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I have been experiencing vaginal dryness 2 years after my total hysterectomy procedure. Though I still have...More
Posted by Anon_183340
Passing gas during oral and toy sex
OK this is embarrassing but IIIIII need an answer, my husband had to have his prostrate removed over a year...More
Posted by An_255122
Passing gas during oral and toy sex
OK this is embarrassing but IIIIII need an answer, my husband had to have his prostrate removed over a year...More
Posted by An_255122
No desire for sex after total hysterectomy.
I am female and 46 years of age. I had a total hysterectomy at age 41. Before the procedure I was an...More
Posted by hopelessover46
Question about UTI's
I just went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a UTI two days ago..My boyfriend is blaming himself but he...More
Posted by An_255080
I'm currently engaged. the problem is my boyfriend hardly shows me any affection or attention. we have sex...More
Posted by An_255073
Premature Ejaculation.. please help .. im going cr...
hello I am a 23 year old male who has been dealing with premature ejaculation since I first has...More
Posted by giants1010101
No Dance
I think I'm the only female who goes to a strip club with DH to celebrate her birthday and then gets...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
im a straight woman and i found out my boyfriend i...
I meet my boyfriend a year ago.first time i meet him i already noticed that he acts like a gay, but i dont...More
Posted by crazy_lady66
Head Shaving Fetish
I found out that my husband has a hair fetish. He likes having sex with my hair, saying that it feels really...More
Posted by elocin888
Sex frequency in relationship
Hello, I would like to ask about sex in relationship and the frequency. I'm in the 10 year relationship....More
Posted by robertlow

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I hate sex
I there any newer post about this than 2 or 3 years old?
Posted by tuto44
Coital cephalalgia
Right at the moment of an orgasim i get this excruciating headache. I thought my brain was going to explode?...More
Posted by An_254948
I am a transgender male to female. my question is I want to start an estrogen regiment but will a doctor...More
Posted by chargers051
Sex question???
So I'm 14 (female) and whenever I get "turned on" whether it from pornography or whatever I feel the urgent...More
Posted by An_254912
After all this time, I just learned why our moderators are no longer with us? They were fired. Fired???...More
Posted by dfromspencer

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Possible insertion of semen
My girlfriend and I were fooling around. I ejaculated and it was on her chest and breasts. She was wearing a...More
Posted by schmshan12

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Everything Changes!
I logged on to WebMD for something today after being gone for many years (since late 2007 or so). Hi...More
Posted by eddiessexgoddess
Vaginal Fluid
My husband recently told me that when he performs oral sex on me that I sometimes have a different...More
Posted by hssweethearts71
Peeping tom teenage boy
I need some help & suggestions. I live with a friend and her family. Recently my friend caught her...More
Posted by helpwanted4545
has anyone try cyvita, and do it work.
Posted by An_250150
has anyone try cyvita, and do it work.
Posted by An_250150
Keeping it up
HI Wanted to see if other's have the same problem I have been going through, for years and even in my...More
Posted by Anon_163259
Incubation period
I have just been tested for STDs and do not have the results yet. I am worried about my usual partner. I...More
Posted by cleonard6234
Bleeding after fingering
Hi , recently me and my gf were fooling around. in that i think i fingered roughly, coz she told me she felt...More
Posted by An_254789
Mercy Sex
This idea comes up here fairly frequently. To summarize, "I get nothing out of sex and don;t enjoy it, but I...More
Posted by queston
No sex drive at all! Help!
I'm 23 years old, I'm about to go into my second year of marriage and for the past year I have not wanted...More
Posted by jerseylove12
What does he mean by this?
I have been sleeping with a guy, my best friend... We aren't together because he doesn't want commitment, but...More
Posted by An_254750
Hmm...the only active thread today is gone
I hate Web_MD's moderation policy: they always just nuke any thread that anyone complains about in any way. ...More
Posted by queston
Missing posts
Well Gail and Question I guess Arachno-whatever didn't like the advice we attempted to impart. BTW I think...More
Posted by bigred53

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cumming easily
am aroused easily and always have a hard on while playing around with my gf.the issue is that i feel satisfied easily and nearly cum at ... More
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