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Reply: Is bj sex ok
It is not wrong for you to feel the way you do. If I were you I would let this clown know...More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: Love sex but often say no to my husband
I strongly support Georgiagail's suggestion of scheduling sex nights or date nights or...More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: Smaller penis and Larger Testes after Vasectomy
I doubt any shrinkage of your penis and the fact you had a vasectomy are connected. Maybe...More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: confused at boyfriends porn choice
A little over the top Hairy! Are you now the sex instructor or the stage director? More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: Biggest Turn On?
Those broad shoulders and those blue-green eyes that convey so much and that smile can...More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: How to initiate sex
For the last five years we have sex dates on our calendar which works very good for us....More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: Why am I not able to have sex with my girlfriend t...
It could be your conscience is interfering with your erection. Maybe you should listen to...More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: Is normal for a guy to want anal sex after 10 yea...
My husband still wants it after 35 years of marriage. I think it is probably normal and I...More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: Years of Relationship and Sex
Started having sex with my guy at 16. It was great. Thirty-seven years later it's even...More
Posted by rhondamay
Reply: rejection
Since he is now clearly aware of your desire for sex and is still unwilling to take care...More
Posted by rhondamay

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