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Reply: Wife in pain after sex, wasn't always this way.
Her doctor is also a OB/GYN and my wife has told her about this isssue during several visits. I would hope her...More
Posted by k_j_w
Reply: My GF's vagina is loose, cheating?
and so speakth the fool lord of the A holes
Posted by An_260789
Reply: Older Adults Dating
Follow your heart. Age is just a number. Parkinson's can be well controlled with medication for many years....More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Partner Sex Worth It?
Sluggo is so right. Communication is essential in any relationship. He's also right about ladies first. Oral...More
Posted by bigred53
How do Love songs affect you?
I'm a softy for easy-listening music. Love songs probably affect the mind emotionally because the...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Reply: Valentines Day Plans ?
I'm single too so the only sexy plans are with I might take my single son out to dinner if he...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: How much do you believe in your horoscope ?
I have absolutely no idea of whether my horoscope has been accurate or not over the years because I don't believe...More
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
Posted by fcl
Reply: Some words of wisdom
Stan no need or reason for you to be sorry. I'm a Libra as well. I don't like to fight either because it...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Hormones are all weird
Gail is right. So, you stopped masturbating becasue you are afraid of having random orgasms? Not...More
Posted by Anon_134193
Hi Just thought I would pass this on, its from the UK'S Daily Mail. ...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
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Reply: I am 21 years old, im a male and looks like im rea...
yeah, probably becuz men tend to like a much more mature partner when it comes to relationships boys will...More
Posted by levant
Reply: Just trying to end this discussion strife.
Well Stan it was deleted. I'm not going to stop fantasizing though and I hope you don't either. We now know...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: And now?
If he's hanging out on the couch watching TV and you're tired from raising the children, there's something...More
Posted by Anon_134193
Reply: I'm kinda curious, what is the probability of amer...
I've seen some very attractive Asian men and if they were interested in me I would probably be interested in...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: help please
now this is helpful
Posted by levant
Reply: Thinking about cheating...
haha thank you tho but no worries i love meself yah its just that im a horny person you kno and its because...More
Posted by levant
Reply: std testing while on your period?
Why are you responding to a post that's over five years old? I'm pretty sure the OP got their answer by...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Bleeding after sex won't stop...
Yes not on my regular menstrual period. Bleeding was nothing like when I menstruate. It's subsided though and...More
Posted by bekahunt
Reply: ouch !
Review some of the reasons for bleeding after intercourse and then decide if it is time to schedule an...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Help wife gets dry and is in pain after sex
Hi Its not the alcohol its the residue it leaves behind on the skin this upsets the natural ph of the vagina,...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Reply: Look into the crystal ball !
Hi Stan the Man, If I was 21 yes but at 67, I think its best to stay where I'm now at as me and her in doors...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Reply: Orgasms after sex
Hello I just want to say I am 41 an I experienced climax after sex it is wonderful but I couldn't believe like...More
Posted by specisl1
Reply: Wife's past sexual history hurting marriage
I disagree, clearly the problem is with him and not her. He really should get over it because she has done...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Elongated labia and enlarged clitoris
Stan you are so sweet but if you keep this up my head is going to get so big I won't be able to wear a...More
Posted by bigred53
Old subjects
Hi Everyone, I've been away for a while, but I'm back. I noticed some folks posting on subjects that have...More
Posted by sluggo45692
Reply: dread all types of sex
As the brother of a man who's wife is divorcing him after 30 years, 4 kids and him having to put up with...More
Posted by An_252334
Reply: Threesome after issues
Sounds like she liked the last time you were all together and specificly without her bf. If you have...More
Posted by An_252334
Reply: my partners vagina has suddenly got wider and deep...
You split up. PERIOD, Now you want to complain about if she slept with someone else while you had ended your...More
Posted by An_252334
Reply: Wife's past sex partners bother me
I agree with FCL and I have been in your wife's shoes if that's the case, if you truly love your wife and...More
Posted by An_260979
Reply: Help....I hate sex!!!!
With your situation I honestly can't blame you. Hope it all worked out and you will find love and intimacy...More
Posted by An_260979

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Difficulty having an orgasm?Expert
Try reading Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women by Julia Heiman , Joseph Ph.D. LoPiccolo and David ... More
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