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Syphilis Test Conclusive
I received oral from a woman 21 weeks ago. Is my RPR syphilis test conclusive at 82 days ( 2 days shy of 12...More
Posted by nfl52
Herpes simplex suppresive meds
Hello all, I have a question I hope you can help with. I had my first OB in October and diagnosed via culture...More
Posted by crazyh
Herpes Simplex 2 test results
So like everyone else here, I got a call from the doc that I have herpes type 2. I asked for my score...More
Posted by thestruggleisreal
HPV diagnosis
Hi Everyone, I was just diagnosed with hpv last week, after having a pap smear. The pap was normal but the...More
Posted by autumn06
Negative results for Herpes virus
I went to see my doctor 2 months ago because I had a couple of blister-like sores just inside my vagina and it...More
Posted by natgirl
Encounter with high risk prostitute
Hello, I am 34 year old male from india. I was virgin till last Monday. I went to see a hooker. She took me...More
Posted by chimak12
Abstinence with treating std
Posted by chucxxy14

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My partner was diagnosed with PID and both of us being treated for urinary track and staph. My partner is on her 3rd week and me on 2nd week. The physician proposed 4weeks of treatment for my partner and Five for me and said full abstinence. Can we make love within this period
  • There should be no need to abstain as treatment is ongoing
  • The medication should be able to stop further infection
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sex with different wives
I have two wives,even me my wives we don't have any sexual infection. I would like to know how many days gap...More
Posted by An_260335
Just found out I have Herpes... I just want to sha...
Hey y'all, I'm N: I just found out this morning, Thanksgiving Morning no less that I have contracted...More
Posted by trying2understand
What type of STD is it? (Picture)
A month back I had unprotected sex. After sex irritation started above the penis shaft area. Then this pimple...More
Posted by mrx007
Is this an STD
Got received unprotected oral sexabout 3 weeks ago from a glory hole(i know stupid) And these bumps showed up...More
Posted by leeflow
Worried. Rashes and a bump. is it a STD
I received unprotected oral sex about 3 weeks ago with a stranger (stupid, I know). Later I started to develop...More
Posted by leeflow
Diagnosed with HSV1
I was just diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 1. I had a burning sensation when I went to the bathroom. The...More
Posted by luciamarie

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Rimming Consequences
Dear anyone & everyone willing to lend a ear: I am an otherwise healthy heterosexual male in my early...More
Posted by An_260232
faithful but infected
Im 45 male I have been totally faithful for the last 20 years of my 25 year marriage. I have just been...More
Posted by An_260216
faithful but infected
Im 45 male I have been totally faithful for the last 20 years of my 25 year marriage. I have just been...More
Posted by An_260216
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
I'm a 22 yrs old single lady and just got a scan result that I have PID. I'm really confused what the...More
Posted by ifeminaomi
herpes transmission
I have a new person in my life that has told me she has Herpes. I'm not sure type 1 or type 2 and I dont care...More
Posted by An_260195
hsv transmission to child
I am about to come unglued. Been with the same partner for 16 years, no worries of infidelity. Have never had...More
Posted by An_260173
hsv-2 from receiving fellatio?
I've noticed a cluster of sores around my foreskin and am worried I may have contracted something from a...More
Posted by An_260168
HSV-2 Inactive, What does that mean
I did a blood STD test about a week ago and got a call from the doctors office saying that "I had been...More
Posted by An_260160
About 5 yrs ago i was diagnoses with hsv2, I have only had three break outs in those five years including the...More
Posted by An_260134
Could I have been exposed to HIV?
Ok so the story is I had sex three times with this girl that met here in college. We talked and all that and...More
Posted by jp1081
Pimples on the groin
Hello everyone, I've noticed these pimples ( on my groin and I was wondering what it...More
Posted by An_260105
Is it an std
So about a month ago i noticed 3 little blister looking bumps on the left side of my groin and one on the...More
Posted by An_260096
Pap Smears and HPV
Should I get a pap smear done after having intercourse for the first time with my ex boyfriend??. This was 6...More
Posted by An_256904
Small bump above lip
Hi, I have had a small bump on my lip for a couple of months now and it did not cause any pain until I tried...More
Posted by An_260090
How do you tell a guy you have herpes?
I found out I had herpes a year ago, I have gone through all the stages after the news(anger, hatred,...More
Posted by newbeginning12
hi. Just wondering I have tested for gonnoreha syphilis hpv and negative results at week 3. Do I need to...More
Posted by samm_brent

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Last year I noticed a rash on my bottom a month after having sex with a guy I was getting to know. I wasn't that concerned because I ... More
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