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Not sure what it is
I have the following symptoms, pain when urinating, frequently needing to go to the bathroom, leaking urine, the...More
Posted by sev07
19 year old female, no sex drive, feel nothing whe...
I do realize that I might just be asexual and that there is nothing that I can do about that. However, I...More
Posted by summerlight
red area just under penis head
hi everyone, i am 23 and never had sex but today i found a small "patch" of redness under my penis head, it...More
Posted by An_262027
I ate a lot of chocolate kisses once and my wife loved the taste the next time she swallowed me
Posted by ratioregum
What to do when under the weather ?
I was under the weather just a while back , so sex was out of the question not wanting to get my wife...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
24 hr.s masterbating and remembers and he knows I ...
He masterbate constantly he rubs his dick on his pants on the couch on his tattoo chair he pushes up on the...More
Posted by An_261972
My husband and I had a threesome for the second time with the same woman. And both times I eneded up geting a...More
Posted by An_261968
Masturbation and anger
masturbate once sometimes twice a day. i think this should be acceptable and no consequence handed down for...More
Posted by An_261890
Husband has OCD
I mean it's not easy taking a husband with ocd. Then when he says sex is so disgusting but is fine with...More
Posted by An_261849
Frustrated with being out of Sync with my husband.
Recently, I've noticed a shift in my desire for sex, where my husband seems to be desiring it less. I don't...More
Posted by jenstd74
How can I lessen or at least balance my sex drive?
Hello All! I hope everyone here is doing fine. Well, I have a problem which, sometime ago, I didn't thought...More
Posted by An_261825
Biggest turn on
A busty female with a firm hand shake.
Posted by mediweb
Contraceptive implant replaced am I protected ????
I had my contraceptive implant replaced 4 days ago just wanted to know am I protected straight away or do...More
Posted by shanshan2412
Can you get sick from oral?
Last Saturday 02/28/2015 I met this 35 year old woman at the bar,we went back to her place and had...More
Posted by An_261776
My long time gf of 8 years and I have recently began experimenting with the Swingers lifestyle. We went to our...More
Posted by kurtoli2
Do you know someone?
Hi i just want to know if you know someone who got pregnant without actual penetration? I mean there is...More
Posted by mainemiller
Husband masturbating but doesn't remember
Hi, I have woken up to my husband masturbating in his sleep. He doesn't remember and he doesn't ejaculate....More
Posted by An_261742
Is there something wrong with my vagina???
Hey, I'm a 26 year old female that has never had an orgasim. Never got my rocks off, bust a nutt, skirted,...More
Posted by An_261731
Vaginal woes
First off id like to say thanks for taking the time to read this and second forgive any auto correct...More
Posted by candycane22
How to maintain arousal until it's appropriate to ...
I'm a woman in my mid-twenties. I have tendency to fantasize and get myself all "hot and bothered" at times...More
Posted by An_261711
Perineum rash?
I'm currently experiencing a rash on my perineum area. It has been there for over 2 weeks and no cream is...More
Posted by An_261708
Sexual Frustation
hello again this is Goodman 46 i need some sound advice as i post last time me and my wife dont have sex as...More
Posted by goodman46
Painful penetration
Hello. So, when having sex, penetration is painful! Sometimes it hurts a lot, sometimes it's mild. After...More
Posted by lexi9408
Sexual fantasies
I've never really put my problems what on the web, because I'd rather not have anyone deal with my problems....More
Posted by An_261653
What should Wife & I expect ?
Just a few weeks ago a question was asked about kissing passionately after oral love. Wife & I...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways

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pain having sex
Try putting a pillow under your hips. Lubricate is important. Good luck More
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