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Too much sex desire. Skype. sachinse
Sex desire all the time
Posted by sachun
About a year ago I was hanging with a boy that I kind of liked at the time in his car. He kept trying to...More
Posted by helloworld0011
Saliva and STDs
Hi, i went to pub met one guy. So we started masturbating each other in a dark place. we spoke and decided...More
Posted by An_260974
Is this an std? If not what is it?
Ive had these tiny bumps that have spread on the shaft of my penis and they've been there for about two weeks...More
Posted by An_260937
Could these be herpes or genital warts?
So I recently noticed this bump on my scrotum that has been there for a day, no pain or itching just sometimes...More
Posted by sad_dee
scrotum bumps
Hello. I've had problems for many years on my scrotum. Typically, i only have one at any given time. Usually...More
Posted by antobe8200
irratation after outbreak
I had my first Herpes outbreak, noticed blisters on christmas.... Anyway, everything has healed, but i still...More
Posted by hera70
not sure what to think
my son just got his labs back from the er and they say he has a urinary infection and a touch of chlymidiaare...More
Posted by An_260907
Do I have herpes or no?
I've had sex with two men since I last got tested for STDs. After the first, I got tested and everything...More
Posted by lovelostlch
Waiting on HSV results - could be 1/3year. No sex?
A couple of months ago, I got a 'pimple' down there, that felt not so much like any pimple I had ever had. I...More
Posted by An_260884
test results
was tested for hsv 1 and 2 i can't understand my results im negative 0.91 equivocal 1.09 n positive 1.09 for...More
Posted by An_260861
acyclovir ointment for gential warts
will acyclovir be effect on genital warts and if it does how long before warts disappear?
Posted by An_260860
Cut by razor
I was cut today by somebody's razor in the house. I was not using it, but it was on the shower wall and...More
Posted by helloworld0011
Cut by razor
I was cut today by somebody's razor in the house. I was not using it, but it was on the shower wall and...More
Posted by helloworld0011
Gonorrhea Problem
So my girlfriend who is about 38 weeks pregnant went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago because the...More
Posted by billyblanks1
Am I affected with both HSV-1/2?
I recently notice a pimple like bump on my lip. I went to the doctor to get tested for everything. All of my...More
Posted by An_260834
Possibly skin irritation
I have had this issue in the past, and it seems to constantly bug me. Recently on my thigh, I saw two red...More
Posted by An_253539
Abnormal HPV - does it have to be sexually transmi...
I keep reading 90-99% of HPV is sexually transmitted but what are the others? Are there other strains of HPV...More
Posted by An_260819
Going crazy
I know that I'm getting annoying but my fears just keep getting worse. I was at work today and I believe I...More
Posted by An_259420
Could i have given her chlamydia?
okay. i haven't had unprotected sex, or sex at all, in 13 months before i had sex with my virgin girlfriend....More
Posted by kershaw97
Herpes or not
I'm only 20 years old and I'm freaking out because I don't know if this is herpes?? It looks like a pimple...More
Posted by An_260784
is there a big possibility I have herpes?
Hey I have a serious question to ask being a female. Ok so I ended up hooking up with one of my close...More
Posted by juggalettefolife
Kissing Breasts/Body Grinding
Good afternoon, Earlier today, I engaged in sexual practices with a lady which included her rubbing and...More
Posted by An_260782
HIV negative certainty
Last time I had sex at all was late may. Did a at home HIV test beginning of october and a blood test perhaps...More
Posted by An_259743
Bump On Penis
I have noticed this flesh colored bump on my penis yesterday. Anyone has any idea what this is. Have not had...More
Posted by An_260757

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