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im a 17yr old girl with genital herpes. ive been living with it for two months. i discovered ive been living with it since i was 15 but its now taking its toll and giving me outbreaks. i was a rape victim and had gotten it then. i havent had a boyfriend sincei was 15 because i was more worried about school and not gettin to serious with a guy. i just found out i have it in march of this year 2010. my boyfriend now been dating since then, unfortantly i gave him it too. it was heartbreaking but hes still by my side and doesnt think any less of me and me giving it too him. im just your average teenage girl getting ready to see the world who has this virus. it will never stop me from my dreams, itll only help me be careful in what i do.

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about herpes.
im only 17 yrs old and will be turning 18 in july. i found out i have herpes type 2 two m...More
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