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Joined: 08/03/2010
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Hello Everyone and Welcome to my Page
Apparently I only get 4,000 characters to talk about "Me" so I guess I'll have to choose wisely on what I want you to know =]

After I got the news, I became a research junkie. One thing that most people never do, is tell someone about their HSV status. Not me. I told everyone. I needed to vent, and I needed support. The first place I went, was to my family. My mom, sisters, cousins, best friend, pastor, my landlord! lol. I needed answers. I had the full support from everyone. I came upon a dating site and found that they did Local HSV meets. I decided to host one. I started meeting people and soon realized that most people had never told a single person. That they'd been living with H, as if it were a shameful secret. It made me appreciate even more, having my family back me 100%. I wanted people to know it was 'ok' to talk about it. I enjoyed meeting people and making friends.
I discovered that there was National Events that took place and everyone from everywhere all came to meet each other. It was awesome. I host local events here in CA, and I know the event coordinators all over the US if anyone is looking for some local support. Or if you just need a friend, I am here.

We also have private online Support groups. These are groups that are not visible to the public like this *points to WedMD as it has my profile visible to the community* so only Members can view other members. You can only be added in by someone already in the group. Then, for added security, to protect the privacy of others an Administrator must approve you. Usually takes minutes, but it's nice to know that no one will know your business.

*Oh and by the way, I am one of the Admins;) You are welcome to email me with any questions. But you must be HSV+ to join.*

In my "Resources" I posted a link to the only dating site I trust. Join me there! We can chat live =]

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