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Bump On Penis
I have noticed this flesh colored bump on my penis yesterday. Anyone has any idea what this is. Have not had...More
Posted by An_260757
avoiding outbreaks
My dad has hsv1 and he shaves and plucks all the hair off his head. Even his eyelashes. I have read a lot of...More
Posted by 03730
avoiding outbreaks
My dad has hsv1 and he shaves and plucks all the hair off his head. Even his eyelashes. I have read a lot of...More
Posted by 03730
I have a red swollen bump on my bikini line. When popped blood and pus come out. Today a blood clot came out....More
Posted by An_260750
Strange symptoms
This is a bit of a long story so please bare with me. A few months ago I received unprotected oral sex...More
Posted by montague8282
Private area touching dirty toilet seat...
I accidentally sat down on a dirty toilet seat and my private area (I'm a girl) touched the seat a few times....More
Posted by An_259420
Pimple on your clitoris?
So I looked today casually and I noticed a white pimple looking spot on my actual clitoris. It doesn't hurt...More
Posted by An_260719
Is it possible to contract std from this?
I'm trying really hard to stop thinking about contracting any kind of std from normal everyday...More
Posted by helloworld0011
Itching after sex
Hello all. I need your urgent help. After having sex without condom, i cleaned the penis with tissue and did...More
Posted by An_260677
what could this be
I have a rash or bumps around my pubic area. Doesn't itch much or maybe I don't pay attention because I itch...More
Posted by An_260676
Getting rid of scabies
I have been getting bites on my body which the doctor says could be scabies. I have done the permethrin...More
Posted by vegasgm
touching pad
I was doing laundry and once I removed my clothes from the dryer, I noticed something in there. I picked it...More
Posted by An_259420
negative for hsv again ?
I am a male and i was exposed to sexual contact with another male about 2 months ago. It was primarily just...More
Posted by ddylan26
*Question for Expert*
Hello- I was in the urgent care today and the woman/nurse that was assisting me had a huge cold sore on her...More
Posted by Anon_141150
HSV 1 and sex
hi there, I have very recently been diagnosed with HSV 1 genitally. I have ha the same partner for 4 years...More
Posted by An_260602
semen burns
Hi Everytime my bf & I have sex & he comes inside of me it burns my vagina bad. Last time we had sex...More
Posted by An_260600
lump on labia
I recently became worried when what I thought was a darker vein on the inside of my labia has now turned...More
Posted by Anon_56275
Unconventional but effective way to control herpes
I have not posted to this community in a very long time so I don't know if anyone has addressed this...More
Posted by smokeytiger
why no herpes outbreak?
ok thanks life.. Why do a lot of people with genital herpes dont have an outbreak even if they were first...More
Posted by ddylan26
herpes related questions
how long do lymph nodes stay swollen from possible hsv exposure ? [br>[br>can joint pain occur after a...More
Posted by ddylan26
Possible Std?
Hello, I had unprotected oral with a transexual prostitute about 3 weeks ago. She did not ejaculate in my...More
Posted by perspective94
I need help, I can't tell if pimple or cold sore.
Basically, I didn't feel anything usually when I get cold sores it tingles and feels warm beforehand but this...More
Posted by spigeon
Penis bump(s)
So I am 19 years old, and sadly performed unprotected anal sex (Receiver). About a month an a half I...More
Posted by purecuriosity77
Herpes Type 1 - IGG Test
Today I got my Herpes report and Herp Simplex Type 1 turnout to be positive with a value of 11.3 I rush to...More
Posted by An_260493
having Trichomoniasis for years
My husband has given me Trichomoniasis about a month after we were married. He told me that his sack had a...More
Posted by An_260533
Herpes: Risks of Transmission
My GF has been diagnosed with oral HSV-1. She gets cold sores approximately twice per year. She has never...More
Posted by curious235711
I was on the bus and a women bumped into me. All I did was look at her to see why happened and she...More
Posted by helloworld0011
Urin test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia?
Hi, I am a gay male and was wondering if urin tests are enough for geonorhea, and clamidia? I get a full...More
Posted by An_259533
Can not keep erection
About 2 years ago I was put on androgel for low T along with Cialis the results have been terrific sex about 3...More
Posted by hawk69
Bi married male. I have had a regular guy that i would get together with about once a week. Told me he...More
Posted by Anon_161859

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