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I had my implanon in for a little over a year and just got it taken out yesterday because I was on my period...More
Posted by An_210669
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Love Your Body
My wife was 140 pounds when we got married 20 years ago. After 4 Beautiful daughters, my Angel wife has put...More
Posted by An_210667
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Can't wait to switch back to Yasmin!
I have been on Ocella for about 2 years now, and am so stupid to not realize it has been slowly ruining my...More
Posted by An_210666
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my wife dont like to give oral
how do i ask her so she dont get mad at me?but she will do it once a year for like five secs.
Posted by An_210664
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wife can't go for periods
How are you doing guys? My wife gave birth to a cute baby boy in August 2010 and from that time to now April 2011...More
Posted by Crqss
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on no intress with sex
have no intress in sex with my husbeen is there something wrong with me? More
Posted by katiewestgate1976
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can fingering cause a delayed menstruation?
I am Jasmit, 22yrs.I am in a comitted reltionship from past 1 and half years.We have physical realtion but...More
Posted by jasmit88
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How human touch affects a relationship
So many people ask what makes people want other people sexually. For instance you have an attraction of...More
Posted by timetotell
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female ejaculation........
For a woman to spill during love making, cos it mustn't really be sex but @least a good romance will help...More
Posted by alexswag
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Questions about emergency contraception ?
Check out the link from Princeton. It has all you ever wanted to know...More
Posted by Karen Luster, MD
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Sex Toys
Don't forget to wash and store your toys properly. Remember bacteria and yeast live in the vagina and...More
Posted by Karen Luster, MD
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Posted by MCCOMB63
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Thank you all for your tips and thoughts on the matter. I am happy to report that with a little patience,...More
Posted by cjmt85
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Tips for more comfortable sex after a hysterectomy...
Take hold of his penis to control the depth of penetration without having your partner loss the...More
Posted by Karen Luster, MD
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Includes Expert Content
Hello, I have a question.I had oral sex with an individual, Well i seem too be fine. Nothing about me has...More
Posted by Yessir0912
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I would like more infomation about HPV Vaccines.
Hi, Now, i am 24 year old. Through WebMD, i know the HPV vaccine is best given young woman as 9 to 26 years,...More
Posted by meoghe
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Sex Equipment may help reduce pain
Many people suffer with muscle aches and pains especially in the legs after sex due to muscle overuse...More
Posted by Karen Luster, MD
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curious but shy with anal....
to a guy its another hole his member gets to explore.... for you it is the most uncomfortable feeling...More
Posted by lioness_10
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Tools to protect yourself from infections during o...
1. Condoms- don't forget they can come in flavors 2. You can cut a condom open and use it as a...More
Posted by Karen Luster, MD
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Tip Titlesex with no orgasm
I enjoy having sex but I never have an orgasm More
Posted by An_210655
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Husband is a sex addict...
He fits all of the signs and has recently admitted that he is a sex addict. We are working on finding a...More
Posted by needsgoodadvice
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Check with your Gynocologist soon.
You may have a condition called endimetriosis (sp). My ex wife had it and it can cause emotional problems...More
Posted by Winterhawk1us
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cumming easily
am aroused easily and always have a hard on while playing around with my gf.the issue is that i feel satisfied easily and nearly cum at ... More
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