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Type Of STD Tests and Results? Any Medications To Control Your STD?


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Is this herpes ... if not what else could it be ?
So I'm 30 and generally a healthy guy who keeps in shape. No previous health issues to speak of. I recently...More
Posted by avguy1
HPV and in a commmitted relationship.
Hi there. I just wanted to run something by you all. I'm 33 and I'm engaged to a 31 year old woman. I have...More
Posted by Anon_151185
She's Infected - I'm Not. How can I make Love to H...
She has been diagnosed with HSV-2. We're both over 50, both divorced and were good friends many years ago in...More
Posted by randy51
Genital herpes?
Hello, Almost 2 weeks ago I noticed a raised pimple-looking thing in my pubic area, and popped it and white...More
Posted by An_258864
Questions on Chlamydia
My wife and I have been married for 6 years, and about a week ago she was diagnosed with chlamydia. Naturally...More
Posted by An_258863
valtrex + condom good prevention measure???
Hello again, WebMD community~ I have a prevention question: would taking a daily dose of Valtrex AND...More
Posted by babyboomer76
HPV and Cervical Dysplasia
A few months ago I had my yearly pap exam which as always I have them test me for STD's. I was told...More
Posted by americanhoney1989
pain in tip of penis and left inner thigh
I had unprotected sex about a year ago and a few days after i had alot of smegma build up but that went away...More
Posted by wombocombo
spot on gums do I have std? Or is it dental issue?...
Hi there this spot came 6 days ago and was very sensistive, now it has gone pink and looks like going away....More
Posted by An_258816
Lag time?
I just had blood work for every std possible. All results came back great. I wanted to know if there is any...More
Posted by An_258813
Rash on Face due to an STD
Hi, I am not sure if I'm reading to much into this. I had an encounter with another male. I know him a bit...More
Posted by An_258783
valtrex effectiveness?
Greetings again! I am currently taking generic valtrex on a daily basis for genital herpes; in addition, I...More
Posted by babyboomer76
valtrex effectiveness?
Greetings again. I am taking the generic form of Valtrex for genital herpes on a daily basis. I've not had...More
Posted by babyboomer76
I am tempted to purchase Activamune, but want to be sure it's NOT a completely fraudulent hoax. Can you...More
Posted by babyboomer76
HSV-1 & Isotretenoin
I just started taking Isotretinoin and had an HSV1 OB. I've read that upon completion of the meds HSV1 OBs...More
Posted by johnnyboy41
can someone help me with this im sooooo scared
got my test back and got tested for hsv type 1 say 31.60 high and the hsv type 2 1.09 high i been with my bf...More
Posted by An_258704
gonorrhea or herpes
Recently I was at the hospital for lower abdomen pain. Their my blood word and urine was taken and test. I...More
Posted by An_258696
type 1 herpes on the genitals
I have been going steady with my girlfriend for 5 months now and we have regular unprotected sex (she is on...More
Posted by An_258683
itching and burning 3 days after sex
I had unprotected oral, vaginal, and anal sex. We had discussed previous partners and had both stated we were...More
Posted by An_258652
Burns when I pee, but I don't think it's an infect...
Hi, OK, here is the scenario: I had unprotected sex (i.e. no condom) with my then girlfriend for the...More
Posted by coinsrus1984
Oral sex HIV?
I recently had a moment and gave oral sex to a guy I didn't know. Now, I am completely freaked out about HIV. I'm...More
Posted by irie1
Butt sex
While my BF was giving it to me, anally, last night I felt something tear... Should I see the doctor?
Posted by i_like_anal

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Red Bump On Pubic area
I am a very young female I had unprotected sex only 4 times with the same person. I also shave and I don't...More
Posted by An_258598
pregnancy & herpes
What are the risks of trying to become pregnant and your boyfriend having herpes? My boyfriend doesnt...More
Posted by An_248761
Gential Herpes
This sounds worse than what is actually is! Currently I am in a relationship, I have been in one for a couple...More
Posted by optimism
Genital herpes?
Can someone please tell me what this is? I'm really scared.
Posted by An_258546
What's this on my penis?
I haven't had sex in a year and these have been here for a few years. I've only had sex with two people. They...More
Posted by yahoou
What's this on my penis?
I haven't had sex in a year and these have been here for a few years. I've only had sex with two people. They...More
Posted by yahoou

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