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Does my partner want a mmf threesome
I have been with my wife now for 12 years. We have a very strong relationship and always have had great sex....More
Posted by pammy007
Strep? After oral. HELP
Okay so April 5th I gave this guy head(we've done it before with no complications) then April 8th I started...More
Posted by An_262479
hard to ejaculate during sex
So, the 1st few times I tried to have sex I was in my 20's. I wasn't able to maintain erections or ejaculate. I...More
Posted by criky
How Do I Restart A Sexless Marriage?
Hi, I am 30 years old and have performance issues in bed. It's been going on for quite a while now and has...More
Posted by bjagd02

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Hope retirement gets better ???
First week of retirement did not go so well. Helped my sweetheart with the laundry and some how turned...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Need advice please!!!!
I have been in a relationship with my husband going on 9 years in july and have been married to him 6months....More
Posted by An_262413
swelling after orgasm
I had quick, uncomfortable swelling immediately after an orgasm. It has never in my life, happened before!...More
Posted by An_262383
who am I??
should have read the reviews... I had the implanon put in january 2015, after that it was down hill. I...More
Posted by An_262336
Can woman feel cum in her ??
okay I had unprotected sex last night , but when I was about to cum I withdrawal and u cum on her body. But...More
Posted by jaydenraj
Need Advice
I turned 40 this year... and after not being in a relationship for over 3 months, I decided on my own to stop...More
Posted by An_262292
Should my foreskin retract completely, exposing th...
I am 16 year old, and although I do not expect to have sex anytime soon, this problem had bothered me for a...More
Posted by bob_handson
Sex with a plus-sized woman
How do i make sex with my plus-sized wife better? We're both the same height (5'4") but she's a size 18 and is...More
Posted by jmw1975
Need Serious Answers Please
I know this is a really dumb question, but I need serious answers and I've been seeing so many different...More
Posted by karatekid99
Anyone I need to know an answer please.
My partner and I had sex last Monday (March 31) She takes pills and she never missed them. She's been...More
Posted by An_262261
Here is a little LOL...
Dear wife gave me a ( hickey ) !!!! Honest to God, I never had one before in all my years and being 62...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
It is eating me up
I am 70...I realise that my sexual abilities have all but disappeared and I accept that. What I have totally...More
Posted by donedge
i want to marry
I am female ,hsv2 , JW , I want to mary , 45 years
Posted by turghe
What More to Say
I have a somewhat unique situation. I am 55 and engaged to a 52 yr old woman. We get along great but she is...More
Posted by An_259376
Has anyone have good information about cruise ship...
With retirement a very short time away and I know I can find different itineraries of trips, I need to...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
My boyfriend and I were having sex the other night, with me on top. We were going at it pretty good and...More
Posted by anonymous203
My boyfriend and I were having sex the other night, with me on top. We were going at it pretty good and...More
Posted by anonymous203
No Sex
Everytime I have sex with my hubby, I'm totally miserable. I'M itchy it hurts inside no subscribed or OTC...More
Posted by An_262158
Accidental threesom
My Roomate and I recently went to another city to see a show and at the last minute due to an extra ticket we...More
Posted by An_262154

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I have been dating someone for around 10 months and he told me he like to talk dirty while having sex, this is my first time talking dirty ... More
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