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Husband has ED...
What will I do with my husband? Im suspecting that he has ED and he refuses everytime I ask him to go to the...More
Posted by An_261405
strong sex drive
hello to all my question is mainly to the ladies i have a strong sex drive after my wife gets her orgasm and...More
Posted by goodman46
hernia repair
How long do I have to wait after hernia repair to have any type of sex?
Posted by truko1977
any experience using vardenafil???
My partner was recently prescribed with vardenafil to treat his ED problems. I just want to know if anybody...More
Posted by anne987
in sex
is a 4 inch penis ok?
Posted by levant
February 14 is comin please help :)
To the ladies, please dont get me wrong, I just want to know what is the best sex position for you that you...More
Posted by An_261112
How do I get my husband to understand that pouting when he doesn't get sex doesn't make me what to give...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Penis not long enough
hi my problem is that I think that I am not satisfying my wife I am 7 1/2 inches long my wife is a bbw she...More
Posted by goodman46
Here we go ladies - tell us guys what you love ...
A bit early but Happy Valentine's Day to all the Ladies. Here is my request: Please tell us guys what...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
My boyfriend and his premature ejaculation problem...
Me and my boyfriend have only been together for 5 months. I'm starting to get very annoyed (I know I...More
Posted by An_261346
Are they a vegetarian?
I was talking to a nice young lady the other day and we were discussing being a Vegetarian. I didn't want...More
Posted by sluggo45692

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Are they still a Vegetarian?
Oral sex, benzocaine to numb my throat to allow de...
I'm a bi-guy, Mother Nature, was bored that day. I've found that I needed to have my canine teeth ground...More
Posted by An_261322
Is it sad to belong to someone else when the right...
It's a song but its true )More
Posted by An_261112
size matters to me!
Are there any penis enlargement exercises that work? Or how about supplements, I know most are gimmicks or jokes...More
Posted by dmac56
Is there anyway to approach a person if for exampl...
any tips please to avoid rejection.
Posted by An_261112

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Is there signals or body signals or language to know if that person is ready to take you on for sex?
  • eye to eye contact
  • interested when talking
  • gestures
  • word signals
  • and whatnot etc.
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G - Spot & Squirting questions ??
I would like to please my lady by finding her G - Spot or maybe making her so excited that she may...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
My husband masterbase
Hi! My husband said he uses Viegra to masterbase when he travel. Is it true? If he travel for three weeks is...More
Posted by An_261264
Messed around with my new guy .. Later that night ...
Ok.. So hello all first:) so somewhat a long story, but to sum it up I just started seeing this guy that...More
Posted by cocomarie23

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Is this normal??
  • He's just big?
  • I have no idea why I am bleeding need answers
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Missed final active pill - trying to stay on corre...
I take a 28 day oral contraceptive, I missed the last active pill of my pack, was supposed to take it Sat...More
Posted by An_246162
Yeah ! Groundhog stay in your hole ...
Happy Groundhog Day ! Probably six more weeks of winter since the groundhog seen his shadow and went...More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
sexuality confused.
so, I've been questioning my sexuality lately. For the longest time, I have consider myself pansexual. ...More
Posted by Anon_64169
Bored sex life
Three years of marriage and my husband sometimes has trouble making it stand and we don't have sex for weeks...More
Posted by An_261192
Semen volume
Is there a way to increase semen volume?
Posted by dmac56
Make purchasing sex toys wisely.
Wife and I bought a Hatachi hand wand a few weeks ago, and the main purpose for massages are great....More
Posted by lovemyladyalways
Make purchasing sex toys wisely.
Wife and I bought a Hatachi hand wand a few weeks ago, and the main purpose for massages are great....More
Posted by lovemyladyalways

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pain having sex
Try putting a pillow under your hips. Lubricate is important. Good luck More
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