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How much sex is casual sex?
I'm asking this because in psychology I learned that casual sex is good for relationships. Well how much sex...More
Posted by sfonseka
Can't seem to enjoy sex...
I'm a senior in high school, and I lost my virginity in December, although I had tried to lose it (with my...More
Posted by An_256809
ejaculation during sex
im 41 and have been with my wife for 14 years but i cant get off any more having sex?
Posted by belch73
Happily married woman, just lost my sex drive???
I am 43, and been happily married for 11 years. I am a diabetic [3 years now>, and have thyroid issues,...More
Posted by chelleb1018
Sex and Love Addiction
Yes, love and sex can be addictive—and as destructive, at least socially, as compulsive substance use....More
Posted by sfonseka
The power of the mind
My wife fell and strained some thigh muscles. She was taking pain killers all day and drinking (not a good...More
Posted by stevesmw
Herpes? Yeast infection? Bacterial infection? Or a...
Okay so two weeks ago this girl have me oral sex; fast forward to last Wednesday the tip of my penis was...More
Posted by An_256714
I've mastered giving myself the squirting orgasm, ...
I have woken up a couple times in the last couple weeks with a wet spot in bed and my panties completely...More
Posted by xolomom
Hand Sanitiser
Hello. A few months ago I used hand sanitiser on my penis. Obviously not a smart idea. As expected my skin...More
Posted by An_256703
Hand Sanitiser
Hello. A few months ago I used hand sanitiser on my penis. Obviously not a smart idea. As expected my skin...More
Posted by An_256703
I am 46 and find finding it harder these days to keep up the stamina and getting up the firmness like some...More
Posted by Anon_163259
tumblr/Profiles in Perversity/Davina
I find the sketches in this blog entertaining but I never associated an "enema" as a sex stimulant. But I...More
Posted by gringofeliz

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Should a mother of teenage daughter and/or son teach them, as portrayed in the Davina sketches ( the art of sex or is it better they learn from peers or in school
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  • no mother should not teach them
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  • father should not teach either
  • teens should learn from peers or school
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Can I start taking my birth control pills a week l...
Got my period on a Thursday and I had to start taking gildess fe 1/20 last Sunday but I forgot can I start a...More
Posted by An_256684
Missed pills and ovulation
This is question that I know has been asked too many times, and I know I should have been more careful, etc...More
Posted by An_256673
Need Help, Don't Know Where To Go
When I have sex with my boyfriend, it doesn't feel good to me. I have been faking orgasms for the past five...More
Posted by An_256645
Unable to enjoy sex life due to Penis Size
I am unable to enjoy my Sex life due to my Penis size. I am unable to give the sexual pleasure which my wife...More
Posted by An_256638
Blessing to have this thing removed!
My body did not take very well to this form of Birth Control. I wouldn't refer anyone to take this method. I...More
Posted by tocuteone
Help! I've lost my sex drive and I want it back!
I love my husband, I don't want to loose him because I've lost my sex drive. I used to have a normal drive...More
Posted by An_256597
Are you a Viagra wife?
Em & Lo here, of , we hope you won't consider this post an intrusion. We are working on an...More
Posted by emandlo
Hope After All These Years?
I grew up in a highly dysfunctional, highly stressful home with an alcoholic mother. By my teen years I was...More
Posted by An_245963
My boyfriends masturbating is an issue
ive been with my bf for ten months and i knew he was a sexual person like myself but his is a little more...More
Posted by msv1984

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is this a legit concern?
Is my partner cheating
Hi, my girlfriend gave birth about 3 and a half months ago, her vagina went really tight and then all of a...More
Posted by An_256509
Help with PE
I have pretty severe premature ejaculation, never lasting more than a minute at most. it's going to ruin my...More
Posted by jdwp78

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cumming easily
am aroused easily and always have a hard on while playing around with my gf.the issue is that i feel satisfied easily and nearly cum at ... More
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