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Reply: Does Size Matter?
My partner is 60 pounds heavier than I am, but I love her just the way she is. I don't love...More
Posted by jss123
Reply: 24 year old boyfriend..NO sex drive! please help!
Speaking as a man If if was under that much stress and pressure there is no way I would have...More
Posted by jss123
Reply: Should I or should I not
I can understand why he want to ejaculate without a condom. As a man, a condom cuts a LOT of...More
Posted by jss123
Reply: shower vs. toilet
I've never liked masturbating in the shower. My penis just feels slippery and I always feel...More
Posted by jss123
Reply: A perfect match except in sex-preferences
Reverse cowgirl is definitely the way to go for you. (As another poster suggested) You...More
Posted by jss123
Reply: 21 YEARS OLD
Your penis size is average. I wouldn't worry about it. Technique is what counts FAR more. I...More
Posted by jss123
Reply: wife says I get erect too easy
I don't understand your wife's problem. My fiancé regards that with me as a big compliment....More
Posted by jss123
Reply: Why is it so hard to find a man??
The OP ruled out men from her own circle of friends. I think that is a mistake. They're your...More
Posted by jss123
Reply: Vasectomy or Tubal
Speaking as a man, I agree entirely with dfgbull... I don't think I could ask someone to...More
Posted by jss123