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This is topic is more talked about then I thought. I have been out of a relationship for 6 months. Went to dr...More
Posted by An_257854
Is this herpes?
I'm a female in my mid twenties, I'm only sexually active with my boyfriend (we've been together for 1 year...More
Posted by An_257842

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can't understand my test results... can anyone tel...
Date: 06/24/14 : 5:14pm[br>Title: HSV Type 2-Specific Ab, IgG[br>Providers: BB[br>HSV 2 IgG, Type...More
Posted by An_257839
can't understand my test results... can anyone tel...
Date: 06/24/14 : 5:14pm[br>Title: HSV Type 2-Specific Ab, IgG[br>Providers: BB[br>HSV 2 IgG, Type...More
Posted by An_257839
I am total in despair over a recent doctor visits for an annual checkup and what I thought was an ingrowing...More
Posted by An_257836
Crazy guy needs help.
I received protected oral sex from a prostitute during a manic episode on Monday 6/23/14. I want to ensure I...More
Posted by bipolarsa
Gonorrhea Urine culture test accuracy
I might have contracted Gonorrhea 3 to 7 years ago. Just wanted to know the accuracy of Gonorrhea urine...More
Posted by An_257827
Herpes specialist
Can anyone recommend a herpes doctor in New Jersey or PA. Or a website where I can find one?
Posted by An_257814
Struggling since 6 months - Testicular ache - Need...
Hi Team Age - 26 I am writing in with a lot of hope of getting a useful advice. In September, 2013 I had a...More
Posted by smrn_
HPV cells mutate?
Can a non-cancer HPV type cell mutate into a cancer causing cell?
Posted by An_257763
Please help. Cancer/ herpes question
I am a 67 year old woman who was diagnosed with genital herpes about 15 years ago. Same partner, it lay...More
Posted by jane100
Pimple-like bump on scrotum
Over the past 6-7 years, I've had these little bumps appear on my scrotum that look like pimples, I get maybe...More
Posted by ballguy
Yes this is true I am going through it now!
Yes! I have been trying to find out why my hair has been falling out for about 19 months now its so bad that...More
Posted by An_257735
Tested Positive for HSV-1. Just noticed first outb...
I believe I recently contracted HSV-1. I hooked up with a girl 3 weeks ago. A week after our first encounter...More
Posted by An_257727
Lower ab pain
I had sex with a condom a week ago and since yesterday, my right lower abdomen has hurt. A few days ago I...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Can any one tell me what this is
I tried to shave twice and I know seen this I don't know what this is
Posted by mikiee34
Are my results conclusive?
Hey everyone! So a year ago (last summer) I had protected anal sex with a man, who claimed he was HIV...More
Posted by An_257683
Body contact and Oral Sex ... Worried now
Hi, I went to AMS where I went to one of massage center she perfomred the oral sex with candom on me and had...More
Posted by martinls
Pink marks on forehead
I was out in laughing gas 2 hrs ago while the doctor is putting stitches to my finger and now I can see...More
Posted by An_257656
STD or something else?
Two days ago I noticed an enlarged gland in my cheek. The next morning a gland on the other side of my...More
Posted by whatiswrongwme
I had sex for the first time in 3 years with a condom the whole time. It didn't break or tear. I have this...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Herpes and L-Arginine
I'm hoping for some clarity on the link between L-arginine and increased breakouts of genital herpes. I've...More
Posted by An_257625
Confusing Herpes Diagnosis
I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes 1 by my general physician. This was a surprise to me...More
Posted by runnergirl32
help please
I've had unprotected sex about 2 months ago with a girl who had had yeast infection but was treated for it....More
Posted by lastf821
A little worried and need answers
Hello, I'm quite worried about contracting hiv and any other std. I kind of liked this boy and was talking in...More
Posted by An_257603
Sex problems
I am pregnant and I have been for about 12 weeks now and I have been having this problem when me and my...More
Posted by devynaberts
Recurrent back to back cold sores
The earliest cold sore I have gotten is from more than 10 years ago. After that, I would only get them maybe...More
Posted by An_257317
So, according to this,hpv can be passed through to... More
Posted by littlemac11
Non sexual ways to contract Herpes Simplex Virus I...
I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes. The sores are located on my buttocks. The only sexual contact I...More
Posted by westcoas
Can hsv1 survive on dry hands? can I pass it on to...
I have hsv1, genitally and I assume orally. My partner also has both and this week he has had an oral...More
Posted by angelpiece

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What are the tests to be done for finding out Sexually transmitted diseases
Dear Sir I what to know, what are the tests are required to be done for finding out the sexually transmitted diseases? Kindly give reply. More
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