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Ingrown hair or genital herpes?
Hey! I am worried about this bump that appeared in my groin area. It noticed it on monday. I didnt pay much...More
Posted by An_263881
Sore throat 3 days after receiving unprotected ora...
Hi. Five days ago I had a heterosexual encounter with a girl I met at a bar. Activity consisted of french...More
Posted by An_263751
Is this crabs ? Pubic louce Please help More
Posted by jadhc123
Confused; Should I Be Worried
Background Info: I was diagnosed with chlamydia last month a few days after seeing a new partner. In the past...More
Posted by An_263861
would like to ask if some one know the difference of HERPANGINA and HERPES GINGIVOSTOMATITIS? because of...More
Posted by ravenmccrow
worried about possible transmission
Hi, I'm 25 about 5 weeks ago I went on a trip to New York on a Saturday. Later on that night I had sex with a...More
Posted by mrjnk
3 rounds of tests, what could it be?
Hi there, 11 weeks ago I had protected sex and unprotected oral with a sex worker...More
Syphilis Treatment?
Hello, I am a gay male with multiple partners, normally with condoms. About 4 weeks ago I had unprotected...More
Posted by An_263796
my last unprotected sex exposure was april 25, 2015. is it possible to have herpes primary symptoms after...More
Posted by ravenmccrow
Herpes from oral sex - I've seen a doc but still p...
I'm a 27 year old female, who had oral sex with a new partner June 19th. Around 5-6 days ago I started...More
Posted by An_246162
Single red flat lesion on shaft, herpes or trauma?
Hello - I am in need of some input on what is going on with me I went on vacation for 2 weeks, did not...More
Posted by An_263762
I was treated for chlymidia 4 days ago and had unp...
I went to the clinic four days ago and was given two pills only after I had eaten a meal. I had unprotected...More
Posted by An_263724
I guess nobody wants to help me... figures I'd app...
No idea what this is if you know what it is.More
Posted by afailureatlife
STD is it herpes? I have picture please help...
I went to the doctor already they said "Couldn't tell me cause they didn't have there equipment" Some doctor...More
Posted by An_263714
Conflicting herpes result?
Hi there, I recently had a complete panels of STI tests (HIV, HSV, Chamydia, Syphilis, etc) and all except...More
Posted by An_262801
Herpes Treatments after 20 years
I have had genital herpes for over 20 years. At first it was concentrated in my vaginal area. I took doses of...More
Posted by jro1
6 weeks ago i had sex with someone who might have given me hsv1. I have tested positive for it last week,...More
Posted by dominic0261
I have recently been diagnosed with type 1 genital...
I have been with my husband 18 years and we both have had at least one cold sore throughout 18years. A couple...More
Posted by An_263639
Genital warts- devastated
Hi everyone, I really need your advise as this is devastating for me. I have been married for two years and...More
Posted by An_263638
STD/Herpes Risk?? Need advice!!
I just had a somewhat unsettling sexual encounter and I am freaking out right now. I went to a massage parlor...More
Posted by An_263626
INFO regarding HERPES please everyone
Hi, I need advice, knowledge and help please everyone. My husband, the love of my life, that I'd been with...More
Posted by An_263598
Newly Diagnosed
What were some of the first signs that tipped you off that you might have an STD? (Was it a rash, sores,...More
Posted by atti_editor
Need help please!
Okay, short and sweet. About 5 weeks ago I had unprotected sex and anal with a girl I met out. About 3 weeks...More
Posted by An_263577

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how do you feel towards the ONE WHO GAVE YOU HERPES
Did you know that 90% of people living with Herpes, DON'T KNOW THEY HAVE IT . Thats a big number. So you just found out you have Herpes, ... More
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