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Reply: I had sex with my girlfriend when she had her peri...
Good article on hematospermia (blood in semen). More of an issue for males over 40. ...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Limited Sexual Arousal after chylmidia Treatment
Perhaps you're worried your passed chlamydia onto the new girlfriend and are worried...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: 59 year old woman needs help for sexual desire
If you are in menopause, you are not going to produce much lubrication naturally....More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Can staphylococcus mrsa affect Hiv test?
No, have MRSA will have no effect on the accuracy of an HIV screening test. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Is there help after menopause?
DHEA is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when used for just a few months. It can cause...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Need help on new sexual issue
Why are you concerned? Are we talking seconds here? Look; 20-30 minutes of sex...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Can you get STD's if both you and your partner don...
Let's look at this logically. You don't have any STD. Neither does your partner. How...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Sti question / concern
Did you FEEL any of this getting into your eye or your mouth? GailMore
Posted by georgiagail

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