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Reply: Sexual Anxiety? Performance?
Seriously? In one short week, you're beginning to doubt your wife just because you're...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Turned off by significant other... Almost feeling ...
I'd seriously consider ending the relationship. I agree with Pi--he's treating you...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Can't fix sex life
I agree with Queston. Get counseling ASAP. Both of you. While receiving counseling...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: 24 yr old Male, Does not have interest in having s...
I'd recommend a sex therapist for you--and if you're open to it, it might help if your...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Questions about adverse affects of frequent sex on...
Have you tried Kegels? They're muscle exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Help
The fact that you've never had sex because you wanted to is probably directly related...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Slight Bleeding after Anal Sex
You might consider stool softeners, drinking more fruit juice (a little prune juice if...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Need to improve the sex life
I second FCL. Brush up on your foreplay skills--especially oral--as well as kissing,...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: is this how it is supposed to feel?
What you've experienced is female ejaculation; it's a fairly rare gift/ability, and...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Can I really have lost sexual desire @ 24/25?
Possibly low testosterone, hormonal imbalance, or erectile dysfunction. I'd highly...More
Posted by BalconyBelle

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