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What does it mean...?!!
got tested for various STD's n all came up negative except HSV 2 had high mark of 5 ( out of range) but I...More
Posted by An_264157
Living with "herpes simplex 2". But how could it ...
When I was 14, I lost my virginity with a condom. But the guy did not have any STD's. When I was 15, I let...More
Posted by EmmerzS
HPV and Pregnancy
I just found out that I am pregnant, both my husband and I have had HPV, mine has cleared but his has not....More
Posted by An_264150
Update: Worried about possible transmission.
About 4 weeks ago I posted about my possible exposure with a csw, as far as update is concerned at 5 going on 6...More
Posted by mrjnk
Possible allergic reaction or worse
I had sex while intoxicated and could not produce enough fluid to be naturally lubricated by my body. I then...More
Posted by An_264142
Sore cuts on portion between anus and vagina. Plea...
Hello well I'm afraid that something may be wrong with me. About a month ago I got what look like a rash on...More
Posted by An_264133

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Sore cuts on portion between anus and vagina. Plea...
Hello well I'm afraid that something may be wrong with me. About a month ago I got what look like a...More
Posted by SweetSouthern11
Genital herpes simplex 2
Hi, I am 61. I have been married for 34 years. I was just diagnosed with Simplex 2. I have not been with...More
Posted by sum15sky

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HPV and oral sex
I recently started dating a woman with a low risk strain of HPV. If I were to perform oral sex on her, would...More
Posted by An_264127
Genital Warts -feelings, questions and advice for ...
I am a 20 year old female who has today been diagnosed with genital warts (gw) Currently I have the one...More
Posted by wanderlust95
STI through saliva transmission , is it possible ?
I took a blow job from a sex worker , 2 days back. I didn't use any condom that time. She didn't have any...More
Posted by An_264119
Questions about ED Treatment
I have suffered from some form of ED since my 20's. I'm in my 40's now. As far as I and my doctors know, I...More
Posted by treebarking
protected oral sex with CSW
I'm worried I've contracted a STD from a CSW it was protected oral. Whilst performing this sexual encounter...More
Posted by dazza1875
oral sex?
If you have the HPV virus, can you still receive oral?
Posted by k112233
I hope this post goes to the right place
Has anyone heard of lichen sclerosis? If so, can I have oral sex?
Posted by k112233
Std symptom
Twice on Sunday I noticed a small amount of blodd when I began to urinate. I thought it could have been from...More
Posted by An_262827
Penile discharge and stringy mucus in urine
I'm a 34 year old male. I had penile discharge, tingling in my uretha and frequent need to urinate back in...More
Posted by J1980J123
Throat/penis symptoms
Hi there, [br>[br>I had protected sex and unprotected oral (both ways) with a female CSW 13...More
Posted by lookingforhelp1112
HSV or HPV from Doorknob to Healing Wound?
I know this is extremely paranoid, but any words of wisdom would be help. I was at an std clinic getting...More
Posted by takajokd
what is wrong with me, herpes?
on july 11th i kissed and had unprotected oral sex with someone who has hsv1 orally. She said she had...More
Posted by michaelsmith76
Is this HPV genital warts? Attached is a picture. They are flat spots on the bottom shaft of my penis and...More
Posted by johnlin14
STDs, crab lice and scabies from masturbating in u...
Two days ago curiosity got the better of me and I went to an adult store and bought some used bras and...More
Posted by An_263960
Red dry spot on the penis? Pic inside.
I'm 29 years old, and I noticed dry red spot on my penis. is this normal? It's dry and different color, the...More
Posted by An_263957
I have a blood test in so I'll figure out soon anyways. But for over a month I've had a small white spot in...More
Posted by An_263953
help would soothe my worrying soul!!
I just recieved oral sex from a guy who has a history of cold sores and I am worried of the chances I may...More
Posted by An_263951
ask about all sexual transmitted disease
Hi everyone every Sunday i go massage parlor or a spa .which i do during at the spa or massage parlor just a...More
Posted by An_263948

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genital herpes
just want somebody else out there that i could talk to i have had herpes for 8 years and i have some questions, if someone would please ... More
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