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whats wrong with me???
I had not had any sex of any kind for about 10 years for various issues, then i went thru...More
Posted by hope4mepls
Slight burning when peeing
Sex without protection Burns when I pee but only at the tip of the penis As of right now no discharge As of...More
Posted by An_257483
Girlfriend doesn't climax during sex. Becoming a ...
My girlfriend and I have been together for over 2 months and known each other for over two years. In that...More
Posted by An_257440
Painful sex
Hello , I have been with my bf for 4 years the first two was great ! But now sexually after I finish one...More
Posted by An_257421
Is Watermelon Juice Helpful To Treat Erectile Dysf...
Today I read an article saying that some researchers have found that watermelon juice might be helpful to...More
Posted by willoconner
I'm confused, I feel I was sexually taken advantag...
So I'm female and I'm 18 now and looking back to when I suppose I was 7 or 8 (my memory is very blurry of...More
Posted by An_257330
HELP! :(
I am 18 years old and as of the last 6 months I have experienced numbness/lack of sensation in my penis. I...More
Posted by hallo123
Is this normal?
I just got back from a memorial service for my wife. I am feeling sad, depressed and horny . I can't...More
Posted by volunteer76
Sexual unselfishness
I am at a crossroads. After 20 + years of marriage I'm feeling less tolerant about my wife's selfishness. I...More
Posted by An_257277
Sick after kissing boyfriend
I went to go see my bf at his house. We were french kissing a lot! It was broad daylight but all the lights...More
Posted by An_257262
sex after prolapse surgery
I had prolapse surgery about eight weeks ago and I am having pain during intercourse. Is this normal and what...More
Posted by An_257249
No libido, ED, ...
I am a healthy 54 yr old male. Up until 5 months ago I had a pretty healthy libido and no ED problems....More
Posted by An_245963
I cant make him understand I need and desire forep...
My boyfriend of 4 yrs. Each time I try to explain to him that I need and desire foreplay. He has a fit....More
Posted by lonelytoolong
My wife's experiencing vaginal pain
Before my wife gave birth via C-section we enjoyed painless intercourse, however 5 months following c-section...More
Posted by An_257223
one shot wonder
so when i started dating my current girlfriend/fiancee I was able to have sex with her multiple times in a...More
Posted by An_257208
Please help me very worried penis problem
Hello i am a 24 year male , i dont practise PE yet but have been reading these forums for ages now and i...More
Posted by jackson900
Bleeding during sex
The other night I was having sex and I started bleeding. I bled for about two days and then it stopped. Now...More
Posted by An_257193
having a orgasmto soon
would like to know what dose it mean when a man has a orgasm as soon as he insert his penis into the...More
Posted by An_257191
Is there something that can cause Premature Ejacul...
I know, silly question, I have MS and my numbness makes it hard to ejaculate, sometimes even masturbating I lose...More
Posted by johnyo
Wife indifferent about sex
So I'm at a crossroad of sorts with calling a marriage of 21 years quits. I have always been the loving and...More
Posted by johnyo
Just curious
I'm not usually very good at being brief, but I'm going to try. I'm a married guy at 52. Before I got married...More
Posted by An_257184

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Sexual interest
I am 65 yrs old as is my wife. We did have a healthy sex life together for many yrs. I am having difficulties...More
Posted by An_248109
Will Cycling 100 miles a week lead to infertility
Will long distance cycling lead to infertility in men, some studies conclude. Is this true?
Posted by An_257131
Endometriosis: What to Do?
Endometriosis is a gynecological condition in which cells from the lining of the uterus (endometrium)...More
Posted by anginaberryz
high Testosterone
HI, I'm a 63 yr. old male with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My testosterone level is 1014 which is about 300 above...More
Posted by Anon_68213
The taste of my vagina fluid
I am a 38 year old woman. I have had many sexual partners in my life. I have never had a partner complain about...More
Posted by rcole59
Quality of life
I am 70 YO. I have not had satisfactory vaginal sex with my wife in over ten years. I would rather surrender...More
Posted by cebtoo
Sex and Aging Male
Seems like plenty of info out there for women and sex after menopause, but not so much for the guys other than...More
Posted by johnwad

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Tips on Lubricant UseExpert
Many people have questions about how to use lubricant for more comfortable, pleasurable sex. Here are some tips you might consider: 1. ... More
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