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Sex therapy: Learning about it and finding a thera...
To learn about sex therapy and find a qualified sex therapist, the...More
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Reply: How to move on....
As lousy as this situation is, it sounds to me that you have some pretty...More
Reply: Low self esteem...
It can feel impossibly hard when you are feeing that down and don't...More
Reply: Need Advice!
It does sound like a lonely existence. I'm sure there is more to the...More
The difficult road of divorce
Divorce isn't just the end of an official contract; it is a legal surgery...More
Reply: How do I move on?
Relationships can definitely get confusing fast. And when things go...More
Reply: I think love my s.o. too much
To begin with, I don't believe that you can love someone too much--...More
I think the real questions are: What do you want? And, do you need time...More
Reply: RE: Realistic?
You are most welcome. I wish you well. And, please remember that this...More
Reply: Division of labor in marriage
That reminds me of an old cartoon I had seen -- I don't remember where....More

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