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I agree with you with one caveat. If she is not doing what he has asked for then his...More
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: Do some men NOT enjoy anal sex?
I have always wanted to try anal, but my wife is not receptive to the idea. I think even if...More
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: SEX AFTER 50
We really need more info. Did he always have a low libido? Has anything else changed? etc....More
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: My b/f thinks about other women while having sex.....
From a man's point of view. The "other women stuff" you have described is not at all...More
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: embarising first time with girlfriend
Anon_125014 give some good advise however I would add that you should masturbate at least...More
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: I need help for my boyfriend
FCL has hit the nail right on the head. He has to relearn the sensations of a vagina.
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: A little advice...
It is most likely not serious but you should discuss it with your Dr. to make sure.
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: Is ejaculation important to maintain a man's healt...
Several studies show an increased risk for prostrate cancer in men who have fewer than 3...More
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: Orgasm
many (probably most) women cannot orgasm through intercourse alone. Become a teacher for...More
Posted by dfgbull
Reply: Help!! I need sex , I am frustrated!!
If my reply sounded like an apologist I missed the mark. I do not support adultery in any...More
Posted by dfgbull

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