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Type Of STD Tests and Results? Any Medications To Control Your STD?

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Reply: Itchy scrotum sore testicals and slight burn in ur...
Gail, any recommendations? So I don't have too pay the dr anymore my insurance ran out. Thanks -jMore
Posted by jburrut1986
Software You Will Need Pdf Creator For Mac
Are you currently working with piles of PDF documents? Have you been upset by some PDF dilemmas such as you...More
Posted by sarasanborn
Reply: Any thoughts?
Ignore the troll.
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Should I be worried?
Actually I don't lie. Go away. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: First Time on here..
You very likely guessed what happened correctly. And ignore the person trolling here. They appear to have...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Terrified
Enjoying trolling still? GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Possibly herpes? What's wrong with me?
If you've never had sexual contact, how do you figure you would pick up herpes on your penis? Sharing a...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Need advice please (ClearNatural?)
Please any feedback on the efficacy of the ClearNatural herbal? Please update. many thanks.
Posted by stmichaely2k
Reply: how do you feel towards the ONE WHO GAVE YOU HERPE...
I need to find the strength to forgive.
Posted by gypsygirl1213
Hi. My soon to be ex husband gave me this "gift". He left me and refuses testing. He says he has "...More
Posted by gypsygirl1213
HSV2 arginine/lysine and hair loss/ED
Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with HSV2 about 2 years ago or so. I instantly did research and discovered that...More
Posted by duhbomb
Reply: Looking for insight
Consider the use of one of the over the counter creams for hemorrhoids. They contain a topical anesthetic...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: STD Transmit by Washing Face?
It was in the sink and rubbed and rinsed my eye area that's why I'm worried if it transmitted. Stds or...More
Posted by viciouzbarbie
Reply: Can you get an STD from sharing a bath sponge?
No, you cannot get an STD from sharing a bath sponge. No, her recurring UTI's have nothing to do with an...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Clamydia
Regarding the possibility of you now having oral Chlamydia? Yes. Regarding problems with his finger in...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Colposcopy and HPV
From your posting you had a normal Pap smear with HPV found. If the Pap was normal (meaning there are no...More
Posted by georgiagail

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Has your positive HPV test changed to negative?
  • Yes because of a false positive test.
  • Yes within 3 years following the original positive result.
  • No it is still positive after 5 years of original positive result
  • No the abnormal cells changed to cancer even after treatment.
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Reply: Do LPNs mail hand written notes to patient residen...
I can only advise you by today's standards. Ordinarily, a nurse would use discretion in revealing such...More
Posted by kneadmuscles
to people diagnosed with HSV2...
hi.. i created this thread so we could talk about what were the symptoms u had before u were diagnosed...More
Posted by blackmamba007
Reply: Gonococcal conjunctivitis
I have no idea if you are being paranoid or not. From the attached the occular symptoms are pretty...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: prostate problems
Most so called "natural, herbal products" are worthless, expensive junk. You might check out the comments...More
Posted by georgiagail

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prosvent does it work and any side effects
  • should i try this
  • any results from use
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Reply: Please help?!
These may be nothing more than spots from this area rubbing against your thighs. If you believe they are...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Just found out I have HSV-1 yesterday, Help me
No. HSV1 does not "morph" into HSV2. Since you tested negative for the HSV2 strain you could not have...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Perceived vs Actual Risk
Negative at 38 days with oraquick which is equivalent of ~28 days with a 3rd generation ELISA. The window...More
Posted by An_261763
Reply: Herpes?
You can, of course, get tested again for HSV if you believe the first testing was done too early. A trip...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Outbreak Slow or fast process
Posted by An_260857
Reply: Please help is this possible?
If this rash does not have lesions like your cold sores it is likely not herpes. Rashes in this area are...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: How do I tell my boyfriend I'm positive for herpes...
Well. you certainly may since it's a very common virus; however, it is always good to wait until this has...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Negative results for Herpes virus
False negative test results occur with blood tests when someone tests too early; before antibodies to this...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Newly diagnosed, needing support
Gail- Thank you. Every day gets easier and it is so great to have support. I really appreciate it....More
Posted by intentiallyliving
Reply: risk?
Using another persons towel on your own body would not place you at risk for picking up any STD. It is...More
Posted by georgiagail

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How to Live With an STD
1. Be yourself, and be patient. No matter what situation it is you are going through, and don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about ... More
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