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Reply: The power of the mind
Porn is a poor substitute for reality. First porn I watched was in the late 70's (movie...More
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The power of the mind
My wife fell and strained some thigh muscles. She was taking pain killers all day and...More
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Reply: tumblr/Profiles in Perversity/Davina
My opinion is that conversations between child and parent regarding sex are uncomfortable...More
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Reply: General
I take 6 grams of HGW every day and have no adverse side effects. What brand and dosage...More
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Reply: Need Help, Don't Know Where To Go
Faking it is a bad idea. He thinks he is getting it right and that will lead to...More
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Reply: Help! I've lost my sex drive and I want it back!
Same three possibilities; physical, psychological, relationship. You have eliminated...More
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Reply: Hope After All These Years?
I was not much of an initiator, the last two women I had a sexual relationship with...More
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Reply: My boyfriends masturbating is an issue
Masturbation and love making are separate activities that actually have very little to do...More
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Reply: Help with PE
Are you considering one? I have no info to provide.
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Reply: Pleasing the Wife..
Porn is not reality it is bad fantasy. I'm not completely up to speed on vibrators, but...More
Posted by stevesmw