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Possible STD
I haven't had any sexual contact, at all, in going on 7 years now. This is not an exaggeration. It was...More
Posted by last_year
Cure for whatever this is?
hi, for the past couple of months i've randomly had pains at the head of my penis but i never quite...More
Posted by An_260725
Genital pimple v something else?
Hi, I've been getting these pimples since late December of 2014. They are NOT in clusters, they only...More
Posted by ratherbeanonymous
no warts over 20 years
Little did I know that heavy petting would result in having a case of genital warts. I was young and stupid. ...More
Posted by An_261571
(With picture) Do you believe I have herpes?
Hello, I have had the same sexual partner for the last 5 months. We have had unprotected sex multiple...More
Posted by minnesotaboy1
hiv symptom rash
Hi all, I had exposure 4 weeks ago (masturbation but, wet vaginal fluid contacted my penis head). Now, I...More
Posted by jonk143
If all the tests were negative, what could it have...
I recently had unprotected anal sex with a partner I had been with before. After the first time with her, I...More
Posted by johnqanda
Anxiety or Worse??
Hi all, I had sexual intercourse with a prostittue on decemeber 22, 2014. It was safe sex with condom as it...More
Posted by mike5102
HPV Gone
I've recently been told that after years and years my HPV is gone. Great. I've also been told my dysplasia...More
Posted by writermom12
Question regarding ongoing rash
I had what looked like bites on my ankles that ended up appearing on other parts of my body. Went to the doctor...More
Posted by vegasgm
I'm not sure if I gave my boyfriend HPV. Please he...
I came on this website because I'm honestly at a loss for words right now and I know other people are going...More
Posted by evelynxoxo
Herpes transmission through hand to genital contac...
Hi, My partner has genital herpes and I do not. What is the risk that he could transmit herpes to me with...More
Posted by An_261491
genital wart or friction burn
Would a genital wart get smaller over a week and a half period? I noticed what looked like an irritated bump...More
Posted by An_261463
Diagnosed with Genital Warts and Lupus
Hello there anyone who reads this, I was diagnosed with genital warts a little over a year ago. Previous to...More
Posted by An_261388
help please
I was diagnosed with trichomoniasis on Monday took the one day dose of 4 pills on Wednesday and had...More
Posted by An_261351
what is going on w my urination?
I am no stranger to bladder and kidney infections. Since having the gastric bypass and numerous surgeries I...More
Posted by cblack2429
Bumps on my penis shaft, please help :'(
A few days ago these bumps appeared on my penis shaft. I have had protected oral sex maybe 6 times in the...More
Posted by hammywhammy
Some Paranoia
Last week, I went to a legitimate tattoo parlor (with credentials and licenses on the walls for each...More
Posted by kandiraynee
Please help, I have antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea... ...More
Posted by adam9090
Weird mark on penis
My boyfriend has a weird circle of missing skin on his penis that's red. What is this? What stds could cause...More
Posted by An_261308
My Eye feels Burning Feeling please help
I'm afraid since Someones finger or nails touched my eye I caught std inside my eye.? I remember she said...More
Posted by viciouzbarbie
i need help
hello I have a question I recently had a blood test done hsv1 was 0.91 negative, and hsv2 was 0.90 - 1.10...More
Posted by An_261279
big john
got a ichey burning head??????
Posted by An_261268
Really concerned college student about swollen pen...
So yesterday while shaving my genital area, I noticed a red bump. It was tough, all red (no white top), and...More
Posted by An_261254

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genital herpes
just want somebody else out there that i could talk to i have had herpes for 8 years and i have some questions, if someone would please ... More
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