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My husband masterbase
Hi! My husband said he uses Viegra to masterbase when he travel. Is it true? If he travel for three weeks is...More
Posted by An_261264
Messed around with my new guy .. Later that night ...
Ok.. So hello all first:) so somewhat a long story, but to sum it up I just started seeing this guy that...More
Posted by cocomarie23

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Is this normal??
  • He's just big?
  • I have no idea why I am bleeding need answers
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Missed final active pill - trying to stay on corre...
I take a 28 day oral contraceptive, I missed the last active pill of my pack, was supposed to take it Sat...More
Posted by An_246162
Yeah ! Groundhog stay in your hole ...
Happy Groundhog Day ! Probably six more weeks of winter since the groundhog seen his shadow and went...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
sexuality confused.
so, I've been questioning my sexuality lately. For the longest time, I have consider myself pansexual. ...More
Posted by Anon_64169
Bored sex life
Three years of marriage and my husband sometimes has trouble making it stand and we don't have sex for weeks...More
Posted by An_261192
Semen volume
Is there a way to increase semen volume?
Posted by dmac56
Make purchasing sex toys wisely.
Wife and I bought a Hatachi hand wand a few weeks ago, and the main purpose for massages are great....More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Make purchasing sex toys wisely.
Wife and I bought a Hatachi hand wand a few weeks ago, and the main purpose for massages are great....More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Is friends with benefits okay?
how can you refrain from falling in love with the person youre having an affair with regarding to sex and...More
Posted by An_261112
Is it really true that women really are good at fa...
There is really no enough way to please a woman.
Posted by An_261112
painful sex
Is it possible that as my husband & I now turning 50, it has been painful to have intercourse, could his...More
Posted by gammie143
Feel good sex not enough
i'm dating a new guy who I really like and the sex is great but i am unable to orgasm with just sex. it feels...More
Posted by snow5948
My Husband Turns me off
I need some advise. First let me just say this. I love my husband very much and divorce is not an option....More
Posted by pjones4368
WHen it comes to sex im the only one making moveme...
in the end im only the one giving pleasure and I don't get much in return please help me.
Posted by An_261112
I wish i have a girlfriend.. I'm asian btw
its kinda sad.. i want someone with real feelings not just for sex or porn and whatnot
Posted by levant
Posted by An_261110

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women put her sperm in a man will it do any thing
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New here - perhaps in wrong group, but would apprec. feedback - I have been going out with a gal for about 3...More
Posted by An_261105
Wife in pain after sex, wasn't always this way.
My wife and I are in our very early 30's. We are High School sweethearts, we have been sexually active together...More
Posted by k_j_w
Older Adults Dating
I am a 55year old women in a wheelchair since 2003, I have not been in a serious relationship in 23 years. I...More
Posted by An_261093
How do Love songs affect you?
I'm a softy for easy-listening music. Love songs probably affect the mind emotionally because the...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Partner Sex Worth It?
I grew up in an alcoholic family and masturbation and running were my only outlets. I rarely dated and did...More
Posted by An_259376
Valentines Day Plans ?
This is what happens when one works midnights. Bored ! Glad I am retiring in April but with...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
How much do you believe in your horoscope ?
Just to make a discussion interesting, How much do you think about your horoscope relating to things...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Hormones are all weird
I am in my late twenties and I'm always horny lately. After finding videos of an ER show where people have...More
Posted by An_261033
Some words of wisdom
Before you assume, learn the facts. Before you judge, understand why. Before you hurt someone, feel. Before...More
Posted by bigred53

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Tips on Lubricant UseExpert
Many people have questions about how to use lubricant for more comfortable, pleasurable sex. Here are some tips you might consider: 1. ... More
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