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Type Of STD Tests and Results? Any Medications To Control Your STD?


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Colposcopy and HPV
In February 2015, at the age of 66, I was diagnosed with HPV 18/45 infection with a normal Pap smear. I...More
Posted by kneadmuscles

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Positive to Negative

Has your positive HPV test changed to negative?
  • Yes because of a false positive test.
  • Yes within 3 years following the original positive result.
  • No it is still positive after 5 years of original positive result
  • No the abnormal cells changed to cancer even after treatment.
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to people diagnosed with HSV2...
hi.. i created this thread so we could talk about what were the symptoms u had before u were diagnosed...More
Posted by blackmamba007
Can you get an STD from sharing a bath sponge?
I came back positive for chlamydia back in December & my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics. ...More
Posted by needtoeasemymind
Gonococcal conjunctivitis
Is the eye discharge from someone with gonorrhea in the eyes infectious? Can it be passed on if someone...More
Posted by An_261893
prostate problems
Posted by dipper555

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prosvent does it work and any side effects
  • should i try this
  • any results from use
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Please help?!
I have 2 identical spots on my scrotum and they're about an inch from my thigh. I don't know if they have...More
Posted by bigman12345
About a year ago I had a sex with a woman. We had sex for about 2 minutes condom protected. She said the...More
Posted by An_260960
Possible STI symptoms from unprotected oral yester...
I'm a male and I received unprotected oral sex from a sex worker here in Tokyo. The place has a reputation...More
Posted by An_261830
chlamydia and confused
Today my wife told me that her doctor told her she had chlamydia. she said she hasn't been with anyone else...More
Posted by An_258828
Possibly herpes? What's wrong with me?
About a week ago, I engaged in receptive anal sex with three partners in the same session. A new condom was...More
Posted by An_261824
Please help is this possible?
I have never been sexually active with a parter but have masturbated for years. I get cold sores on my mouth...More
Posted by An_261800
Outbreak Slow or fast process
Lately i'm having growing pain in the genital area.. pain is slowly growing day by day.. I don't see any...More
Posted by An_261707
How do I tell my boyfriend I'm positive for herpes...
My boyfriend and I dated for about two years and took a year break. We were both virgins when we began...More
Posted by An_261784
Perceived vs Actual Risk
Between 5-7 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a female a handful of times over a period of two weeks. ...More
Posted by An_261763
Shaded lips - Is it Herpes ? what do do ?
Shaded lips - Is it Herpes ? My lips didn't always look like this; Looks absolutely awful. Can I...More
Posted by keepingmehealthy
Newly diagnosed, needing support
Hello- I was diagnosed with a primary herpes type 2 outbreak on 02/10/2015. I spent the week before,...More
Posted by intentiallyliving
Negative results for Herpes virus
I went to see my doctor 2 months ago because I had a couple of blister-like sores just inside my vagina and it...More
Posted by natgirl
Dating Female With HSV 1 Genital
Hey there, I am a male and recently started dating a female who disclosed to me that she has HSV 1...More
Posted by j33photography
Do LPNs mail hand written notes to patient residen...
In the spring of 1988 I had been in a relationship that went sour within a year. I was not living with this...More
Posted by retailjane7
I had unprotected oral and unprotected intercourse last Thursday. On Sunday the tip of my penis began to feel...More
Posted by An_261715
Twitching toes n fingers - Symptom of STD???
Little drunk, Had a hand job done at massage place on Dec 31 2014.. everything was done under 2 min. Girl had...More
Posted by An_261707
Do I have a std
I am 20 years old and I was home alone and used my moms dildo in the bathtub. I put a ziplock back over the...More
Posted by texas_310
help with herpes
Hello guys, As the title sais this is about the well-known herpes virus.. A pretty while ago i was...More
Posted by An_261690
HSV positive
I just got a lab result indicating I've HSV positive (not type specific), and given I'm a virgin I believe it...More
Posted by An_261687
Hi, I had an incident during the summer with a boy I had a tiny crush on. I was sitting/talking with him...More
Posted by mindful2015

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How to Live With an STD
1. Be yourself, and be patient. No matter what situation it is you are going through, and don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about ... More
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