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Touched lips after touching penis
I accidentally touched my lips after touching my penis and i only touched my penis i didn't masturbate...More
Posted by An_259632
Lost Penis Erection
sir i have some penis problem due to masturbation since from childhood i lost my penis power and have too...More
Posted by An_259622

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how can i get back erection of my penis that are lost due to masturbation ?
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I think something is happening to my penis in that I know I was urinating from the tip of my penis. When I...More
Posted by Anon_60848
Interactions with female massage therapist
I've found myself in a curious situation with a female massage therapist that I've been going to for over 1...More
Posted by An_259589
How should gel be applied? I am finding that we are putting astroglide gel when I am fully erect and this...More
Posted by Anon_60848
I have quite a bit of hair near and around my penis. I guess called stodum area Do men shave down there....More
Posted by Anon_60848
Cannot orgasm, cry instead?
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. My problem consists of the fact that I am not able to orgasm...More
Posted by An_259582
Pea sized bump on vaginal area. Pimple or?
Last night I noticed this bump on my vagina and got a little worried. I woke up this morning and the bump got...More
Posted by An_259570
Help: Dyspareunia, Vaginal Bleeding, Lack of Sexua...
I have a variety of sexual problems. This started over two years ago with my first sexual intercourse...I...More
Posted by anony96mous
Without hurting his feelings
My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years now (on and off) and we recently decided to start trying for...More
Posted by mommab89
Did not want to make waves ?
I was hoping that our discussions were made to give good advice and helpful ideas. We can not change...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Sex on Webcam with my Wife
My wife and I yesterday decided to have sex on a web cam site with the idea that others would watch and...More
Posted by An_259538
Peace in our Discussions Please !!!
I have been reading several of the discussions, and at times there seems to be a bit of mean comments...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Well I don't know if she's cheating or not but I can't stop fighting with her anyways some days I...More
Posted by confused20yearold
did i have sex? going crazy
Ok i know i posted this before but last night i drank a bit and i slept on a matress with a girl and i was...More
Posted by ericstressed
Female Nipple Piercing
I'm trying to get some answers here, hoping to find other females for input. My breasts and nipples are like...More
Posted by 23aheroc
How to tell
Here is a little back story.. My Aunt has been married to my now uncle for about 6 years. She got divorced...More
Posted by An_259494
Diabetes and Orgasm
Does anyone know if having diabetes affects a man's ability to orgasm? Last night, DH and I had sex and...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Hi I have a question about the way AIDS/HIV could ...
I recently went to a convention and bought a used figurine of a character from a show i love. The character...More
Posted by An_259457
haven't had my period yet and my doctor said i have to see an endocrinologist in November what do i do More
Posted by An_259267
How to prevent hair fethishism?
The best way to prevent hair fethishism is that one needs to control one's mind. Involve in some useful...More
Posted by srinivas999
Bleeding from anal area while pregnant;
Can somebody pls help me!!??? Im pregnant and I noticed that I was bleeding from the anal area. Pls someone...More
Posted by kekeahhing
Best Lubrication for Helping with Menopause
Any great advice on purchasing lubricates for menopause. So much on the market ???? Would like...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
my boyfriend cums during foreplay..
Hi ya my boyfriend and i av bin together for 12yrs now.. we dont get time to av sex wot wiv 4kidz.. wen we do...More
Posted by An_259414
Need Help
Ok so I'm 20 and my girlfriend is 23 and is pregnant with my child but she has cheated in the past I...More
Posted by confused20yearold
Low t question
I'm a 24 year old male, I've been an alcoholic for 3 years and had an issue with narcotic painkillers for...More
Posted by kerbouchard13
I had sex with my boyfriend and after when I got up a liquid came out of me and it was clear with thick...More
Posted by kekeahhing
no sex
I went into menopause at age 41. I am now 51.I have had no desire for sex since. Havent had sex in 8 years....More
Posted by An_259381
Partner Sex Not Working
I am a 53 yr old divorced male. I have not had an ongoing sexual relationship with a woman in over 15 years....More
Posted by An_259376

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Difficulty having an orgasm?Expert
Try reading Becoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Program for Women by Julia Heiman , Joseph Ph.D. LoPiccolo and David ... More
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