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Reply: He falls right to sleep after sex!
We cuddle until we fall asleep. One of our favorite sex positions is spooning,...More
Reply: The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.
You are entitled to believe what you want, but you are sadly misinformed and are...More
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Reply: Long term effects of anal sex
My wife just had her annual physical and I went with her. Specifically to...More
Reply: Semen in Urethra without sexual activity/arousal?
I think you're trying to over-analyze this just a bit. First of all, Paxil, and...More
Reply: Anal Sex
You're welcome. Again I'll say that anal sex is not for every couple, it takes...More
Reply: What You Want and What You Get
I would like to have sex with my wife 4-5 times a week. She would like the same...More
Reply: No sex and a strange porn addiction
Both who replied to you are right - I believe communication (or lack of it) to...More
Reply: Somnophilia
This is a old post, but the replies bring up a disturbing trend. People judging...More
Reply: How's he/she looking to you?
She was 29 when I met her (in a bar lol), slim and trim with beautifully styled...More
Wow I hadn't checked this thread for a while and I am shocked, dismayed, and...More

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