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Unable to enjoy sex life due to Penis Size
I am unable to enjoy my Sex life due to my Penis size. I am unable to give the sexual pleasure which my wife...More
Posted by An_256638
Blessing to have this thing removed!
My body did not take very well to this form of Birth Control. I wouldn't refer anyone to take this method. I...More
Posted by tocuteone
Help! I've lost my sex drive and I want it back!
I love my husband, I don't want to loose him because I've lost my sex drive. I used to have a normal drive...More
Posted by An_256597
Are you a Viagra wife?
Em & Lo here, of , we hope you won't consider this post an intrusion. We are working on an...More
Posted by emandlo
Hope After All These Years?
I grew up in a highly dysfunctional, highly stressful home with an alcoholic mother. By my teen years I was...More
Posted by An_245963
My boyfriends masturbating is an issue
ive been with my bf for ten months and i knew he was a sexual person like myself but his is a little more...More
Posted by msv1984

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is this a legit concern?
Is my partner cheating
Hi, my girlfriend gave birth about 3 and a half months ago, her vagina went really tight and then all of a...More
Posted by An_256509
Help with PE
I have pretty severe premature ejaculation, never lasting more than a minute at most. it's going to ruin my...More
Posted by jdwp78
Small red bump on the rim of my penis head.
It looks like a small pimple but it's red/purple. It's only 1. I tried to pop it and it bled for a bit then...More
Posted by An_256465
Can't orgasm from vaginal sex?? What's wrong with ...
Hi my boyfriend and I have had sex a fair bit and no matter what we do I just can seem to orgasm from having...More
Posted by An_256448
Bled the day after I lost my period was that my hy...
So I was dating this guy and he kept pressuring me for sex, i still hadn't reached the legal age for sax by a...More
Posted by An_256448
How to stop his feeling guilty.....
My fiance and I have been together for 2 1/2 years and I have never had an orgasm with him. I love sex with...More
Posted by jenasci
emergency contraceptives
I took two of my normal birth control pills in place of a first dose of emergency contraceptives. It has not...More
Posted by An_256411
Cheated on my husbad with a man with HPV
My marriage has been going downhill for sometime, and I know that is not an excuse for cheating, but I did...More
Posted by christy_1125
New IUD- not sure if I found the strings or not?
Just got a paragard iud about a week and a half ago. Had bleeding and cramps for a full week so I'm assuming...More
Posted by An_256375
is there such a thing
is there such a thing as this? wife says that a certain part of her stomach hurts because she is not able...More
Posted by iam_sam

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pain having sex
Try putting a pillow under your hips. Lubricate is important. Good luck More
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