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Reply: marriage and anal sex
I'm sorry to hear about the sexual and marital issues that you and your...More
Reply: Female Sexual Dysfunction
It can take years to learn to experience orgasm and the important thing...More
Reply: 3 STD's, did he cheat?
I agree that you should ask your healthcare provider what you were tested...More
Reply: Anal Sex after Abscess Removal...
Dr. Luster makes excellent points about this being a condition that can...More
Reply: Ejaculation changes after 40
More often, the ejaculatory changes that men notice in their 40s or 50s...More
Reply: Involuntery orgasm
I would recommend checking in with your healthcare provider as...More
Reply: question about my gf
It's good of you to seek information to help your girlfriend and, by...More
Reply: Very Sexually Confused
I would encourage you to consider meeting with a sex therapist. I don't...More
Reply: anal orgasm without anal penetration
During orgasm, several muscle groups contract, including muscles around...More
Reply: Very ergent!
The anus/rectum and vagina are separated by tissue. Thus, anal...More

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