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Type Of STD Tests and Results? Any Medications To Control Your STD?


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Will cancer cause inaccurate hiv results????
Will cancer cause inaccurate hiv results?
Posted by An_256716
Can cancer affect hiv test results
Can having cancer affect hiv test results?
Posted by An_256716
Request your help
Hi I am have belows symptoms since last six months, I have visited doctor and undergone HIV test but it came...More
Posted by An_256787
Worried HIV symtoms?
Bi sexual male that usually don't do anal if i do with a condom. About a week ago a condom broke while we...More
Posted by Anon_161859
Gail Help you are the only person that answers que...
I am taking 400 mg of Spironolactone for acne and 10 mg of Klonopin once a day for anxiety. Can I take these...More
Posted by An_256716
Do I have hiv or another disease
I've had bacteria vaginosis for 8 months straight. Meds work for 2 days then it comes back. My armpits always...More
Posted by An_256716
Herpes results
I tested positive for the non-type specific herpes igM test back in December. I tested again last week the...More
Posted by An_256733
how many ways can you get trich???
know someone who recently got trich!!!they said that someone told them they could get it from wearing...More
Posted by chatnboy1964
BV, Herpes or blocked pore??? scared and confused!...
I will try to make this short. A year ago I was diagnosed with Bacteria vaginosis. Well i tried every med...More
Posted by An_256716
I'm Afraid I have herpes I have a bump on my hand it doesn't have any color to It so I don't think it anything...More
Posted by quinn92
new relationship
So I've just been getting back into the dating world, pretty scary. Met a really great guy who I like a...More
Posted by desafina623
red mark after scratching the body causes std
Hi I need someone help to understand my concern. I have oral kind of sex which just include blow job she...More
Posted by An_256602
Mild pain in penis, Pleas help
Hello, i have a very mild pain on the left side of my penis shaft.Nothing else, no redness,or another unusual...More
Posted by ali2050
herpes esophagitis hsv-2
I was diagnosed with herpes esophagitis caused by hsv-2. I thought that this was caused by HSV-1 only. If it...More
Posted by elucidator
Just diagnosed with herpes
I am only 18 and was just diagnosed with simplex 2 herpes today. I was and still am very...More
hiv panicking
I had A level sex with an unknown partner bt the condom broke. I pulled of without much delay this was on...More
Posted by supernova0747
worried about herpes
Hello everyone. I have a concern that it looks like I share with many others on here. Thanks for whatever...More
Posted by An_256534
Mobiluncus curtisii
Does anyone have experience with "mobiluncus curtisii"? I started to have symptoms months before I went to...More
Posted by An_256514
Blanches on scrotum and penis
Been having these marks on left side of scrotum and penis for over a month don't know what they came from...More
Posted by An_256513
Weird wart is it hpv?
I have noticed a bump but I thought it was just another ingrown hair and stopped worrying about it. This...More
Posted by An_256512
Hi, A month ago I had unprotected sex (briefly, the condom came off for a few minutes) with someone and I...More
Posted by anxious88
Sharing drinks with possible HPV infected friend
My friend was just told by a guy she gave oral to a few months back that he has Genital Warts or HPV and will...More
Posted by An_256482
Help! Premature Ejaculation
I have pretty severe premature ejaculation, never lasting more than a minute at most. it's going to ruin my...More
Posted by jdwp78
Coping with new news
I am a female. I recently ended a two year relationship with a man whom I found out was cheating on me with...More
Posted by An_256434
STD Testing WHERE?
Besides planned parenthood, where do I get an STD testing done at? I used the "find a doctor" option on my...More
Posted by nrgonline
Genital warts?
I was recently tested for stds a few weeks ago and was negative on everything but I'm not sure if general...More
Posted by An_255246
needing help
o two years ago i was raped and was told i needed to get tested for STD's every year to be on the safe...More
Posted by hopeaboveall17

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