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Type Of STD Tests and Results? Any Medications To Control Your STD?


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std antibiotic treatment period
Greetings, just curious if Azithromycin is effective for Gonnorrhea AND Chylamidia? Does the 5-pack Zithromax...More
Posted by An_256355
Vaginal Tear or Genital Herpes?
I went to the doctor today asking about a vaginal tear. It is near the back of my vagina and hurts when I...More
Posted by An_256336
Vaginal Tear or Genital Herpes?
I went to the doctor today asking about a vaginal tear. It is near the back of my vagina and hurts when I...More
Posted by An_256336
Does she have herpes like I do ??
Hello I have had Genital herpes for 13 years now , I got it from my wife who i am still currently married to...More
Posted by An_256286
When he cums it burns in side
What causes me to feel burning inside of me when he cums? It hurts awfully so then it cancels out my orgasm.
Posted by An_256224
Oral Sex Complications
My husband told me that he gets little chunks from my urethra when he sucks it. What causes something like...More
Posted by An_256224
I have Trichomoniasis a STD
Hello everyone, I just learn that I have TRICK a STD, and my partner trying to convinced me that i got...More
Posted by paradiselovesu
I didn't tell my partner of almost three years I h...
My fiance and I have been together for almost three years and I had never told her I have herpes. I found out...More
Posted by An_256190
Confused about herpes test
I had sex with someone and 3 days later it started burning when I pee. The pain was so bad I would shake. I...More
Posted by An_256187
Nipple sucking
Good afternoon - I have a question. I was fooling around with a girl I didn't know too well, and during the...More
Posted by An_256165
worries after fingering
A few weeks ago i met up with an ex girlfriend I hadn't seen for quite a few years. We got quite close and I...More
Posted by An_256153
Is this HSV-1
Is this HSV-1 (oral herpes/cold sores)??? I had oral sex with a pregnant woman about a week ago. About 2 days...More
Posted by An_256108
Is this a genital wart? -GROSS NSFW pic attached-
I was sexually assaulted a few months ago. I have been to a clinic for STI tests which came back...More
Posted by sugartoffee
I have not had unprotected sex for quite awhile until recently. I met up with an ex-girlfriend and started...More
Posted by aport
Help to identify whether or not this is HPV Wart, ...
I've had these two bumps/ growths on my shaft for almost 2 years now.. Started with 1 then another popped up...More
Posted by An_256037
Negative culture, positive blood test for HSV
My original posting was a bit's what the doctor emailed me last week, verbatim: "So far...More
Posted by An_255960
so i need help and cant seek medical help only if ...
soo for the pass couple of months i have been having this itchiness for a couple of time like september to...More
Posted by An_256013
Herpes virus - culture negative but blood tests po...
I was tested last week for herpes and the blood test came back indicating an acute herpes infection, but the...More
Posted by An_255960
Very Low / No Risk Sex options with partner who ha...
Hello, A girl I've been dating informed me early on that she has genital Herpes. Her honesty was important...More
Posted by An_255976
I have no signs of Moliscum, although my boyfriend, who was a virgin originally, has been diagnosed with...More
Posted by alleycatj13
not sure if STD or just swole?
does this look like an STD or nah? its like a small lil bump on (or outside) foreskin. kinda feels a bit weird...More
Posted by dntdoit
If I have been diagnosed as a carrier of HSV (after lesions were found present and a swab taken) can my...More
Posted by An_255927
Just found out I have HSV-2 but have been with the same partner for 29 years. I am guessing that I got the...More
Posted by An_255960
First STD Test
I decided to have a STD panel test done my results were HSV 1 IgG >5.00 and HSV 2 IgG 0.11. I haven't had...More
Posted by An_255955
Negative STD test but I still have symptoms
so maybe about 2 months ago I had unprotected sex with a woman. A week or two afterwards I started to feel a...More
Posted by An_255945
Chlamydia contact question
Hi, I am curious if you can have a positive chlamydia test from a vaginal screening from giving unprotected...More
Posted by An_255929
Living with herpes
I have been a widow for over two years. I decided to be tested at this time in my life, just to make sure I...More
Posted by An_255928

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