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Help reducing male sexual appetite
I've always had an insatiable sexual appetite. It's been difficult to manage, and I've certainly made...More
Posted by An_258643
when I am doing handjop with my penis sometimes gu...
when I am doing handjop with my penis sometimes gum or cum getting more hard and looking length some time looks...More
Posted by srikan
Male Enhancement Pills And Body Building
we should be touching their yours my old one where your hit 45 degrees this GMax was the lower your...More
Posted by stevengdelgado
Vaginal irration/swelling
Me and my boyfriend had sex about a week ago and now My vagina has felt hard and swollen it does not have a...More
Posted by An_258619
Stomach moved from sex acts
Partner has constant bowel issues and recent "test" found his stomach is displaced. His outside secret...More
Posted by An_258618
Problems with a partner
I have trouble having sex with a partner.I experience ED I able to masturbate well though. I have some trauma...More
Posted by An_258607
Pain in my nipples during sex
HELP I am suffering from cracks in the nipples its look dry and hurts me so much during sex and remain hurts...More
Posted by carlla
Pain in my nipples during sex
HELP I am suffering from cracks in the nipples its look dry and hurts me so much during sex and remain hurts...More
Posted by carlla
tongue piercing and oral sex
OK so if I pierce my tongue and then give a girl oral sex is it really possible to get an infection? Be real...More
Posted by An_258588
Period questions!!
So I was suppose to get my period 3 days ago, I'm on birth control, haven't missed a pill, sexually active...More
Posted by An_258559
Boyfriend never in the mood for sex.
I have been seeing my boyfriend for a little over 3 months now. The first time we had sex it was wonderful....More
Posted by An_258552
I had a paraguard inserted in February of this year. I couldn't find the strings, so I made an appt. I went...More
Posted by An_258529
Late period?!
So me and my significant other just became sexually active and everytime we have sex we use a condom. We...More
Posted by An_258520
he hitting my breast violently
my boyfriend find his pleasure when he hitting my breast violently during the sex its painful ... Is exposing...More
Posted by carlla
Getting out in a Sexless Marriage
I'm 28 and I am in a sexless marriage. I have been in marriage for 5 years and last time my husband and I...More
Posted by An_258511
implanon removal
Hey everyone !! I just got my birth control taken out today after 3 years & I am having flu like...More
Posted by mrsnorman80
my cat suck on my nipples
my name is carlla 26 years old i'm a single girl i have a question .. my lovely cat is continuously sucking...More
Posted by An_258503
Soreness after sex
My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for over two year years, for about the first year it was long...More
Posted by An_258470
Is it strange to be a virgin at 32?
I'm not completely a virgin. There were two sexual encounters. The first one was when I was drunk because I...More
Posted by alicecrose
about to end my marriage over anal sex
So, my husband and I have been together since I was 14 and he was 16. When I was 16 he talked me into anal...More
Posted by An_258460
Implanon 2 years past expiration date, can it real...
I Have waited this long to get this thing removed. Between work, kids, and life I always put myself last...More
Posted by christinacna
porn searches?
My friend says she knows her husband watches porn and she's okay with that but recently she checked his...More
Posted by An_258443
i took thw,hiv test
Ok so i took the hiv test and it came back neg it was a very scary,thing to experience,but i am,glad that...More
Posted by ericstressed
Pain and bleeding during intercourse
I am in a new relationship. We have had sex twice and both times it was painfully and there was some bleeding....More
Posted by jblea45
Is there help for a woman who doesn't like sex?
Is there any safe medical help for a woman in her 50s who no longer likes to have sex? Does anyone have any...More
Posted by bitbybit

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sexually frustrated 2
fighting is healthy in a relationship as long as it's calm and there are boundaries set on both sides. there is bad fighting or as you ... More
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