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Reply: Could i be Pregnant!?
What!?! The OP is a girl, she can do hand jobs galore and still be interested in...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Butt to mouth
I watch porn with ladies, who said I didn't like to? By me staing that they are...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Hygiene question
I use the vagisil for both the front and back, (the front is washed first) with a wash...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Emergency self insimination
You may want to try the 'trying to conceive' board.
Posted by elle0317
Reply: sexually frustrated
Agreed, couples should not be fighting! Adults calmly talk about problems, not throw...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: effective?
I know someone who got pregnant that way, twice. It's not an effective form of birth...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: He won't have sex with me often, nor is it good!
I see you bending over backwards for this guy and he seems to be using it to his...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Does digital rectal exams will cause anal sphincte...
cherry135 posted: To receive anal sex or anal toys play will cause anal sphincter...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: How deep and how wide for a pennis could enter rec...
That's just a myth....if it fits, it's all good. Use plenty of lube and make sure you are...More
Posted by elle0317

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