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Hepatitis B and C
Is Hepatitis B and C treatable if it's chronic? Would someone need to take meds the rest of their life if...More
Posted by Anon_136251
How long the slight penis tip tingling stop after ...
7 days treatment cleared my yellow discharge and burning while peeing.. But still have tingling o slight...More
Posted by kantotsupa
Pain in Anus close to Pennis
Had a sexual encounter in the month of Jan 2015 but no intercourse at all.. it was a teasing, breast sucking...More
Posted by An_261707
Tingling slight burning on my penis tip
I just undergone gonorhea treatment injection.. 7 days came back and swap and doc said its clear up. ...More
Posted by kantotsupa
So here's the thing. My doctor says I have genital herpes by giving me a blood test. I've had a...More
Posted by collegegirl_95
help me please
I had sex with a woman today. The woman was 42 since she needed money she offered herself she also told...More
Posted by commonguyhere
So my ex got diagnosed with gonorrhea I went to get checked as well the next day I came back negative for...More
Posted by An_262965
Can a man get hsv2 from receiving oral sex from so...
Can a man get hsv2 from receiving oral sex from a woman who has tested positive for hsv2, does not have a cold...More
Posted by la09876
What's herpes risk from giving oral sex to genital...
I am a straight male who hasn't yet had a positive test for herpes. My female partner has genital...More
Posted by An_262946
Herpes: Could it be a false negative?
Hi, I had oral sex with new partner about 2 months ago. A week after that I had a yeast and bv infection. It...More
Posted by lclegal
Unprotected Oral Sex on a guy, Very nervous please...
Hello, I'm a male. I have abstained for sex in the last couple of years. I tested negative for HIV last...More
Posted by hurley909
Oral gay encounter - freaking out! please help!
Hi there: I am a bisexual male. Around a week ago, I met with a gay guy from the internet. Since I was too...More
Posted by boychoco1
herpes results
Hello, I had an encounter that was protected and brief but with an individual that could be considered high...More
Posted by random70
Desperately seeking advice
I have been going threw a genital herpes outbreak for 4 weeks with no relief. I've tried everything and was...More
Posted by An_262900
I think i might have an STD, need help!!!
So for a couple weeks now i've had a bad rash on my pubic area(male) and i get red rashes and dry skin. It...More
Posted by An_262874
Ok, so little background information, I'm a 19 year old male and may have herpes. went and got my test done 2...More
Posted by An_262871
Herpes Simplex vs Herpes Zorpas
Good evening! I'm having doubt what rash do I have, herpes zoster or herpes simplex since they have similar...More
Posted by An_262861
A girl kissed me two days ago, and she now told me that she has herpes. She didn't have anything around her...More
Posted by An_262832
Hickey, Rash or Something Worse?
Hello all, I have had a red-ish, discoloured patch of skin on the right side of my adam's apple since...More
Posted by An_262831
Can stds be transferred through saliva
A couple of days ago a person (who I just met) briefly (3 seconds) put my penis in their mouth. I stopped...More
Posted by An_262827
Fenvir Side Effects?
Has anyone used Fenvir as a herpes remedy? I heard about it as a natural herpes remedy, and then did a...More
Posted by katesingleton
About hiv
I had an unprotected sex before 11 years ... Now i cant stop thinking about hiv i feel headech all the time....More
Posted by khaled8811
Difference between fissure and Herpes?
Hey- I'm back. I'm going to get tested again soon (was negative for both HSV1/2 IGG after month of...More
Posted by worried35
Testing for STI
Hi everyone, I'm writing here for some advice on STI testing after a moment I heavily regret. I am...More
Posted by An_262801
Rash on penis
Has been almost 11 months keep this rash on penis head my doctor told me it was balitinis gave me a cream it...More
Posted by andyburry
Red bump with black point in middle on glans penis
I just found last night a red bump with a black point in the middle on the glans penis and another bump on...More
Posted by An_262753
Will I transmit herpes to my partner if I give him...
Hi, I'm recovering from a cold sore breakout and I'm currently under oral medication. Is it possible that I...More
Posted by An_262738

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genital herpes
just want somebody else out there that i could talk to i have had herpes for 8 years and i have some questions, if someone would please ... More
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