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Reply: Sexual question
0048 curious: i was married at night 4 times and 1 in the morning... awsome...More
Posted by ontbear
Reply: foreplay concern
Hi do a lot of forplay with and move his hand around your body over several times and...More
Posted by ontbear
Reply: my sex drive is higher then my boyfriends and its ...
An_241281: There is 2 things that cause most of the divorces; fInances and sex. Look at...More
Posted by ontbear
Reply: Why An i this way? is it normal
Jill41088 This is normal for females and males. We males do have a "extra" that we get to...More
Posted by ontbear
Reply: The "P" word.....OK with you?
Use the proper names of the body parts. Whether you are alone or in public. We have done...More
Posted by ontbear
Reply: Pull Out Method
This is a VERY RISKY way to have sex. As a male, I will tell you of a situation that...More
Posted by ontbear
Reply: concerned
Talk with your primary health provider, he or she can help
Posted by ontbear
Reply: Partner can't ejuculate
Anon I think you need to do some thing for him and masturate him and see if that...More
Posted by ontbear
Reply: It's really hard to stay a virgin
Elle0317: I am a male, but I want to bring to your attention what you said. I am aching for...More
Posted by ontbear
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Reply: problem with curve in penis
Richard You may have some scaring tissue for a number of reasons..... However talk to your...More
Posted by ontbear

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