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I just lost my virginity and I'm a bit freaked!
Ok so Friday I hooked up with a guy I've been seeing. Everything was cool we obviously used a condom but we...More
Posted by Anon_46502
Is this herpes, or something else?
Hey All,[br>[br>This is my first time posting in here, but I feel I have no one to turn as I am a...More
Posted by An_264362
Very white bump found on hymen part
Please help, I saw this on my hymen part.More
Posted by An_264351
Paragard - Constipation?
Has anyone else had constipation issues with the Paragard IUD? Usually a week before my period (almost like...More
Posted by ace0706
I need to know
I have a abscess , well it's no longer there but it didn't drain. I want to know will it be safe if I have...More
Posted by An_264295
I hate sex... Help me!!!
Ok.. Im 22, been in the same relationship with the same guy for 8 years. He is my first sexual...More
Posted by JessicaLeon1804
Less sexual impulse
I have been working with my website for almost two years. I work 12 hours per day from...More
Posted by matthew2chan
Periods! would you like stop them for good
Hi Lady's, Here's a link to a UK Daily Mail news paper article, please read on. ...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Sex/Exercise Bizarre Paradox
Hi, I am a 23 year old male. Because I'd like to concentrate on hitting the gym (and the...More
Cant get my pregnant
Me and my girl have been trying to get pregnant and it seems that my fish arent swimming or they arent strong...More
Posted by Shard090
18 year old female and no sex drive?
I am an 18 year old female. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now, he is the only sexual partner I...More
Posted by An_264204
Some bleeding after trying to have anal sex?
Hello. I have a problem regarding sex that happened last night. I know I've been stupid and it won't happen...More
Posted by An_264199
Morning after pill, no period, neg. HPT
On July 29 I took a Unidosis (Levonorgestrel from Mexico). I have not gotten my period and I have taken 2...More
Posted by An_264180
Are we allergic to each other?
When I boyfriend and I first started having sex, we had zero problems. After about 2 months, he started...More
Posted by An_264135
sex and blood
My wife and I were having sex during foreplay I was fingering her after we were done she said she noticed a...More
Posted by hawk69
Worried about being pregnant?
So like 2 weeks ago my boyfriend and I had protected sex. When he came he did it into the condom which was...More
Posted by lizkiwi17
Cystitis issues
How to live a healthy sexual life when im mostly always affected by cystitis?
Posted by An_264085
Swinging, is it for you?
While I understand not everyone is meant for the swinging lifestyle, I happen to be someone that is into the...More
Posted by An_264030

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I had sex with my girlfriend when she had her peri...
after a couple of weeks, when I jerk off theres some kind of blood in my semen and that scares me.
Posted by An_261112
Erection Issue
Approximately 2 1/2 years ago, at the age of 48, my husband started having erection problems, I wasn't aware...More
Posted by An_264001
Flashbacks from a bad date
Ok, so I haven't dated much since I was divorced 5 years ago. Last Friday I was talking to this guy who...More
Posted by shelby6811
Please help me im having insecurities..
Lately I'm unable to date anyone because im thinking they might get sad later about my penis. Im an Asian and...More
Posted by An_261112
Whitish discharge when I pee?
Info: I'm 16, female, sexually active (sometimes without protection), no history of UTIs or STIs, no other...More
Posted by An_263954
Nervous about being pregnant
I am 26 and I have been on the pill for 7 months and I had been taking it regularly. I finished my placebo...More
Posted by An_263952
Should I be worrying? Please Help.
Hello, My girlfriend, 18, and I, 20, have been dating for little over a year now and we've been sexually...More
Posted by An_263947
Adolescents and Mom : Understanding Female Anatomy
I grew up in a home where seeing each other naked was no big deal. My mom was a hottie but I did not...More
Posted by Anon_155123

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Difficulty having an orgasm?Expert
Try reading Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women by Julia Heiman , Joseph Ph.D. LoPiccolo and David ... More
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