving? Penguie be a dumb canuck what can I say but penguie...More
Posted by penguie
Reply: off topic
bonne fete!
Posted by penguie
stressed and grumpy and needing a vent
Dunno if anything ould be a trigger so probably best to not even bother reading to begon...More
Posted by penguie
Reply: Medical update - trigger
perhaps if you had the opportunity for physio too might help hugsMore
Posted by penguie
Reply: Distraction Action
1. Yucky! Overcast and soon to rain 2. Wild blueberries, snow algonquin park 3. crochet,...More
Posted by penguie
Reply: ROLFLMAO SI /SA TRIGGER - alters acting up
hehe must have been amusing to see her face. Ive always told people my advice is to not...More
Posted by penguie
Reply: i genuinely smiled today
thats a little bunny. That was Cappy, formally known as Cappuccino. She was a great loving...More
Posted by penguie
Reply: Self Improvement Month
get out of bed before 2pm on days off even after afternoon shift and say good morning to...More
Posted by penguie