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Hate sex. But have good reason?
I hate sex. But there is good reasoning behind it... Almost four years ago, my husband got drunk and raped...More
Posted by An_260387
Unusual Feelings
My boyfriend and i have a 4 year old together so we have been together in the past, and we just got back...More
Posted by An_260383
why can't he ejaculate???
My lover and I are great together in every way including great sex but he RARELY EVER EJACULATES. He...More
Posted by tightropewalking
How do I get her back?
My wife and I are 60 and have not had sex for 10 years. During the past two years all romance has come to...More
Posted by mcarrillo303
I'm 19
So I'm 19 never kissed a girl, never had a girlfriend and never has sex but I so need it as I'm in uni and every...More
Posted by lbk619
Sick after sex
This might be odd, but me and my husband have been together for 9 years & For 9 years he has always gotten...More
Posted by gippio
Feeling guilt and resentment to give him a bj
My boyfriend and I have beent together for almost 7 years, we started out with a great sex life, but things...More
Posted by resentful
No sex for more than 10 years now
My wife and I are both in our sixties and have been married for more than 40 years. My wife had a radical...More
Posted by schmuck281
Give Thanks
Just passing the night of working the next 12 hours for two straight shifts, so this short message is...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
late period
My boyfriend and I have never had penetrative sex, only oral sex. My period is fairly regular, except this...More
Posted by An_260315
sex for the 4th time this year
My wife doesn't ever want to have sex. We've had sex 4 times this year and she could have cared less about...More
Posted by An_260245
Legally can he??
Before I get into the reason for my post let me give you a backstory. My boyfriend and I have been together...More
Posted by An_259494
discharge, leakage and groin pain but all tests fo...
In July I recieved unprotected oral and had protected virginal sex with a lady for whom I do not know their...More
Posted by An_260199
I think I tore my vagina
I had sex with my boyfriend on friday and it was only the second time with him, but I'm not even close to...More
Posted by An_260190

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Begging You All for My Life: My Life Issues: Pleas...
Please carefully read all about my real life and suggest a final which should I do to save my life. I was...More
Posted by An_260140

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My wife had enough bleeding first night that cloth piece had a big mark and pillow had a big mark. But her vagina was so loose. She had already stretch marks on down part of balley and on chest and near vagina. Please answer
  • Was she pregnant before marriage
  • She only had sex before but no pregnancy
  • She had pregnancy and abortion
  • It is normal and she was virgin
  • Bleeding was of her periods but she proved to be virgin
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Reoccurring UTIs!! Help!!!
I have always gotten Utis, even when I was small. But now they're happen ending more frequently , when I...More
Posted by An_260100
Could I have contracted an std? Please help
A week ago I went to a strip club and received a lap dance that included breast sucking and foreplay, I...More
Posted by An_260095
sex drive gone
26 and need help I am a 26 year old healthy and active male and my sex drive is completely gone. It is...More
Posted by An_260091
Temporary rash on penis after sex
My boyfriend and I just started having sex with each other about 2 months ago. We have both had sexual...More
Posted by jaysuzanne
Losing my virginity
I' will start by saying that I am leaving my age out, there is often a bias about when you should lose your...More
Posted by mariahdc
hard to orgasm with partner who has hAD hysterecto...
anyone have any ideas? Can sex be improved for me. She says MD nicked a nerve and has less vaginal control....More
Posted by An_260073
hard to orgasm with partner who has hAD hysterecto...
anyone have any ideas? Can sex be improved for me. She says MD nicked a nerve and has less vaginal control....More
Posted by An_260073
Feeling sick after ejaculation.
Is it normal for a man to get nauseated after ejaculation? Is there a health issue associated with this...More
Posted by farfignewton
Scared of getting sick from anal sex then oral...
My boyfriend and I tried to have anal sex today but it did not work! It would not fit in, only the smallest...More
Posted by An_260043
Scared and Don't want to tell my sweetheart ...
I think my cancer might have come back or spread elsewhere. I had bladder cancer several years back...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Elinest Birth Control
My long term (6 years) girlfriend recently stopped taking Elinest. She's 24 but had ovarian cysts when she was...More
Posted by ksatia
What could cause this experience?
I am a 33 year old women who has had a hysterectomy a few years a ago only leaving 1 ovary, due to having had...More
Posted by An_259987

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Difficulty having an orgasm?Expert
Try reading Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women by Julia Heiman , Joseph Ph.D. LoPiccolo and David ... More
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