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Newly created Exchange developed to help offer support and understanding for those who need it. The main goal is to keep sufferers safe from dicrimination and judgment. I fully understand the overwhelming pressure that comes with daily struggles from a chronic medical condition.

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Reply: Depression, Pain, CFS and Isolation
Posted by terrye

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Fatigue and yet another car accident
Hi all - I got into a car accident about a year and half ago. Since then my energy levels have been way low....More
Posted by An_254070
Recurrent, stinging anal pain while defecating and...
Symptoms: Severe, recurrent, stinging anal pain while defecating. Anal pain while wiping and sitting.[br>Anal...More
Posted by tamal
Reply: Undiagnosed chronic ear pain/pressure/vertigo
GOLDENGRL52, I read about your improvement on another thread. Glad to hear .. I wanted to add this little...More
Posted by An_258826
Was wondering if you would be so kind as to donate to and/or share my fundraiser so that I can get the proper...More
Posted by csmcangl
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sever stomach pain
I wish this stomach pain would go away. I had angioplasty back in September, they put me on blood thinner and...More
Posted by An_257623
Reply: Are you always told your pain is Fibro related??
Hi Signet, Unfortunately this seems to be what happens once you are labeled with FM. It is part of my...More
Posted by meri52804
Stop just treating the symptoms
Can someone help me? I have been severely depressed for 30 years, although only sought treatment 16 years...More
Posted by meri52804
Too young for this
Hello, I am a 19 year old male. I have been diagnosed with HIV, depression, bipolar, and anxiety. Before any of...More
Posted by onealsc
Reply: Severe depression, muscle/joint aches, always tire...
Hi An_254911, I feel your pain and I'm sorry for your despair. It's obvious to anyone that has...More
Posted by turquoiseninja
Pain on Both My Sides
I am an active, 20-year-old male who has been feeling a dull, achy (and often sharp) pain on both sides of...More
Posted by Irwinator
Reply: Medication
my son admitted to me , he is 36 that he got a prescription for subuxone to get off H. i am so upset said it...More
Posted by An_253027
Reply: Do repetitive, 20 over 3 years, of Supartz injecti...
Hi, It seems you have endured quite a bit with both your knees! My left knee is bone on bone and I have been...More
Posted by Signet
No one seems to understands
I have suffered from some sort of pain all my life. I could not keep with other children. As I grew I found...More
Posted by grandma1958
Reply: Why continue in pain?
Hi AN, I am new to this forum, but I hear what you're saying. I want you to hang in there...I know it's...More
Posted by thrawnms14
Why continue in pain?
Why do physicians keep pain medications at a minimum when they know patients have continuing pain that can...More
Posted by An_249645
Reply: Martha1849
I am sorry that I didn't answer you, I didn't know until today! Well Keith, you know the ole story about...More
Posted by knowsmore60
Reply: chronic severe neck pain with migraines
I'm so sorry you've gone through all of this. I can also say it looks like the very words I've said to...More
Posted by GOLDENGRL52
Need help - Follow-up to First Post
Thanks to those who voted on my question. I did some more digging and found that morphine is addictive....More
Posted by KeithGMartin
Any medicinal alternatives to severe back pain tha...
Hi, I am curious as if there is a pain medication that is not addictive and will relieve severe back and...More
Posted by KeithGMartin

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Is morphine addictive?
Hello I've have been taking 35mg of methadone I've been taking in for 6 years and I've moved to another...More
Posted by Charliebronx
Reply: please help me
I suffered a torn akilies tendon in December of 2010 and that's when everything started to fall apart for me....More
Posted by plath04
Need a Doctor Not Afraid to write for my Medicatio...
I am in desperate need of a physician in my new area. I have been on pain management for 13.5 yrs. I was so...More
Posted by An_242906
Reply: I just cannot go on
I do understand. I am legally blind and I have Fibro., degerated disc, Parkinsens, and ALS. I was married to my...More
Posted by plath04
Reply: beckyj33
I have heard that oxycontine has a better half-life; it lasts longer than Lortab. You see, Lortab works for a...More
Posted by DianainFl
Knee pain
Have a question. I have had a total knee & hip replacement about 1 1/2 years ago. Everything seems...More
Posted by HDDave1990
Severe Pain
about 2 months ago i was heading home from school and i got a intense sharp pain located on the right...More
Posted by LarryLeeferguson
Reply: treatment without insurance
Hi. I know exactly how you feel. I have four kids and when I filed for disability my husband was working. It...More
Posted by beckyj33
Lower Inner Back Pain
I am almost 40 years old and I have had acute lower back pain since I was 11. It's not pain from...More
Posted by gypsyhippie1971
Reply: gabapentin
Why Gabapentin? Is he having seizures? Be aware that weight gain may be a common side effect. What was the...More
Posted by Infrared

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I am 46 years old. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Degenerative disc disease from the base of my skull down to my tailbone, osteoarthritis, d...More

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