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Help! Possible herpes transmission?
Hello everyone! Last night I went out on a date and told him we could not kiss because I felt like I was...More
Posted by Anon_149937
My experience & current approach
Looking for dialogue and hopefully some success stories advising what worked. I'm 65, about 30 pounds...More
Posted by Anon_6023
Do I have an std or hiv? Help??
Okay so I'm confused right now. I know I'm a. Hypochondriac but I was with this guy who I was dating. In the...More
Posted by An_259898
HERPES and "Low Positive Test" ?
Hi, Has anyone ever had a follow-up test (perhaps Western Blot) and had that follow-up test indicate that a...More
Posted by johna1000
what is the testing period for gonnareha. I have tested negative at 3 weeks post exposure for gonnareha....More
Posted by samm_brent
Did I Just Give my Boyfriend Herpes?
I gave my boyfriend oral for about a minute before realizing I still have a cold sore above my upper lip. I...More
Posted by themeanreds
Within the past week, I have been developing yeast infection-like symptoms so to be sure I went to get tested...More
Posted by An_259805
Sore or herpes
Hi I have a question and would like your feedback I shaved my pubic region last Thursday and had something...More
Posted by flextron90
Just a few weeks ago my daughter went for her well woman exam and of course a pap smear is included. She...More
Posted by Anon_27116
cifixime and azithromycin
I recently received oral sex from a female, then read article about contracting chlamydia and gonorrhea from...More
Posted by karlos208
STD/Gonorrhea concern
Two months ago I had an encounter with a call girl from Eastern Europe. There was brief genital to genital...More
Posted by worried99
Vaginal bump , please help .
so I'm a teenager and sexually active . I just noticed two small, raised bumps near my vagina . they don't...More
Posted by phines717
Genital HSV 1
Hi. I've had Type 1 genital herpes for 8 years. aside from the initial exposure, i haven't had to take...More
Posted by Anon_155309
Chlamydia Symptoms after Treatment
Hello, My girlfriend tested positive for Chlamydia and as a result I got tested too because we were having...More
Posted by anon2345
Just Got Positive HSV-1 and HSV-II Tests and Just ...
I am completely stunned by my test results as I have never had symptoms and never been with a man who had...More
Posted by An_259718
Skin tag/Wart on tongue?
Went to the doctor after giving oral last week. She looked at my tongue and didn't mention that she thought...More
Posted by An_259708
STD risk from fingering
I visited an Asian massage parlor today and am wondering if I might be at risk for any STDs. The lady gave me...More
Posted by An_259686
help what are these
Can anyone give me their thoughts on what these are before i visit with my doctor. they appeared on my rectum...More
Posted by snifphill
Worried after oral sex
Dear Drs, [br>[br>I am from Lebanon, an Arabic country where people infected with HIV are only a low...More
Posted by lordeagle
Flu-like symptoms with Genital Herpes 2
I've just been diagnosed with genital herpes and have gone through the first outbreak. I had a couple of sores...More
Posted by natgirl
How do you all deal with this hsv2??
I was just diagnosed a couple weeks ago. My life has been upended. I am divorced with kids... After many...More
Posted by 2014sillyme
herpes or boil or razor bumps
Ive noticed this hard lump on my pubic area right outside of the vagina... never noticed it before and...More
Posted by An_259643
Living with HPV/genital warts
Hi all. I'm just looking for someone to talk to who has had genital warts and the types of treatments they...More
Posted by An_259615
What now?
For years I had a great man in my life. He was close to perfect. About 3 years ago he made a mistake and...More
Posted by butterfly2710
Man I love can't deal with herpes
I was infected over 40 years ago by my first husband. Married to a wonderful man for nearly 40 years and he...More
Posted by An_259565

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Threat of being sued over HSV2
Well before my current relationship became physical I was up front about my condition. Over a year ago...More
Posted by princesszina
Dr. Response Please.
Hello- I wasn't sure where else to post my question. I tried googling information regarding this and am not...More
Posted by Anon_141150
Help me understand my herpes results
I am 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child. I am worried sick right now. I was told by my OB/GYN that I have...More
Posted by An_259543

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