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Triggggggggggger I am finding myself so angry lately. My living situation is...More
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I would rather stay home and take care of my daughter and the house (especially...More
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Well the first company finally emailed me informed me that the positions are all...More
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I really love this thank you for sharing with me. We are definitely looking...More
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Thank you ladies. I was going to pick up a full time babysitting job but I'd...More
Stress Management Techniques
So those who remember me, might know that I am against medication to battle my...More
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Thanks OTW!! When I start feeling down I remind myself that it will happen...More
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Thanks Ladies!! I really appreciate your responses. Ive been trying to be more...More
Reply: Hash browns
I always want what I can't have lol! Now that I have appetite back, I want tons...More