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Reply: my husband does turn me on anymore
Too bad you did not follow up to the responses. You are having another child, which seems...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: My potential wife
You sound more like a very young man looking for porn than one with serious relationship...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: What am I doing wrong?
First eliminate age and medications from a possible issue. Have started new meds? Are you...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: Help....I hate sex!!!!
Most people that need help, especially psychological help do not know or believe or are...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: help for the beginner
Discuss parameters before you start and have a safe word that means stop and stop right...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: Butt to mouth
Not sure I want to get involved in this three year old thread but to answer your last...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: no discussion on puberty sexual health
You would have to be more specific to get any real advice, anything based on what little...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: Don't feel it is fully inside..!!!
Is this different than sex used to be, is/was with other partners? Few women orgasm...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: Oral Pleasures ?
I would not recommend flavored body lotions. However, there are special flavored and...More
Posted by billnjenn
Reply: Oral Sex
My question for you would be is he giving you oral sex and satisfying you? Sounds like...More
Posted by billnjenn

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