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Scared and upset - genatal herpes type 1
I am 18 years old and have recently been diagnosed with genital hsv1. I have been with my current partner for...More
Posted by An_257530
Not fair
I have been diagnosed with Herpes 2 weeks ago.After having a breakout on my legs and thighs. I've never had...More
Posted by An_257527
Wife has Herpes
Well, this stinks. My wife was officially diagnosed with HSV2 back in December and finally broke it to me...More
Posted by An_257512
burning sensation and can't get wet
I am 17 and since my last period (about two weeks ago) I have been having a burning sensation in my vagina,...More
Posted by An_257507
burning while peeing
Sex without protection[br>Burns when I pee but only at the tip of the penis[br>As of right now no...More
Posted by An_257483
another, "is this an std thread" with pic
I know there's a lot of these, debating on going to the doctor. I have two of these bumps on the lower shaft...More
Posted by An_257401
Would like to know if anyone else has experienced this. It has been happening recently. Headache from orgasm....More
Posted by Anon_1091
Not sure what this is, could it be an STD?
There is a very light red circle on the upper left side of my pubic area. It has lightened in color as time as...More
Posted by jdoe626
6 year, still at a total loss
Dr. Terri, please help. I am desperate for answers. So, do I have it, or not? I am at a complete loss. It's...More
Posted by An_257360
6 years of testing and I'm still at a loss.
I'm hoping Dr. Terri can help with my question. I don't know if I'm posting in the right place. I'm desperate...More
Posted by An_257360
Worried about what is going on
I had unprotected sex a few days ago, I have noticed a couple dots pop up, almost look like zits, I went to...More
Posted by An_257339
Forced to open
So this is the first time in any venue that ive openly stated that im living with HPV. I believe its been 4...More
Posted by limbo24
It's ok
I have simplex 1 and 2 And my hpv is surface I contain Im living a very fulfilling life You can too...More
Posted by datrainer
Terrified of what I might have
Hi, I'm a 17 year old boy and about a two or three weeks ago while lying in bed I got this itch on my penis...More
Posted by An_257325
Yeast infection symptoms in men? Possible infectio...
Hello. I've posted before regarding an issue and figured I'd try again for a new issue. I have some...More
Posted by concernedguy92
Previously only had cold sores - possible to have ...
I've been getting cold sores on my lip from time to time throughout the last 10 years or so. Ten days ago...More
Posted by An_257317
Small single painless nor itchy bump on penis. Is ...
I had a one single bump on my penis. It doesn't itch or bother at all. It's is just annoying to look at. It...More
Posted by envy94
I recently had sexual intercourse with a friend who tells me he does not have any STI's since he is checked...More
Posted by marilyn_rob

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