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Possible Genital Warts?
So got with my GF little over 4 months ago and I knew before starting the relationship she had been treated...More
Posted by An_255204
What's up with my penis
Right after an unprotected sexual relation in may 2013 my penis glans got very red spots and it was itching a...More
Posted by An_255172
Bumps on my penis
I start forming weird bumps on my penis shaft. I've been to the doctor and they told me I had penile pearly...More
Posted by gohanku

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I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes. I was raped, first outbreak I got tested and it came back...More
Posted by An_251873
Rectal Chlamydia
Hello, A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with Chlamydia. My question is, in order to get rectal...More
Posted by An_253890
Genital HSV1
So about two months ago I had what I thought was a hemorrhoid that wouldn't go away, so I went to a doctor....More
Posted by An_255042
Red Bumps one large with green center
Over the last two days I began to notice the accumulation of red bumps on the skin above the penis. Today one...More
Posted by An_255039
Bump on my penis head
I have a bump on my penis head. Right in front of my circumcision scar. It's as wide as my head. It hurts a...More
Posted by An_255034
can someone pls help me... I have had several hsv2 ob in the past 2 months, been on several antivirals and...More
Posted by An_255008
Please help identify this
I've been all over the internet looking at pictures trying to find something that resembles what I have...More
Posted by indianaguy77
Is this an STD?
I recently got a bump on under the head of my penis under the foreskin. It's not painful at all. I noticed 2...More
Posted by spudnutttt
yesterday I found from a blood test that I have HSV1. I have a partner since 1 year ago. he has not...More
Posted by An_254985
found out today I have herpes
I am totally devastated and annoyed that I have this... This is my first outbreak.. How long can you have...More
Posted by kikilee1985
std chat site?
anyone know a good and safe std meetingg site
Posted by mike13577531
Can a vaginal infection or UTI cause false positiv...
Hello there! first time for me here ! I have a blood test that checks for AIDS/HIV tomorrow & I have a...More
Posted by mirna712
I dont know what to do - it never fails everytime I have sex with my partner, a few days later I have a UT....More
Posted by An_254968
Molloscum but what else?
Hi everyone, Few months ago I contracted molluscum from a girl I was dating. Went to a dermatologist as soon...More
Posted by An_254953
I was diagnosed with syphilis after I noticed red spots on my palms of my hands and a few spots on my feet....More
Posted by mighty69ee
Is this normal or isit a wart??
Hello, im 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant, recently i found a small bump like skin tag on the opening of my...More
Posted by An_254918
Is something wrong down there?
I have noticed some bumps along the lips and around the vaginal opening. I also am concerned about the yellow...More
Posted by An_254913
HSV1 and pregnancy/breastfeeding
Hello. My partner has HSV1 vaginally, and has had very few outbreaks since the initial episode. With any...More
Posted by Anon_36218
HIV from these two scenarios?
There was a guest over and I accidentally left my razor in the bathroom. They used the bathroom. When I went...More
Posted by An_246781
Depressed with herpes thoughts
Hii, I had protected sex but unprotected oral 7 months ago (no ejaculation). I went through severe anxiety...More
Posted by An_254876
My Partner has caught Herpes from Me
My partner and I have been together for 4 1/2 years and just before we met I found out I had herpes I told...More
Posted by meags1972
Played Sexual Roulette - Did I Loose?
Hi. About two years ago, I noticed a pinkish blotch on my penis, just under the head. Over the course of a few...More
Posted by leebree
small itchy spot in genital area
Ok so I have this one itchy spot around my genital area. Its not on the penis but its in the general area...More
Posted by An_254847
not sure if it could be an std?
A few months back i gave my gf oral a few days later i got strep throat. after to different anti-biotics it...More
Posted by An_254812
Hi I am male 37 and having following health issue. 2 weeks ago, suddenly I have Urethra mild itchy feeling...More
Posted by An_254801
HIV or any other STD
Hello Doctor. I wanted to ask you. My girlfriend and me had tribadism together. ( we are 2 girls ) Twice or 3...More
Posted by An_254799

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