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Hi Guys, well I'm just one of these guys always liked sex, masturbation when it helps, live most of my life at the moment as a naturist here in Greece, its great place to be and live au naturelle life style.

About 4 years ago ED caught up with me after 3 very bad weeks of night sweats( you could have floated me of the bed), after going through trying Viagra, it just gave me very bad side effects, so did lots of research, and one thing is very bad night sweats kills your testosterone. so now been on a herbal life style for keeping ED at bay, and that's how I got to WebMD looking for drug free answers.

But for those interested there are some posts on its a site for guys with ED problems, prostate problems implants if you want info.

But there is 4 posts of mine could be of interest for those fighting ED like me, I will warn you, just when you think things are good then it pops back up, ED jokes with us, but for me things get back on track.

So interested? OK these you can Google, its quicker way to find them.


same again but just add , DAILY INTAKE



On franktalk your see me now as NOWHARD, need I say why.

So what else, married with 3 kids who are now adults, have 7 grandchildren 2 great granddaughters and 2 more on the way, I think my sexuality has been passed down.
Being on here, I do love to help with others problems and just pass on what we can to others if not research there problems, its all a learning curve even at 67, just don't let anybody grind me down, I will stick with my answer's as some have found out.

For those who do need some help on sexual matters but a bit afraid to ask, try this site, all those questions your afraid to ask well you should find the answers your looking for on this one site, if not just post to Dr Betty Dodson, and yes she does answer them.

But enjoy life guys, I do.

The picture is a Dodson, Dr Betty Dodson, it tells it like it is, were all just face less people, but as I'm a naturist, it gels well with me.

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Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
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